Vani Rani 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Parkash accepts his defeat

Vani Rani 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parkash is trying to change the bulb. Prabha says ajay will. He changes the blood.
his manager calls him and tells him about Ajay’s success. He gets mad.

Sid and Kaviya thank Anjali. Adi stays outside with her. Sartak looks at them. They are both talking. Kaviya says lets go Sartak. He keeps looking at them talking. Anjali says why are you not going? She says you want me to go? He says id I say I don’t want to. He caresses her face. She smiles. Adi goes in. They come in.

Vani is there. Vani says where were you all? SSid says we.. Adi says we went out. Vani says we got a call from Parkahs’ office. Sartak says what happened? Kaviya says is everything okay papa? He says yes. Parkash comes and says why are you lying ajay. Why are you fooling everyone.

you really trusted me. That Ajay will be a good businessman. You were right. Everyone is dazed. He says ajay did a wonder. He rented out the machines and earned 15 lacs in one day. All the kids hug him. Vani says Ajay I am so proud of you. Parkash says even I am proud of you. Ajya says thank you. Parkash says I accept my defeat. Ajay says its not about defeat. People are right there is no big and small man. You were successful. This house will always be yours and this family will always be united.
Prabha is angry.

Scene 2
Nandani says dada ji what are you doing? This is injustice. You can’t force us to live in past.
Adi says bhabhi saved us. Kaviya says whats next? Kaviya says i think you should go for court marriage. Sartak says no one will accept that. Adi says no worries. Rani comes there.
She says what game care you all playing? I like seeing you all together like this.

Nandani’s mom comes to her room and sees she has pained sid’s name everywhere. She says see ma. I love him. I didn’t take his name. Radhay says how dare you. I will kill you. Her mom says please forgive her. Nandani says you are taking my happiness. That is wrong/ Radhay says my decision wont change. Nandani says I wont change my either. Radhay says Aloka lock her in the room. She will be only out when she forgets this lunch.

Sid has papers of court marriage. Vani comes in. She says how long will you hide? i knew you all didn’t go to market. Did you go to meet Nandani? He says we went to market. Vani says I know she is your friend and you are upset that I fired her. She is a nice girl but we don’t have good relations with her family. Forget her and let her live her life. What papers do you have? He says for a case. She says what case? She says caryy on. Fight this case and let me know when you win.

Precap-Kaviya calls Nandani and says my brother’s marriage is fixed in court. Please come. Nandani gets it. She says yes I will come. Kaviya writes on chit and passes it to adi but it falls. Vani picks it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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