Varunsena (part-2)

Dhruvan walks into the arena. He stands face to face with Ilaiyaraja.
Purohit:today is a historical day of by the wish of pashupatinath Mahadev, Sindhu Valley is going to get it’s new king. I expect that the two warriors will fight with their bravery in a fair manner.May the best warrior wins.

Messenger: Yuvaan(young man), u can choose only one weapon 4 your fight and once the fight starts u can’t change that.
Dhruvan closes his eyes. He reminisces his childhood and thinks that he has grown up in woods, the axe has been his friend. He opens his eyes and announces that he will fight with an axe. Ilaiyaraja smirks.

The warriors stand face to face. The sun shines brighter and bathes the two men with his light. Dhruvan looks at the Ilaiyaraja, the giant man like a rock, he gulps and looks determined. He kneels and picks up the soil and rubs over his forehead.

Ilaiyaraja: yuvaan, remember ur dear ones 4 one last time coz today u will dies by the hands of mighty Ilaiyaraja.
Dhruvan: barking dogs seldom bite. Come on and show me your might.

Ilaiyaraja fumes. He runs towards Dhruvan with spears in his hand, Dhruvan too reciprocates and their weapons touch each other with a loud twang. In no time the sound of the clashing metals is only thing which can be heard. The dirt arising from the field hinders everyone’s view. Ilaiyaraja launches a grand attack with his spear but Dhruvan dodges it. Infuriated Dhruvan too attacks and his axe misses Ilaiyaraja throat by an inch. After that Dhruvan launches a no. of attacks and the next moment Ilaiyaraja falls on the ground.

Purohitji smiles and everyone cheers for Dhruvan. Dhruvan greets purohitji. Seeing the situation Ilaiyaraja throws sand in Dhruvan’s eyes. Dhruvan is blinded. Ilaiyaraja then attacks Dhruvan and makes a deep cut on his chest. He then makes several cuts on his left and right arms. Dhruvan is badly injured. Dhruvan tries to attack with his axe but Ilaiyaraja holds his hand, snatches his axe and kicks Dhruvan with his feet. Dhruvan falls on the ground unconscious.

Aryan’s army:
Purohit Agnimitra(AM) is standing with some Aryan men in front of a dense forest.
AM: we are standing at the foot of the mighty Hindukush. Before sunset we have to cross this forest coz this forest is very dangerous and is full of wild men and animals. This forest is so dense that sunlight doesn’t fall on the ground even in daytime and in the night it is too cold to survive in this forest. So Aryas are u ready to conquer sapta Sindhu and drive back dravids?
All: yes yes
AM smiles and they proceed.
They walk in the dense forest with great difficulty. AM says that if we continue with the same speed then we will reach on time.

Ilaiyaraja laughs loudly.
Purohit(to himself): hey pashupatinath! I can sense the danger. Danger is coming. Pls save the Dravid kingdom.
Suddenly dark clouds hover in the sky. Loud thunder and lightening occurs. Heavy rain starts. The raindrops fall on Dhruvan’s face. He moans in pain and thinks about his promise to his father.

Aryan’s army:
AM worriedly watches the rain.
AM: the weather was alright. Then how come the rain started. What is this Indradev? Is this some bad omen?
Aryan man: guruji we can’t proceed. Weather is too bad. Our horses are refusing to walk.
AM: ok. Put our camps here. We will wait till it stops raining.

Ilaiyaraja: what r u thinking purohitji. Time has come to declare me the winner.
“The fight is not over yet”
Ilaiyaraja looks back. He sees Dhruvan and is shocked.Dhruvan’s eyes is red with anger. His body is covered with blood and mud and he looks fierce. He runs towards Ilaiyaraja. Their arms lock. Ilaiyaraja hurts on Dhruvan’s wounds and starts overpowering him. Dhruvan tries to resist, his feet which r covered with mud starts moving back as Ilaiyaraja marches forward holding his neck. Ilaiyaraja then pushes Dhruvan and pierces his spears into his thighs. The crowd is shocked. Purohitji stands at his place.

Dhruvan sits on his knees 4 a while, he then looks up and removes the spear. He breaks the spear into two parts and attacks Ilaiyaraja with it. Ilaiyaraja defends but in vain and after a few minutes fight Ilaiyaraja loses to Dhruvan.

To be continued…

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  1. Resh

    Oh god!!! This was an amazing episode!!! Just loved it!! Enjoyed every bit of it.. the whole scene was clearly explained, explained so well!! I’m your great fan! Just love the way you write it, yaar! You are gifted.. it was too good! Feeling blessed to go through such a wonderful ff!! You are truly amazing!!?❤️️

    1. ARK

      Thanks Resh!!!
      LOL, u r the only one to comment. Got 4 to 5 comments in last episode. Thinking to stop this right here.???

      1. Resh

        Don’t loose hope! Btw you have a lot of fans in the swabhiman page.. so chill!! This one might take time.. don’t worry!

  2. Jiya09

    Really amazing !!! I just loved it. Though I don’t watch aarambh but I liked ur ff soooo much !! U r really a great writer. U have the quality to be a writer. They way u write is just mindblowing. So keep updating. Waiting for it

    1. ARK

      Thank u so much Jiya for your appreciation. So happy to know that u liked it when u don’t watch the series. It’s very different from the original, the story as well as the characters, that might be one of the reasons of not getting good response. I m thinking to stop it as of now but let’s hope 4 the best.

      1. Jiya09

        Please don’t stop. Surely u will get some good response and I have got attached to both ur ffs. And yeah do update the swabhimam ff soon.?

    2. ARK

      Actually I have submitted the update. Don’t know why they r not posting it.

      1. Jiya09

        Same with me also!!?

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