Vani Rani 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjali finds Vidi’s brother

Vani Rani 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
VAni says you people are accusing her of what you have done. She is only 20. Can’t you see her tears. Vani says nandani take vidi to her room. Vani leaves as well.
Rani comes to Nandani. She says I dont’ know what you are planning. You are doing a mistake by helping Vidi. If she harms our family I wont leave her or anyone else. Stay away from her. Nandani says we should give her some money and ask her to leave. Rani says I know how well you think of my family. Better come on track.

Kaviya brings Prabha on breakfast table. Vidi comes as well. Prabha says Kaviya keep me away from her. She is harming us all. Vani she did this to me. I wont’ let her live in this house. Give her money and ask her to get out or you will see my dead face.

Scene 2

says dadi was right. Someone did it. Can Vidi kill someone? Adi says I don’t know who is doing what. She says let me show you something. She shows him a hospital bill. Anjali says we need to check it.
Adi and Anjali come to hospital. They inquire about the bill but receptionist says no. Anjali and Adi sneak into the record room.
Anjali finds a record related to vidi. She shows it to Adi. Bhaskar Ghosh. Anjali says this is Vidi’s relative but she said she has no one in the world. We have to find him to tell us about Vidi.

Rani and Bijli give Prabah med. Vidi comes. Prabha says ask her to get out of my room. Rani says whhy are you here? She says I brought haldi for her. Prabha says stay away from me. She shoves it. She says I don’t want it. you have destroyed my family. Vani Rani started talking to eaach other and then you came. Go from here.
If you stay here I will die.

Adi and Anjali come home. nandani says where are you both coming from. The paper falls from Anjali’s hand. nandani is about to pick it. Anjali takes it. Vani calls everyone in hall. VAni says I want to tell you all something. I brought vidi here and you all insulted her. You gave her money but she didn’t take it. I have decided something. She says vidisha is leaving this house tomorrow. I promised her we will do justice. I am giving her our Indoor house. Sid says this is not right. Vani says she has right on that property. I will decide who will keep it. Your dad married her and she has a right on his money. I am doing this so she has a good life. Vidi says please don’t do all. this. Vani says I will take you to your new home and live with you until you settle there. she goes to her room.

Adi says we should tell mama about Bhaskar. Anjali says no we first need to find out about him. Adi says I don’t knwo she will do something. We need to keep an eye on her

Precap- Man from insurance comapny says I want to Mrs. Parkash. You husband brought 10 crore policy. Vani gives him card. He says you are not his wife. She was someone else. Vidi comes and says you are looking for me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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