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The Episode starts with Bansuri asking Baldev to call Veera and ask where is she. He says he does not care. She says don’t know she cares for you or not, I asked her to come here, I knew she can say no. I said this for you, and fills his ears against Veera. She says worry comes by heart, we can’t ask anyone to worry for us. He leaves. Gunjan thinks to go for rehearsals or not. She recalls Dolly’s words and thinks she has to go, else family will doubt on her. She thinks she has to go on rehearsals till she takes a decision for baby. Ranvi says I will drop you. She asks why did he bring her here. He says you were unwell so I got you here to cheer you up, I don’t remember when did we come last time, what happened, are you not happy. She says no, I m happy, you spoke about love so I m stunned.


says fine, lets make you more happy. He shows the shop from where he used to buy bangles for her, and asks her will she have jalebis. They sit to have it. He says why don’t we relive the old days again and makes her eat the jalebis. She thinks Ranvi loves me a lot, I m hiding such a big thing from him. He says have jalebis, I will just come. She thinks to tell him, but he will not send her to dance rehearsals and her career will end. He brings a doll for her and says you are my doll who gave me happiness, when you give me a real doll, our happiness will double.

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He says about his dreams of a daughter and she gets angry. She them calms and says we spoke about it before. He says yes, I know, I m not pressurizing you, I m just seeing a dream of children, you are shocked as if you are really pregnant, I will talk when you are pregnant fine? She says I will go to Biji after rehearsals, so I will come late. Veera comes home and sees Baldev. She apologizes to him for not reaching there on time, she went to see Ranvi at her home. He asks did I ask you anything. I don’t care why you did not come, or you worry for me or not. My heart can’t change now whatever you do. He laughs seeing her hand hurt and says its new drama, you got hurt to show me.

She says no, I was hurt on the way. He asks her to go to doctor and get aid. She says you will take me. He gets angry and says you can roam around world alone, can’t you go to doctor alone. She says no, I can’t go, I need you for this. She says if you don’t take me, I won’t get the aid done. Bansuri smiles and says Veera will be out very soon, I will get a beautiful bride for my son. Gunjan comes to meet her. They have a talk. Gunjan asks her about her decision to become mother, or did any other thing come in mind. Bansuri says it was not decided, this generation can decide when to become mother or not. She says you got a chance to become star, don’t think of becoming mother now, you have a long life. Gunjan thinks.

Veera makes food with her hurt hand. Baldev comes to her and cuts the onion to help her. She smiles. Mahiya……………plays………… Their heads strike and they have an eyelock. She holds his hand and gets closer. She strikes head again. She says she will serve Rajma and gets hurt as it falls on her. Bansuri brings ice and asks her to keep her hand in it. Baldev worries for Veera and says she won’t go to doctor. She says I will go when you take me, else don’t talk about it.

Gunjan recalls Bansuri’s words and thinks if I take away baby from Ranvi, it will be injustice towards him, if I become mum now, it will be injustice with me, I can become mother after two three years too. She searches for abortion on internet. Dhingra calls her to come for rehearsals and she says I m coming. Baldev comes to take his kurta and Veera gets hurt again. He worries for her. Baldev agrees to take her to doctor. She says she will take him to doctor by this, and talks to the doctor saying she did not tell Baldev and he should do first aid of her hand to show him. Bansuri hears this and thinks she is very smart.

Baldev and Veera are leaving and she gets hurt to sit in the jeep. Mahiya……………..plays…………….He pulls her and she gets closer to him. They reach the hospital and see Bansuri. Bansuri says she has come to expose Veera.

Baldev gets angry and tells Veera that he will show what is a mad man and takes a rod in his hand,

Update Credit to: Amena

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