Vani Rani 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Last lawyer says no to case as well

Vani Rani 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nandani comes to Sid and says please give me one more chance. Please listen to me. Sid says I did so much for you I gave you everythihng and you did this in return? You have disrespected the relationship of marriage. Go from here. Leave. Nandani leaves. Nandani recalls their moments together. She walks out.

Vidi gives money to lawyer and says you have to say no. He says takes it and says okay.
Dadi does Abi’s arti. She says good luck. The lawyer comes in. He says I want to tell you something. i can’t take this case I am sorry. Everyone is dazed. Prabha drops the arti plate. Adi syas please don’t do this. My brother is being trapped. Please take this case. He says sorry i can’t. Prabha says where will we go if you leave. He says please don’t say all this. he says there is nothing in this case. If I take this case I will lose. I am sorry. He leaves. Nandani says I beg you please save my husband. You can’t leave Sid like this. He says I am sorry. he leaves. everyone sits down upset. Prabha says what will we do now? Kaviya says what will we do now? We have lost the last hope? Adi says we can’t give up like this. Vidi says but thats all you can do. You can sit home only. The only lawyer said now as well. She laughs. She gives them tissue and says swipe your tears.

She says no one will take this case now. What will you do?
Nandani says a woman like you can never understand what a wife can do for her husband. You think you can harm him? My mangalsutra protects him. You can’t even dream of harming him till I am here. I will save my husband from you. Vidi laughs and says court needs proofs not lectures. Proofs show your husband is a rapist. Change it if you can. No one can save him. Vidi laughs.
Precap-That girl calls Vidi and says you played for well. Nandani says I will fight this case.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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