Varunsena (part-1)

Aham Sharma as Varundev
Sayantani Ghosh as Devsena

Shailesh Dattar as purohit Martanda(devsena’s father and Chief priest)
Vishal Aditya Singh as Dhruvan(Dravid commander)
Arpit Ranka as Ilaiyaraja(Dravid noble)

Purohit Agnimitra(same as in serial)
Ankit Arora as Gautam (purohit’s son)
Abrook(same; Varundev’s friend)

5000 years back Dravids made a great civilisation in the land of Sapta Sindhu which was know as Indus Valley Civilisation.

Dravid’s kingdom:
In a grand temple, purohit is meditating in front of a havan kund(holy fire). There is grand seal of Pashupatinath Mahadev which is many feet
tall. The temples is beautifully lit with diyas. Purohitji sees many footsteps coming towards Sindhu through Hindukush. He opens his eyes in shock.
Purohit: hey pashupatinath!!! What was that? We lost our king a week ago and now we can’t handle an invasion.Is this the fall of dravids? No. I won’t let that happen. I will talk to samiti regarding a new king.

In the courtroom:
Purohit: I have called u all by the wish of pashupatinath Mahadev. The time has come to give this Dravid kingdom it’s new king. I leave this task for the samiti. Tomorrow the samiti shall tell me the name of the new king.

A man runs towards a lavish building. It’s Ilaiyaraja house. Ilaiyaraja is seen enjoying with the women with wine in his hands in water pool.
Man: jai ho! I have brought a news from the capital Mohenjodaro. Purohit has decided to nominate a new king and has given this task to samiti.
Ilaiyaraja comes out of the pool. He gives a gold necklace to the man. Another man comes and puts angavastram around Ilaiyaraja’s shoulder.
Ilaiyaraja laughs.
Ilaiyaraja: now the time has come. I have waited for this day since long.
He imagines himself sitting on the throne and smiles with his eyes closed.

Samiti members are thinking about the name of new king. They hear footsteps and stand up seeing Ilaiyaraja. They all greet him.
Ilaiyaraja: the time has come to give this Dravid kingdom it’s god.Pashupatinath himself wants me to sit on the throne therefore tomorrow in the courtroom u all will take my name.
Samiti members get worried.
Member: but, but….
Ilaiyaraja holds his neck,
Ilaiyaraja: u tried to question me. Don’t forget that you all are here because of me and if you don’t take my name then be ready for the consequences.
He throws the man on the ground. Samiti members agree to take his name.

Next day in the courtroom;
Purohit: samiti members! Whole Dravid kingdom is waiting eagerly for its king’s name. Tell me what you all have decided?
Samiti members look at each other and take Ilaiyaraja name. Purohit is shocked. He reminisces how Ilaiyaraja misuses his power. Purohitji is lost in deep thought just then a servant informs that Ilaiyaraja is seeking permission to come in. Purohitji nods.
Ilaiyaraja: Pranam purohitji! I have learnt that samiti has given my name.
Purohit: yes but the final decision has not been made. I need some time.
Ilaiyaraja: but why? U very well known that no one is more able than me in this whole kingdom. My arms have the power equivalent to the power of 10 elephants. Through my wealth I can buy your half kingdom. I m just suitable to rule the dravids.
Purohitji: okay! Then you have to prove your worth. Announce in the whole kingdom that tomorrow there will be a combat. Whosoever is interested would have to fight with Ilaiyaraja.
Purohitji leaves followed by everyone and Ilaiyaraja fumes.

Messengers announce the news in the whole kingdom. A well built young man working in the woods here the news. He throws his axe aside and runs. Sweat runs through his rippling muscular arms shines as the sun rays fall on them. He is tall and dark with sharp, determined black eyes. He is Dhruvan.

At Dhruvan’s home:
Dhruvan: Appa, Appa… now the time has come to regain your lost respect. The samiti snatched your position. They insulted you and threw you out by falsely accusing you. Now you will sit on the throne. I m going to Mohenjodaro to participate in the competition.
Father: Mohenjodaro! No. Never. That city snatched everything from me I can’t let u go.
Dhruvan: don’t worry! Nothing will happen to me until I see u on that throne. His time I won’t listen to u.
He goes.

Next day a large crowd assembles in the stadium to witness the fight. Ilaiyaraja comes on an elephant and jumps in the ground with a spear in his hand.
Messenger: is there anyone in the crowd who wants to challenge Ilaiyaraja.
No one responds. Purohitji looks on tensed.
Ilaiyaraja: see for yourself purohitji. No one in the Dravid kingdom has the courage to challenge me. Don’t waste your time and make me the king.
“What’s the hurry?” A voice comes from the crowd. Everyone looks on. It’s Dhruvan.

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  1. Its good keep rocking

  2. Very nice.. Upload next episodes..

  3. Disgusting casting.. Only few episodes telecasted but spoiling good story with imaginations in name of own writings .. By the way mohonjadaro is capital it seems.. Ufff why are u giving platform for this shut writings telly.. Only our money gets wasted time load ur page on loading fan fiction shit.

    1. Resh

      I’m sorry to say.. but u don’t like ffs then you should not bother to comment on it.. No one wants to know that you hate ffs.. if you don’t know how to encourage people for their wonderful and creative ideas then please shut it! Why are you even going through things that you don’t want to go through! If your not interested you don’t read it.. you have no right to comment shit like this wherever you feel like! If your jealous of the writing.. then be so! It shows that u are burning in jealousy!

  4. Well Written,ARK ,don’t take negative comments seriously,they don’t understand that story telling /writing is an art and everyone can not do that,waiting for the next episode.

  5. Resh

    ARK!! This was fabulous! Just loved the way you wrote it! I could really visualise every part of it! I’m very excited for the next epi! Please don’t care about other’s stupid comments! You should not care about them! You know they are jealous of your ideas, creativity and your style of writing!! Take it in a positive way and go ahead!! Post the next one soon! Love you loads!! ?❤️️

    1. ARK

      Thanks yaar!!!
      Who cares for such comments when one has friends like u. Thank u for reading and supporting me. Have submitted the next part already…

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