Vani Rani 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sid marries Nandani

Vani Rani 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid and Nandani take pheray while sid and sartak fight Nakul’s thug outside.
Sid picks mangal sutra. He is about to make nandai wear it. Radhay comes in and says don’t you dare. Parkassh says we are dignified people go from here. Radhy says your son got our daughter here and you call yourself dignified? he says nandani come with with Aloka says nandani come with us. Vani says don’t be scared. Sid make her wear mangalsutra and then take blessings from Radhay. Rani says babu ji please for our kids let this happen. Radhay says what I do now will make you ashamed in the whole city. He picks fire stick and says I will burn this knot if you don’t come.

Vani says are you mad? In your anger you will ruin your daughter’s happiness? just to lower me and

my sister? Leave this fire or I will use law. Radhay says your law is my shoe. Inspector comes in and says you will be hit by same show. Vani says don’t be dazed. I knew you would come here. So pre informed police. Inspector says Mr. Radhya put the stick back in the fire. Vani says carry on pandit ji. Sid make her wear mangalsutra. I will who parts my kids. Sid makes her wear mangalsuta. Pandit ji says you two are husband and wife now.
Vani says sid and nandani take your dada’s blessings.
Radhary says you don’t even deserve my curse Nandani. They still touch him feet.

Nandani says don’t do this. Sid is my husband now. Please respect this marriage. Radhay says he ruined our name. If wearing mangal sutra makes you married. I can break it and you will be divorced. He is about to pull her mangalsutra. Sid holds his hand and says enough. She is my wife. You can’t harm her in front of me. Radhay is about to slap him. Nandani stands in front of him and says I will not let you insult my husband and his family. I am his wife now. If you don’t like him you can leave me.
Aloka says so you will leave us for him now? Radhay says leave her now aloka. From today we never had any daughter in our house. They leave. Nandani is in tears. She sobs. Sid hugs her. Vani swipes her tears and says don’t cry. we are all with you. We will always be with you. She hugs her.

Scene 2
Nandani enters the house and is welcomed. She is in tears and recalls what Radhay and Aloka said. Adi is dancing. Rani says shut up.
Rani does their arti and welcomes them in the house. Everyone claps. Vani says welcome to our house.

Inspector says to you should be grateful that Vani didn’t lodge FIR. you can go now but don’t dare doing anything like this again.
Sid says stop bhabhi.. We want our money first naig. They say you have to pick nandani. Sid picks nandani. Vani smiles.

Precap-Rani caresses Nandani’s face.
Prabha says Ajay you didn’t bring any gift for her? Adi is about to kiss Anjali. Nandani says I want a promise from you Sid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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