Vanras – the everlasting bond S-01/epi-02 Ved Meets saras…!

Recap: Ved chases Saras in a deep forest. Ved murders Saras with an axe. Vansh reaches the spot and cries for her.


Vansh recalls a flashback about his and Saras romantic moments. He recalls Ved being a obstacle to their life.

Two years before………

Ved was walking on the road. He senses something wrong in a shop on the road. He leaves to go there and check. He sees a man fighting for his rights.

“I’m the one who invested money to get this shop” cried first man.

“No, that’s impossible! I had bought with my money and I have a proof too’ claimed the second man.

They got into an argument. They both began to break things from the shop.

Just then, a girl came and slapped hard on their face. Everyone got dazed.

“Give me the proof you have” she asked the second man.

He came with the proof and she asked the first to bring the receipt of the investment.

“You have invested 20% of investment in his business. So you will provide 20% of the profit to him.” Says she.

All praised her for her boldness and solving the problem. They leave.

Ved admired her boldness and concerns her more.

At home, Ved recalls the girl and feels for her now and then.

Saras gets too happy as she has done justice to the marketing people. She then goes to see her younger siblings Yash and Deepti.

Ved was out of his mind and he reminisces the incident now and then.

Precap: Vansh comes in his own style. He comes in bullet bike and in desi manner. Saras works in a restaurant.

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