Vani Rani 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Prabha faints

Vani Rani 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode highlight: The girl is with Vidisha. She gets his arrested for raping her.

Scene 1
Sid says to Sartak go from here. Adi says what do you think? Ma and mama will be so proud of you? Sartak says yes I am like that. I am with Vidi. Only she does justice to me. She isn’t selfish like you all. Vidi is in balcony. Sartak says you both want me to mbe your servant. Look at these papers. I am the owner of this factory. I will destroy this business. And Kaviya why are you with these enemies. You are my sister. You have time come on my side. Kaviya walks towards sartak. She says never. I am not selfish like you. You are all my brothers. I can’t be selfish like you. I can’t leave them alone. Sartak says okay then you are my enemy as well. He leaves.

Sartak comes to

Vidi and says please sign these papers. She says I am so proud of you. You have made me proud. She gives him money. She says I will get all this property of company on my name, She says get the papers ready I will sign them.
Adi sees Vidi talking a girl. She gives her money. Adi says hey you.. The girl runs. Adi says is she the same woman?

Sid says I won’t leave her. Nandani stops him. He says don’t dare touching me. Adhi tells Sid about that girl and Vidisha. The girl comes in with police. She says he is the one. He raped me. Everyone is dazed. Adi says what are you saying. This girl attacked my brother. Inspector says he is a rapist. he will be in jail all his life. Prabha faints. Police arrests Sid and take him with them. Prabh says he can never do this. SHe is lying. Sid says I dont even know her. Inspector says we ae here with arrest warrants. Don’t save a rapist. Sid says I never met her before. Inspector says say all that in court. She raised her voice and she will get justice. Nandani says do you have any proof? Inspector says yes we have proof witness and arrest warrant. She gave her medical report. Sid raped her. They take Sid with them. Everyone is dazed.
Nandani is crying.

Scene 2
In police stattion the girl comes and says I went to his office for a job. She says Sid was alone there. There was no one else in the house. He touched me wrongly. I felt uncomfortable. He tried to come close to me. When I tried to run but he got mad. He raped me. Sid says she is lying. I never met her before. I can never do this. Inspector syas you ruined her life. People like you are stains on society. The girl says if you leave him he might ruin lives of other girls as well.

Precap-Adi says Sid can never get out. Nadani says I will get him out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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