Vani Rani 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vani asks Ajay to do Ravan Dehan

Vani Rani 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kaviya says its papa who should have been complaining. you always do this. She looks at Rani. She says papa sorry I couldn’t keep it in anymore. Ajay says you promised me. She says I am sorry. Kaviya says to Parkash you should say sorry to papa. Parkash says just shut up.
Sartak says to Rani see I told you we should leave this house. For him we are not family. I can’t take it anymore. Vani looks at him. Adi goes after Sartak.

Rani comes to room. All the kids are sad. Rani says cheer up. Kaviya says we dont want to celebrate Dashehra. Adi says we dont want to celebrate. Rani says burning Ravan lets Ravan lose. We have to beat the negativity inside us. Rani says we can’t stop celebrating.
Rani sits sad and says okay I was wrong we won’t celebrate.

Mishti says I get it. We will all celebrate. They all celebrate.

All the kids come downstairs with Rani to burn Ravan. Vani says how did you all get happy? kaviya says ma convinced us that we should celebrate Ravan dehan and burn all the sadness.

Scene 2
All the kids prepare for Ravan dehan. Prabha says where is Parkash? Rani says he won’t come. Prabha says then lets go in. Vani says we do Ravan Dehan every year. If he isn’t coming we will do it anyway. Vani says ajay you will do Ravan dehan this year. Ajay says brother will do it. Vani says no you will do it. All the kids ask Ajay to do it. Sid gives him arrow. Ajay burns Ravan. Fireworks starts.
Parkahs comes and claps. Parkash says to Ajay you took my place? Ajay says no I just.. Parkash says you always take my leftovers. Prabha says they didn’t wait for you. Parkash says only you care about me ma. Vani says I asked him say whatever you want to me.
You didn’t come and we had to do it. DOn’t blame ajay. He says Ajay is responsible for everything. Because of him I am insulted everywhere. Vani says you need help. What are you trying to say. Your words hurt people. he says why should I care? Do they care about me? They always ruin my happiness. My business and family life. I am in fact so great that I am letting them stay here. VAni says mind your language. They handle the house. They brought up all the kids. You spend money and they spend time. They are not less. Parkash says he doesn’t earn a penny. Business is not like an arrow. You need a brain for it. Vani says ajay has equal brain as you. He would been a better businessman if he had a fair chance.

Precap-Parkash says run my business for two daays. If you are successful I will bow down. If you fail I will decide whether you will live here or not.
Nandani says to Radhay you are trying to become our God. Radhay is about to slap her. Sid holds his hands.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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