Veera 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 10th July 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Ratan saying to Ranvi that he could be Veera’s special mother like he calls himself but she wouldn’t be. This angers Ranvi extremely and he yells at Ratan and says if she can not be Veera’s mother, she should stop being his too. He said he is capable of taking care of Veera and himself and the woman who is not Veera’s mother can not be his as she is sister.

Ranvi runs upstairs leaving a crying Ratan behind. On going up to his room he finds Veera waiting for him who asks him whether its true that Ratan would not be their mother anymore. Ranvi is shocked at learning she heard everything and says no she is just angry. Veera asks Ranvi what ‘Anokhi Mother’ means and he says special mother which their father has assigned him as. This makes Veera happy as Ranvi says

their father did this for her. She hugs Ranvi.

On the other side, Ratan runs upstairs and is crying and Chai ji tries to console her telling her not to feel bad because he’s a child and was angry. He would come back. But Ratan says he would never come back and keeps crying.

Nihaal is lying on his bed at Chai ji’s home, flashback of Chai ji laying responsibility and the whole Veera and Ratan drama running in his head. He jerks up and starts writing a letter to Chai ji saying he gives up and cant do this. He has to go and says he would write a seperate letter to Ratan confessing of his crime. He keeps the letter and leaves the house with his belongings.

He has just gotten a little away from the house when he heard the door to Ratan’s house open and Ratan running out. He ran behind her worried as it was night. He kept following her deep into the jungle.

Ratan sees a well and she goes towards it and stands on the edge when her own voice stops her. Her conscience tells her to stop doing this because she is a woman who has all her life protected her family’s name and oride and now she would give it all away. Her inner voice told her if she does this people would talk bad of her. This makes Ratan realise and she is shocked at seeing herself on the edge of the well. She can not believe what she was going to do and is just about to turn when her foot slips and she almost falls in the well. But Nihaal grabs her in time and saves her.

Nihaal yells at Ratan for what she was going to do and Ratan is in a state of shock. Nihaal consoles her that this was just her situations forcing and a time of weakness but Ratan denies and says she had become selfish. Nihaal keeps on insisting that it was just a moment of weakness.

Precap: Nihaal and Ratan sitting on the edge of the well and Nihaal comforting Ratan telling her to forget it all. He says he would take care of everything. Of children, of the house, the fields and even her. :

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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