Vani Rani 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rani and Vani mad at each other

Vani Rani 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali says mama sit I will serve food. Nandani says sid told me they did good pooja for dad. Vani leaves. Anjalo says to Rani sit. I will serve today. Vani brings Vidi. She says she will eat with us as well. rani says if she sits here I wont’ eat here. VAni says she is part of this house. Rnai says when elders make mistake we have to make them see it. This is all wrong. I can’t see it. You are mad at me, punish me not yourself. Vani says youa re the one who broke trust between us. Vidi is part of this house. Vani says Vidi calls me her sister now. She is my sister as well. everyone is dazed. VAni says she will eat here no matter what. Rani leaves. Adi says why would mama leave? This vidi is the one who should leave. Vidi says please don’t fight because of me. Rani says

she is yours now and we are outsiders? Vani says you hid the biggest truth from me. Rani leaves.

Sartak leave as well. Sid says mama what you did is totally wrong. Lets go Sid. Nandai says calmm down Adi please. Sid you can’t leave mama like that. Adi leaves. Prabha says Vani this is all so wrong. She leaves as well.
Nandani says don’t worry mama. Please say things in anger. vidi says I didn’t want all this to happen because of me. Please forgive me. Vani says have your food.

Sid is angry. Nandani says what could we do? We can’t be rude to mama. Sid says what mama did was wrong. Nandani says she needs us. We have to win her trust. We can then tell us whats right and whats wrong. He says you are right.
Rani comes to room and recalls what Vani said. Sartak says you saw how mcuh your sistercares about you.

Adi says what did you do. Why did you support her? ADi says you are wasting time. Sid says we have to first win her trust.
Adi says to Sid if you have listened to me mama’s heart would have melted and we would have been successful. She would have listened to us. ADi says standing with wrong is also wring Sid. Sid says if you want to go your way, you can. I can’t help you that anymore. I will go my way. Adi says to Anjali you also decide if you want to stand with me or not. Adi leaves. Nandani says let me go Sid. He is angry. Pihu puts petrol in their ice cream.
Sartak says I will call papa. We will go to him. Rani says he would be so worried. Sartak calls Ajjay. He says how are you and mom? sartak says we are fine. He doesn’t tell ajay. Rani talks to ajay. Sartak is angry. He says till when will we hide this from papa? We can’t get insulted like this all the time.

Vidi comes in front of parkash’s picture. Adi says what a game you played. You fooled mama like this. Adi says get out of this house. He packs her bag. He throws her stuff from the stairs. He says get out of here. Rani and Anjali come as well. Rani says don’t show us these crocodile tears. What is your mission to come in this house?

Precap-Vidi says I am Parkash’s wife. Vani says stop insulting her. Rani and kids decide they need to find a way to expose her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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