Vani Rani 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Vani Rani 8th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sartak sits next to Anjali/ Anjali says where are you lost? Why are you not preparing? Sartak goes to put his bag in luggage. Adi comes and sits next to Anjali. Anjali says you here? Adi says I am where you are. Sartak says if professor gets to know he will be mad. Adi says I asked him. i am in team too go and ask him. Sartak says get up this is my seat. Adi says sit behind. Anjali says adi get up. he says you want to me to get up. She says sartak you sit behind. Sartak sits behind in anger.
Adi says where will we go? Anjali says how you came? He says on base of my talent. I told principal that anjali can’t live without me. he recalls Prabah woke him up and said you wanted to go on trip too right? She told him a plan. Adi said wow you made such a good plan. Prabha said never

leave your love alone. You never know someone has eyes on her. SArtak is angry to see them happy.

Scene 2
Kaviya gets her photoshoot done. She says avinash let me go and change. Nandani comes there.
They arrive at the destination. Sartak sees Adi and Anjali together. He says rooms are allotted. Group A and B will be on first floor and rest people on ground floor. Anjali you are in group A. lets go. Anajli and adi are sad. They look at each other. Anjali goes with Sartak. Adi’s boys come as well.

Kaviya says bhabi I.. Nandani says what are you doing? In these clothes? I dont understand you are doing this. Why hiding it from your family? If you wanna be a model there is nothing wrong with it. You are not doing anything wrong. Why are you hiding it? Kaviya says I wish everyone thought like you. Nandani says always follow your dreams. Look at me. I will always be by your side. Kaviya hugs her and says thank you so much. I was so scared. Nandani says fulfill your dreams. Nandan says if you get late I will handle everything. Kaviya says love you. Nandani says in heart now see what I do.

Sartak comes to room and says i don’t know if I did right or wrong but Adi came here to just flirt with Anjali.
Adi comes there and says Sartak let me live in this room and you take mine. Sartak says this is my room. Adi says Anjali is on this floor. Sartak says so what? Go from here I have to prepare. Adi says what is wrong with Sartak?
Rani recalls Sartak crying. Ajay says what are you thinking? She says I am worried for Sartak. He was crying like a child. He is really hurt. Ajay says don’t worry. He is brave enough. Just pray for him.

Scene 3
Mishti says where is Kaviya? She didn’t text me today? Mishti asks rani why you look worried? She says just worried about sartak Mishti says Adi is there for him dont’ worry.
Adi and Anjali are together. Anjali says lets go and sid with sartak. HE looks upset. Adi says he is always serious. Anjali says lets go to him. They come there. Sartak wakes up. Adi says look around so much beauty. Sartak says thats your thing not mine.

Precap-Anjali saays what is wrong with you Sartak?
Saratk says what is wrong with you that you fell for a guy like Adi? What is your real face?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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