Vani Rani 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Adi decorates the room

Vani Rani 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adhi comes to room and throws stuff in anger. He says I am sorry anajli. please don’t hate me I will die. She recalls her crying.
Adi thinks about her and smiles. he says I am in love with her. I will tell her everything because I love you.
Anjaali is missing him too. She says I love you adi. His friends come in. Adi decorates the room. sartak says my life is a trouble. What should I do ma. He calls Rani and says I lost ma. Today my love and friendship went away from me. Anjali loves Adi. She hates me. Nandani says but you love her right? Sartak is dazed. She says bhabhi you? She says you have to fight for you love. Don’t let Adi take your love. you have to fight for you love. Daddy scolded ma for a small vase. You people don’t deserve this. She says if Adi

can take your happiness then why can’t you? He says I will take what is mine. Rani comes. Nandani is dazed. Rani says who was it? Nandani says wrong number. Nandani says I wanted to ask something. Vani mama saw everything but didn’t say anything. I mean she always stands by truth why didn’t she stand by you. Sid comes. Rani says jiji does everything for best. Rani says in heart why didn’t jiji take side of me?

Tettar asks Dablo to open the TV. Abhi is on TV. Nimki is with him too. They show people having pumkins. She says this is what we should do. We should have parlous in village too. Mai says this girl I hate her. Rekah says bring me shades like hers as well. Tettar throws something in anger. Sweeti this girl is so sharp. Tettar says is where is Ritu? Babu says he is in store.

Everyone is in garden. They enjoy bon fire. Anjali asks Adi to meet her in room. His friend say today he will win the bet. sartak is looking at them. Sartak listens words of his friends. They say we will go when something interesting happens.

His room is all decorated. Anjali comes there. Adi holds he hand. He says sorry Anajli She says sorry for? Adi says promise me you wont get me wrong. She says don’t joke. he says it started from a joke. My friends had a bet with me to get you into my love and then break your heart. I don’t when I actually fell in love with you. I don’t ever want to go away from you. Even if I die I don’t wanna go away from you. She says I know you love me. I see the real love in your eyes and that is why I am forgetting you. They both hug each other. Adi was dreaming this.

Sartak stops Anjali. She says don’t come near me. I am Adi’s love. You have to give me my due respect.
Anjali comes to room and says all this for me? Thank you. He gives her juice. He says I wanted to tell you something. She says why are you so worried? She says what happened? Adi says I am in love with you. She says i love you too.
Sartak says I should take Adi’s friends there too.
Anjali says I love you too. I want to tell the whole world. She hugs him. They come close. Adi kisses her. His friends come in and say yo yo ad you adi.

Precap-His friends say that we lost and you wont the bet. Anjali says what bet? his friend says bet to break your ego. Anjali slaps Adi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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