Vani Rani 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nandani welcomed to Sid’s house

Vani Rani 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid and Nandani are finding ring in the milk. Rani says no matter who wins wife always rules. Parkash says right. Adi’s friendd say Adi is going with anjali in balcony.
Adi and Anjali are in balcony. She says we are getting late for rituals. He says what rituals? She says you know there are stories behind these rituals? He says there are rituals in an affair too. Like looking in eyes and holding hands. He hugs her from behind. He comes close to her. He is about to kiss her. Mishti comes there and says Adi the ring ritual is going on come downstairs.

Nandani and Sid are trying to find the ring. She finds it. Rani says well done. Prabha says sid had to lose. Anjali comes downstairs. Adi comes after her. Sartak looks at him angry.
Kaviya says lets welcome Nandani


Scene 2
The dance start on munda thora off beat hai. Anjali and Sartak dance together. Kaviya and everyone else join on the floor too. Sartak looks at Anjali and Adi.
Vani gives nandani jewelry and says you are my daughter like Kaviya and Mishti now.
Gaitri gives a small gift and says we came in hurry. Sid says we are happy that you came. Parkash gives her cash. She says thanks daddy.
Mishti gives her a card. Prabha says you could have brought something good. This is garbage. Nandani says I really love it. I will frame it Mishti. Thanks a lot. Prabha says ajay empty handed blessings? You could have brought flowers only. Nandani says they gave me gift already. Ma gave me this mangalsutra. Sid told me how he brought it. She hugs Rani.

Scene 3
Parkash says to Sid now you are married. Don’t always be a follower of your wife. Adi says dad is talking his experience. Parkash says all the best and stay happy.
Nandani is in room. she checks her phone. There are 11 missed calls. Adi says to Ajay papa your opinion. Ajay says you should both go together. In everything. Adi says are you scared? Sid says why would I be? He says see you. He goes to his room. Sartak says lets go and wrap up Adi.

Sid comes to room and says I feel so lucky. We are finally married. She says me too.. But I wanted to say something. He says go ahead. SHe says its not easy for me. But I hope that you will understand. Sid says go ahead. Nandani says I want to take a promise sid. You know how we got married. Ma papa dada ji everyone was against me. But I married for my happiness. I want that until they don’t accept this marriage we live like friend and not a couple.

Precap-Nandani calls Radhay and says forgive me. He says I will only give you a pat on shoulder. Well done.
They both laugh. Naandani says this is just beginning. Lets see how I ruin their lives.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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