Vani Rani 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sid hides Nandani in his house

Vani Rani 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nandani sit on Sid’s bike. He puts her hand on his shoulder.
Nakul says she is not in home. Radhay says I will kill that guy. Nakul sees them going. He calls radhay. He tries to follow them but they have ran already.
Adi and Sid see Nakul coming. They run.

Ajay says to Rani ask sid to understand. Rani says he really loves her. Ajay says this can’t happen. Vani comes in. She says to Ajay this is restraining order that radhay threw on my face.
He threatened that he will kill sid if he is seen near Nandani.

Scene 2
Anajli takes Nandani to her place.

Rani says Sid and Nandani love each other. AJay says please. Sid comes in. Vani says welcome. Came alone? didn’t bring your wife? You crossed every limit how could you do this.

Vani says was this your special case you were working on? Shame on you sid. Sid says I didn’t have another way. Parkash says you chose that way. You know our relationships with that family still you did this. Vain is right. Why did you not think before loving her. Sid says you don’t think before love. You can say whatever you want but don’t doubt my love. I and NAndani love each other and your hatred is way below that. VAni says enough Sid. This marriage wont happen at any cost. I am thinking before saying that. Nandani will never become your wife. And Ajay tell everyone not to help him. I will handle this matter. no one else has to worsen the problem. She leaves.

Adi and all the kids gather in the room. Adi says come in. Its Nandani. Everyone is dazed to see her.
prabha says to Parkash thank God I saw Sid. Vani and Rani weren’t enough that he is bringing third one from that house. Sartak says what did you do?
Sid says we can’t fight this separately. Kaviya holds sids hand. All the siblings stand with Sid. Nandani smiles.

Nakul says to Radhay I tried following them but the fled. Radhays ays don’t worry we will find them. Call police.
Kaviya says to Sid i told her to stay in room. SHe is safe there. Prabha says who don’t get out? Kaviya says has the pooja started? Parkash says what is going on? That girl’s issue has to end here. You can’t marry her Sid.

Scene 2
Anjali is worried. She calls Sid. She says is everything okay? He says yes. She says thanks for the help. She says anything for you. He says oh I see. Sartak comes there and says pooja has started. Get ready. He gives phone to Sartak. Anjali says Hi Sartak. I have to prepare for diwali too. I will talk later.
Rani is doing arti.

Radhay and his family come there with police. Radhay says Sid where are you? Vani come out. Vani comes downstairs. Everyone is dazed. Vani says what is this audacity? Radhay says I will publish your son’s deeds in all newspapers. Where is my nandani? You son took her form my house. Everyone is dazed. Radhay says inspector ask her. Inspector says we have search warrant. Sid says you can check our house. We are not scared. Parkash says wait a minute sid. Vani says let them look for her. If sid is saying that means Nandani isn’t here.

Update in Progressprecap-Parkash does arti. Radhay Nakul and police look everywhere for Sid. Police say just this room is left. Nandani is in that room. Vani says you can go in that room as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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