Vani Rani 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vani asks Nandani to resign

Vani Rani 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid holds Radhay’s hand. He says please calm down. Nakul says who are you. He says Nandani’s friend. Radhay says I think we need to send him to jail like her. Sid says nandani is an adult. Nandani says dada ji I just want to work with the best. Don’t stop me in my career. I am adult and know what is good for me. Nandani says lets go, Sid.

Nandani sits on Sid’s bike. He takes her to office. She recalls her moments with her. They come to court.
Sid says welcome back. Sid and Nandani come to Vani’s room. She is dazed. Sid says they took her phone and detained her in the house. She needed my help. Nandani says dada never told us anything. Vani says you knew everything still you came here and lied.
Vani says listen to your family. Be on their

side. Don’t be selfish. Sid says but.. Vani says try to understand.

Scene 2
Rani is praying.
Anjali comes to college.. She collides with Adi. She says quiz competition audition is getting late. He says its all gone. She says what?
She says why you are always kidding. He says you are all pink. She says I cleaned my face. He caresses her face. He says you are shying and blushing.

Ajay comes to Parkash’s office. He says this is my seat. Ajay says this is your seat. Parkash says you are the owner of this company for two days. Ajay says I will handle don’t worry. Parkash says no sit on the seat. He sits on it.

Adi says I have t o focus. Sartak comes there. He says do you have role in a horror movie? Sartak says what are you doing with anjali? Are you serious or playing with her? Adi says we just became friends. Sartak says she is a nice girl don’t play games with her.
Anjali says sartak I need your support for quiz. Adi says take him he is an expert in questions these days.

Ajay asks manager about machines. He says Parkash didn’t want to use those. Ajay says I want their records. Manager says okay. He says we can’t find records probably.

Vani says Nandani I want better for you. I can give you recommendation letter so any big lawyer can hire you.
Sid says we can’t fire an employee without a reason. Vani says she won’t do anything because all of this is happening because of her dada. Nandani says you are right. I shouldn’t do job here. If I work here dada will throw me away from my family. SId says thats force. She says no ma’am is right.
Vani says you knew everything. You shouldn’t have accepted my letter. Vani says dada ji never told me anything. He hid everything. You were always my idol. Sid says she fought her family to work with you.
Vani says you can’t fight every day. You don’t have to be selfish.
Vani says I am sorry for the time I wasted. She leaves.

Precap-Vani says to Sid if you are angry say it. Sid says you never listen anyway. you are justifying what you did wrong. For first time I feel bad because of your decision.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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