Vanras–The Everlasting bond Valentine’s Day Special Episode – 03 Vansh gets impressed by Saras!

Recap: Ved meets Saras. Saras gives a favourable judgment to the shop owners. Everyone praise her. Ved recalls the incident.


(The story starts with Ved had been called up by the commissioner to investigate a case regarding the child kidnapping victims across Lahore District.)

Commissioner: (aside) have you informed Ved to meet me in my cab-in?

Servant: Yes sir.

Ved: May I come in sir.

Commissioner: Please come. Ved, I have called you for an important discussion about recent child kidnapping victims.

Ved: Yes Sir. The kidnappers are so advanced in escaping and fond of erasing the evidence. Most recently, a girl, of six, was kidnapped by a crew in Mumbai. She was allegedly assaulted and murdered. Her body was captured in Manali Forest area.

Commissioner: The Kidnappers are so clever! Some commoners are also involved in this case. This case is critical. We have to find the culprit soon.

Ved: Sure sir.

(In the market)

Saras: It seems like we don’t have bus further. I don’t know how to pick up Sara. She will be waiting for my arrival. It will be good if the bus arrives soon.

(Some goons see her standing at the bus station alone. They see her indifferently.)

1st Goon: hey dude! Look here’s is super chicken waiting for the master.

2nd Goon: Yeah! You are right. It seems like it is a costly chicken. We have to protect her.

3rd Goon: Hey sweety! Let you be our mistress for one day. We hope that we will take care of you to the most.

1st Goon: why are you asking her? Just take her and put it in our car. I want to taste this chicken before its freshness disappears.

(They all try to catch her but she shoves them up and runs into the field that is across the road. At that moment, a man of early twenty-six comes in jeans and shirt, in a bullet bike and cooling glass to the spot. Yeah! It’s Vansh)

Vansh: Why are they chasing this girl? We have to go and see.

(Saras goes into the field while the goons follow her. She hides in a place and then she comes out in different avatar. All the goons are speechless at this avatar.)

Saras: Hey you! What you say? You asked for this chicken, right? Come and I will give you.

1st Goon: (goes near to her) really!

(Saras slaps hard on his face and throws him out of the field. He falls out of the field. Just then, Vansh enters the spot. He senses something wrong and moves to help the girl. He looks for the girl.)

Saras: Meri Aashiqui! You asked me to be your one-day mistress, right? Come I want to spend this whole evening with you. Come on baby!

(She punches his face and breaks his nose. She then repeatedly smashes his face. )

Vansh: This girl is awesome! She is amazing.

Saras: Meri Pyarri Bhai! Now your turn, come.

(She kicks the goon and breaks her hand)

Vansh: How beautiful eyes she has? Her lips are making me crazy?

Saras: Don’t ever dare to touch a girl, hereafter, understand!

(All the goons ran away. She changes her avatar and marches towards her home.)

Vansh: (Stunned) what a girl she is! I am really impressed at her boldness. Kaash! I pray you to send me this kind of girl as my wife.

(He decides to get details of this girl and goes to his house.)

(At Vansh’s house)

(Vansh calls out his brother to discuss an important issue that he saw today)

Ved: What happened, Vansh? Why you look so excited today?

Vansh: Bhai, today I met a girl who was like Jhansi Rani (and narrates the whole incident).

Ved: (recalls the similar incident) Good news, Ved! It seems like you have fallen in love with that girl.

Vansh: Nahi, Bhai. First is your marriage and then mine. Meanwhile, where is our sister Vidhya?

(Vidhya is Vansh and Ved’s sister)

Ved: she has gone out for partying with her friends.

Drama continues……

No precap.

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  1. Jayasuriyadheva

    Dear readers,
    I hope that this story is interesting to you. I have taken the character’s name and written with my illusion. Hope you all enjoy this story. If you have any kind of suggestions, let me know. For contact email:[email protected],com. send me your suggestions to this email or through the comment.

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  2. saravana Kumar

    Interesting episode. I like Saras boldness. vansh entry was as expected. Saras’ boldness creates a twist in this story.

  3. It is just awesome. No words to speak nd it creates a real visual depiction while reading. I am eagerly awaiting for your next episode. Kindly, write the series regularly.

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