Vani Rani 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ajay becomes Parkash for two days

Vani Rani 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parkash says oh really? You think the same ajay that you can take my space? Let me give you. According to Vani you didn’t get a chance. For two days I will let you live my life. Do my work and go to office, I will do what you do here. Then you will know who does what amount of work. If you run the business well i will bow down if you fail I will decide if we live together. I will decide who lives here and who doesn’t. Kaviya says papa will win for sure. All kids stand on AJay’s side.

Scene 2
Prabha calls Gaitri and tells her everything. Gaitri says I am very sad. My husband is a liar. He told me there is a lottery just to bring me from there. It was a lie. Prabha says how bad. He did this to make me alone. Prabha says still I will score. I will bring you

here once Vani rani are separated. Let me tell you what happened.

Ajay gets ready for office. Rani says you look so good. She says you will do it well I know. He says why are you worried? She says just thinking about Parkash. I hope he doesn’t get mad this time.
Kaviya says dad gave him this challenge. Adi says papa will rock you look so well. Ahjay says sartak why are you silent. Sartak says papa gave you challenge because he thinks you won’t be equal to him but you are way above him. I am sure you will do better than him. Mishti hugs him and says all the best.

Everyone does breakfast. Vani says sid east slowly. He says I have urgent work. She says what? he says its my personal work. Kaviya says attention everyone. Please welcome Mr. Ajay. The businessman. Parkash giggles. He says suit doesn’t make you a businessman. Vani says ajay you look very nice. Come have breakfast. Adi says you should be in movies papa. Ajay says I hope I don’t disappoint. Vani says you will do your best I am sure,. Prabha says its a big test for you. My parkash never loses. Vani says this is not a cricket match. So we don’t need commentary either.
Sid is worried for Nandani. he says papa all the best I have to go. I will meet you in office mama. Adi says whats up? Turtle became rabbit. Vani says shut up.
Parkash says I will drop you at the office. I want to see reaction of people when they see you there. Every small worker there will think he can become the boss as well. Sartak leaves in anger.

Scene 3
In college, everyone is preparing rangolis. Anjali is getting things ready too. She collides with Adi. He smiles. She says hi. He says weather is so pinkk. She says look the rangolis here. So many colors/ he says you have to accept.

Nandani says how will sid help me? She gets ready. Her mom says you can’t go to office. She says this is my life. I will do what I want. She gives her phone and says call there and tell them that you wont come. She says I will talk to dad ji. Nakul brings her to radhay. Nadnani says i want to go to office. he says do you have a plain paper? She says yes. He says write resignation and throw it on her face. Nandani says I wont do that. I respect her a lot. Radhay says you kids had right to take decision but not to go against mine. Nandani says you always do this. you implement your decisions on us. you think you are God. He is about to slap her. Sid holds Radhay’s hand.

Precap-Sartak says to Adi tell me clearly what are you doing with anjali? Are you serious or is this some game? Sid comes to office.
VAni says what is going on? Where were you?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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