Vani Rani 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vani slaps Rani

Vani Rani 17th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
She says I am Vidisha. PArkash’s wife. i didn’t want to tell in front of everyone. Prabha says what is she saying. You all are listening to her. Ajay says Vidisha there is nothing in your lie. You better leave from here. SHe says I am Parkash’s wife. He gave me the peace I was looking for. He was my whole world. Vani says Parkash’s can’t cheat on me. Prabha says what is happening in this house.

Sid says take your lies from here. Better go from here before I call cops. She says please trust me. Call police but I am not lying. I loved and married him. He was my everything. I am an orphan again. I am not here to demand anything. I knew he has a family but I never interfered. You people don’t know him. I don’t either. He had a world outside

this house as well. i don’t want his money. I could take that when he was alive as well. She says to Prabha I am grateful to you for giving birth to a man like you. He was so proud of his kids. Ajay parkash got you wrong all his life. i want to thank you for him. You gave your daughter to him. Ajay says how you know? She syas I am his wife, I know everything. Ajay says stop talking rubbish. Please go from here. She says you think he can never cheat on VAni but he was forced by love to marry me.

Vidisha says Parkash really loved you. He used to call you his strength. Vani says whoever you are go form here. For just some money don’t accuse a respected man like this. She says but.. Vani says go. Ajay says go. She says I didn’t come here for money. I came to hospital as well. No one knew. I came to his funeral too. Anjali recalls she collided with someone. She says don’t take my right from me. Adi says enough. We can’t trust anyone. Do you have any proof? She says I don’t have a proof but there is a witness. She points at Rani. Everyone is dazed.
Rani says she is not lying. She is right. Everyone is shocked. I knew about her marriage with Parkash. Rani says I am sorry but this is truth.

A few days ago I saw him in market meeting her. She huggs him. Rani saw them together. She followed vidisha and came to her house. Parkash was there too. They were shocked. Parkash says you are getting it wrong. I will explain. Rani said is there something to explain? She said we love each other and.. Rani left.
Parkash stopped her. He said I will tell Vani everything right. I can’t explain right now. Rani says I can’t lie to her. Parkash said you have to swear on me. I beg you don’t tell her. I really love my family. I will tell them my way. Rani said you didn’t do right. He said I can’t tell you the right reason. Give me sometime. I will tell Vani everything.
Rani says he asked me to swear on him. I hid it so your wedding isn’t affected. I didn’t know about the marriage. Parkash promised he will tell you everything. VAin says wow. Well done. Rani says I didn’t want to hurt you. VAni slaps Rani.

Precap-Prabha says Rani knew everything.
She is behind Parkash’s murder. Rani says you don’t know truth. Vani says see how happy I am because of you. Please go from here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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