Vani Rani 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sid takes moharat from Pandit

Vani Rani 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vani and whole family do pooja while Nakul and police look everywhere in the house. The kids are worried. they check everywhere. Inspector says we looked everywhere. Just this room is left. Nandani is in that room. Vani says you can check that room as well. Adhi says shit we are gone. Nandani hides behind the window. Polie and Radhay look everywhere and come downstairs.

Vani says didn’t find her? Have parsad. Its sweet might reduce your bitterness. I asked some shame and maturity for you. Its your age to do arti though. He leaves.
Sid asks Nandani are you okay? She says I don’t know. I feel weird. This all is very risky. I am so scared. Sid says your dada has gone from here. Don’t worry. He holds her hand. The song milay ho tum humko plays in background.

Adi and all the siblings come there and tease them. Adi says let us meet her as well. He says there is so much work left. Sid says to Nandani should I go? Kaviya and mishti says already taking permissions?

Scene 2
Sid takes mahorat from pandit ji. He collides with nakul. Nakul’s thugs come there as well.
Prabha says what happened to kids. Sid is beaten. Prabha says I am fine. Parkash says I wont’ leave Radhay. What does he want to do. Prabha says he wants to kill your sons.
Vani says Radhay did this right? Sid says no he didn’t do it. Nandani comes downstairs and says I am sure he did this. Sid is lying to save him. She is crying and hugs Sid. Everyone is dazed. Nandani says I am so sorry. You are so injured. This all is happening because of me. Sid says its not your mistake. Nandani says I should have thought about you. I will go from here I won’t risk your life anymore. Sid says if you go I will die anyway. Please don’t go. They are both crying. Radhay comes there and says wow. The truth is clear. What will you say now Vani? You sisters can’t fool me. I know your reality. How will you punish your son now?
Vani looks at Nandani. She takes her hand from Sid’s hand and gives her back to Radhay. Sid and Nandani are crying. Vani says go Nandani. Go with your dada ji. Nandani says no please. Radhay says lets go nandani. She is walking towards him. Vani says wait a minute. Tell me one thing. Did my son force you to come here? Nandani says no I came here with my will. Because we really love each other. That’s why without caring about anything I came here so we can get married. Vani says then why are you changing your decision now? Everyone is dazed. Vani says you are an adult and can marry anyone. Law can’t stop you so who is your dada ji?
Vani says to Radhay you know my blood right? You should have hit my son you made a mistake. Now you will pay for all my son’s bruises. I was against this marriage. Now I won’t be. I will get them married now. I will celebrate this wedding. The noise of our happiness will be unbearable for you.
Radahy says till I am here you will only have sadness in your house. Nandani come with me. He pulls her. Vani holds her hand and says didn’t you get it? She is my daughter in law to be.

Precap-Parkash says to Vani you said yes for that nandani? What will people talk about us? Vani says I don’t care about what people say. I only care about my son and his happiness. Try to understand his love. parkash says this wedding won’t happen.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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