Vani Rani 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sid in jail

Vani Rani 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode highlight: Sid is in jail. Nandani apologizes her mistakes and says I will fight his case. She says I will kick you out of this house vidisha.

Scene 1
nandani comes to vid and says what dirty game is this? Vidi says you don’t talk about all this.. You area a liar as well. You never loved your husband either. Nandai says you are right. It was my mistake I never understood him. Now I know what he means to me. I can bring my husband back, I will save him from you. Vidi says go and save him. I will see what you can do. He will rot in jail all his life. Nandani leaves.

Anjali and Adi call many lawyers. Anjali says no one is ready to take her case. Adi says don’t worry. I will talk to a friend of mine. He is a lawyer. Anjali gives her water and says don’t worry.

He will come back. we are all with you. Nandani says I deserve this. I always wanted to ruiin this family. never knew sid would get in trouble. He loves me so much but I could never understand him. Anjali says let by gones be by gones. We have to fight to get sid back.

Scene 2
Bhaskar pisses on the floor. Vidi says what did you do. She calls Prabha and says clean it. Prabha says what? Vidi says if you want to get sid out clean it. Prabha takes the duster.

Prabha looks at the floor and is about to clean. Nandani comes and says stop dadi. you don’t need to clean this dirt. I will clean this dirt nnow. Nandani says you can’t do all this dadi. Vidi says what do you mean? Nandani says I will kick the dirt out of this house and you are that dirt. NNow you see how I kick you out. She throws that duster on her. Vidi says okay I will see as well what can you do. But don’t forget I sent your husband to jail. I might send her to hell. Nandani takes Prabha with her. Prabha says I could clean it. She will get angry. Nandani says we can’t let you do all this. She wont leave sid this way. Anjali says nandani is right. We can’t give up. We have to think about getting sick back home.

Adi says I can’t find a way to get sid out. I spoke to all lawyers no one wants to get hands in this. Nandani says I will fight this case. I am a lawyer too.
SArtak comes to Vidi and says chotuma. These are Kaviya instruction papers. These can be named after your name, We have lost a tender as well. Please sign these papers. These people will be complete destroyed. She says I am so proud of you. You hate them as much as I do. Sartak says they took my mom from me as well. Sartak takes signatures from her. He leaves. Vidi calls someone and says yes I will be there on time.

Nandani comes to Sid and says I brought food. Please pardon me. I know I did wrong. I realize my mistake now. I got late in knowing how good my husband is. I always got you wrong. Please pardon me. Please forgive me.

Precap-Nandani says to Vidi my mangalsurta will save Sid from you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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