Vani Rani 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Adi and Sid come to Parkash’s office

Vani Rani 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nandani says we can’t do anything. We can’t get Vidi angry otherwise she will through us out. Sid says we can’t he her servants. We can’t sit and see all this. Nandani says I mean we have to do something smartly. He says I have to do something for my family. Please leave me alone.
Sarak is leaving. Vidi stops her. She says you are the only wise person in this house. He says what re you trying to say? She says lets sit I want to talk to you. He goes to her room.
Vidi locks the door. Sartak says why have you called me here? Vidi says choose one of the two bowls. Sartak says what joke is this? She says these are two ways I will choose to take revenge from Vani.

Vidi says to Sartak I knew you won’t take wrong decision. I am your chotu mom and

I will get you everything. Sartak shakes hand with her. This is salt and this is Sugar. I want you to choose what you want me to be for you. I kknow you hate this family. I know how you suffered in this house. Everyone has previlidge but not you. They took your love and gave her to Anjali as well. If you shake hands with me you can get everything you wished for. Stay here. Sartak chooses sugar.

Vani comes to Adi and says we have to do something before she does something new. Bhaskar Ghosh is alive. He ran from jail. Find out whom was she talking to. We will have to track her phone. Adi says I know how to do it.

Adi says to Sid listen we can track her calls through an app. Sid says Iknow how to do it. Nandani comes. He says you two can join business now. Mama said that. Sid says I am sure Adi you will take business to new heights. Adi says should we focus on all this first. Nandani says he is right. Vani says we have to handle the work anyway. We can’t sit home because of Vidisha. We have to show her she of no importance to us. Adi says yes you are right.

Adi and Sid come to Parkash’s office with Vani. She does their arti. They lit candle in front of Parkash’s picture. Adi says dad I promise you I will make you proud. I am not as wise as you were. Sid says Godd luck. Vani says have a seat. She turns the seat but Sartak is already dazed. Everyone is dazed. Sid says what are you doing there? Vidi comes and says its his seat so he will sit there. Yes you heard that right. This business and house is mine. I want Sartak to sit on this seat. Sartak smirks. She says see where he is. he is not useless like you. this is my decision that Sartak will be the CEO. Vani says enough. This is our family matter. Vidi says I am your husband’s wife. I have right on this business. Vidi says good luck Sartak. I am always with you. Sartak says thank you won’t have any complain ever.

Precap-Adi says we will have to record her calls. Anjali steals her phone and they track her calls.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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