Veera 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Veera 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan telling Ranvi that nothing wrong will happen with Veera, don’t worry. Dhingra calls him and says his song has become hit. Gunjan gets glad hearing the good news. Ranvi says he will come to meet Arora at office. He says we will see the song, and checks on laptop. He sees so many likes and she hugs him, saying she is very happy for him. He says for us. Baldev thinks about Veera. Manjeet and Bansuri are again after Veera and backbite about her. He gets angry. Bansuri says if you tell Veera and villagers that you are theirs, no one can stop him.

Veera drinks hot tea and gets hurt. Ratan talks to her and pacifies her to leave worries about Baldev. She asks Veera to be positive and not show Baldev’s bad things to win elections. Bansuri and Manjeet ask him to make his identity

and not become Veera’s shadow. Ranvi and Gunjan meet producer and they are glad that song has become superhit. He says he will air by releasing the video today evening and Ranvi gives his nod. The producer says I want Gunjan to work in this video, she will look best, I don’t think you will have any problem, and explains his point. Gunjan refuses and Ranvi agrees saying he does not have any problem. Ranvi tells Gunjan that we will talk at home.

Baldev gets a call from manager and he tells that Veera wilkl be winning against him, he should have not let his wife stand against him, and taunts him that he can’t control his wife, what will he do with pind. Baldev says I will win anyhow, its impossible that I fail. Ranvi and Gunjan come home and she asks why did he say yes to Arora for video. He says we will get baby after thinking, its not bad if you do video. She smiles and hugs him. Balwant scolds Manjeet and Bansuri for coming with Baldev without meeting Veera at panchayat. He asks Bansuri not to be angry on Veera and scolds her.

Veera comes to room and talks to Baldev. She says congrats and says he spoke well in panchayat. He says he will not praise her, he does not have big heart to praise the enemy. She says she is his wife. He gets annoyed and they start arguing. He leaves annoyed and she cries. Its night, Ranvi and Gunjan along with everyone see his song release on tv. Ratan and Chai ji see them happy and praise his singing skills. They all get happy hearing Ranvi’s appraisal. Ratan makes snacks for them.

Ranvi takes the samosa from Gunjan and teases her. Gunjan does not see the samosa and looks at Ranvi. She asks for samosa from Chai ji, saying Ranvi had her samosa. Ranvi says I did not and they laugh. Ranvi talks to Veera and she hides all the problems from him. She asks about Ratan. Ranvi says she looks sad and asks Ratan to ask Veera whats the matter. Ratan asks Veera is everything fine.

Veera tells her about Baldev’s anger and Ratan says he decides in hurry, don’t let things get between you and Baldev, have patience. Ranvi says it looks something happened. Ratan asks her what will happen if this goes on, what when results come. Veera sees Baldev and ends the call. She removes her earrings and gets hurt. He gets restless and stays annoyed. She looks at him. Ranvi hugs Gunjan and says he should give her a gift and asks what does she want. She says nothing, his song is hit and his face got smile, that’s enough for her. He says you mean I can’t give you anything else. She says I have to go and he stops her saying he has done all the work. She asks is there any work for me. He says yes that only you can do. She says leave me and they do pillow fight, and laugh. Baldev helps Veera in removing the earrings and she smiles. He keeps the earrings and goes. She cries.

Baldev and Veera have an argument in the pind. He says lets ask the villagers who know us well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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