Vanras – the everlasting bond S-01/epi-01 Ved murders saras…!

One stormy night, a crying voice was heard in the middle of the deep desert. A girl comes out in running and seeks for help. Since it is a forest, no one comes for her rescue. She cries aloud and prays to God to save her. She sees a red sacred cloth flowing in air and falls on her. She senses her scope of escape with that spiritual power. She goes into a dense forest. On the other hand, Vansh looks for her voice, so, he can find her position as well. He gets tensed as he couldn’t find her anywhere.

A man with a French beard handsome looking, head covered with his mask and axe in his hand comes in search of Saras. He keeps her chasing in the forest and plots to get her once. She admires who the ace card is. She pleads in front of him asking him to leave her and not to kill her. The heartless man doesn’t bother her words and hits her with the axe repeatedly. She dies with bloodshed. The man uncovers his mask and cries aloud “You only belong to me”. He was none other than Vansh’s twin brother, Ved. He hits with the same axe dies.

Vansh reaches the spot. He sees Sara’s death and goes to her out of madness. He sees her wound that is hitted by rod. He also sees his twin brother lying death with an axe in his hand. He cries aloud that makes the forest echo able. The stormy night showers it’s raining. He cries hugging Saras’s dead body.

What is the relation of Saras with Ved? Why she was murdered by her?

Keep reading…….

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  1. Not understanding, what is this vanras episoe?why ved kills saras?this episode is not finding anywhere even in YouTube

    1. Jayasuriyadheva

      Dear Sravani,
      This is all about a creative story of the famous couple – Vansh and Saras. The story plot has its own character as it is in the series. But the plot will differ and it will be interesting to the audience.
      Wait for the next episode….
      You will understand the theme of it.

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