Vani Rani 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: ajay leaves the house

Vani Rani 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid is in tears. Nandani comes to him and says please don’t sit like this. He says I was thinking about mama. She says time can only heal her wounds. Sid says I dont’ know when will all this be fine. Mama’s trust is broken. Its not easy when someone breaks your heart.
Vani recalls ajay saying hee wanted to tell her something. Sid says to Nandani you have to take care of mom. Nandani holds his hand. He says you want to say something? She says you are so nice. She says in heart but I am not because I have to do what dada ji says.

Sid comes to VAni. He says I am going to ganga. Please take your meds on time. She says I won’t take any meds. What Parkash did will always hurt me.

Adi and Sid are crying. Ajay hugs them and says your papa will always

be here. Lets go to Ganga with asthiiya. He picks them. Prabha takes them from him and says how dare you touch my son’s asthiya. You servant have no worth to touch it. Everyone is dazed. Ajay looks ay Rani. Sartak says what are you doing dadi. Adi says dadi what are you saying. Prabha says I know what I am doing. This is my house and don’t forget that. Ajay says you are getting it wrong. He was my brother. She says I know your drama. You want all his money. I know the drama you do. Ajay goes to his room in anger.

Rani says to Ajay please calm down. Parkash was everything to Prabha. Ajay says I can’t be great anymore. We did so much for this house and only got insult. I am sick and tired. We were always humiliated. She says try to understand her situation. Ajay says I can’t take it anymore. Sartak was always right. Money is everything in this house. I will always be an outsider to this house. Sartak says no papa. You won’t have a single tear in your eyes. We will show them what worth we are. We will show them who you are. I will avenge every single tear. Ajay hugs him. Rani says in heart whats going on in Sartak’s mind.

Adi says dadi always crosses limits. Sid says I dont’ wanna lose papa. If dadi behaves this way he will leave this house. Adi says I will talk to her. Anjali says she is in a shock. Give her sometime. I am sure ma papa will understand too.

Ajay says to Sartak I have taken a decision and I wanna know are you with me. Sartak says what decision? Ajay says money is everything in this world. I understood that way too late. I was an idiot. Nothing can be earned in this world with kindness. I want people in this house to value to me. Are you with me? Sartak says of course I am with you. I will do whatever you ask me.
Rani is crying. She says why is everything gone from this house.

Scene 2
Ajay is packing his bag. Kaviya says papa please listen. He says this is my last decision. Rani says please don’t do this. You know Prabha is upset. Ajay says I will now earn so much that people will know my worth. Rani says you are the man of this house after Parkash has left. Ajay says I am just a servant here. Open your eyes and see. I have lost my self esteem here. I have to go from here.

Precap-Prabha says stop. What are you stealing in this bag? Open it. He opens the bag. Rani is in tears. Vani says to rani now at least you will realize other people’s pain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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