Vani Rani 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhaskar comes home

Vani Rani 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode highlight: A new girl enters and blames Sid of some sin. Vidi’s father Bhaskar comes home.

Scene 1
Nandani says I am sorry Sid. I made a mistake. Sid slaps her. He says you fooled me. I loved and trusted you. How can you do this. Adhi says please calm down. She didn’t know. Sid says she knew what Vidi is. How did she think about joining hands with her. Kaviya says please calm down. Nandani says I deserve this. This is my mistake. Sid leaves.

Prabha recalls Vani and Rani and is crying. Kaviya comes and says pandit ji is here. Everyone sits for pooja and funeral. A toy comes there and a childish man follows it. He says my toy. Prabha says who are you getting out. Vidi says shut up he is my dad Bhaskar Ghosh. Bhaskar plays like a kid in the house. Vidi says everything

in this house is yours. They are your servants. SHe says to Nandani and anjali you both are his caretaker. He is this way because of your mom. Anjali says we are not your servants. Vidi says shut up. You came to my room that night and took bill of my dad. You stole my phone as well. I can ruin your life. And you Prabha you will become his entertainer. Sid says you will go back to the road you belong to. Sid goes to his room in anger.

Scene 2
Prabha says what is happening with my family. Adi says don’t be upset dadi. Maybe this is a test for us. We have to fight with her. Kaviya says what will we do? Adi says we have to make a plan to trap her. Sid says come with me Adi. Nandani says I will come as well. Sid says I don’t need your help. A woman hits Sid with a ball. She says Sid you will pay for your sins. Nandani says what are you saying. The woman says you will know your husband’s sins too. She leaves. Nadani says who was she? Sid goes in.

Vidi says to Bhaskar please eat. He says no I wanna play. He says I want to laugh. She syas okay. She says Prabha come here and become a horse. Vidi becomes a horse. Bhaskar laughs.
Sid comes home. Adi says how did this happen. KAviya brings first aid. Adi does his dressing. He says who did this? Sid says I don’t know who she was. Maybe vidi did this. Sartak comes in and says how did this happen? Sid says get lost. You helped that vidi against your family.

Precap-That girl comes with police and says this Sid raped me. Police arrests Sid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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