Vani Rani 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Anjali mad at sartak

Vani Rani 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali says who are you to question my character and love? You think I am with Adhi for his money? I hate you. She leaves crying. She slips from stairs and gets injured. Adi says Anjali.. They both pick her up and take her to hospital. Sartak gets the doctor.

Nandani says to Vani you called me to discuss about the case. Vani says what happens in the house matters to me. I saw that vase broke from your hand. Nandani says I wanted to tell papa but Rani.. Vani says she wants to save everyone. She always bows down to save her family. I hope you will learn her good qualities from her. She says yes I will.

Adi’s friend asks how did this happen? Adi says ask this Sartak. It all happened because of him. Do you wanna say something else? Sartak says I dont want to talk to

you. Adi says who wants to talk to you. you don’t deserve to be a friend. You are not even of your brother. So much hatred in your heart I never thought of it. Never thought you would say those words about me in front of Anjali. Adi says you are a snake. You his the one feeding.. SAratak me and papa mama are feeding on you right? Adi says don’t birng them in this. Sartak says you meant all of us. Your dadi and your father’s taunts slap them every day. You people have poison in heart for us as well. I am snake so I would have venom and now you see how I mix this venom in your heart. Let anjali be conscious. They both start hitting each other. Everyone stops them. Nita says stop it. Anjali is conscious. She is hearing all this and she only wants to meet Adi. Adi goes in.

Scene 2
Adi brings Anjali out. Sartak says are you okay? Anjalu says this bruise would be okay but what about the one you gave me. Adi please take me from here. I don’t wanna see his face.
Mishti comes to Kaviya and says what are you seeing? Kaviya says let me show you. Nandani asks her not to from distance. She said to Kaviya mishti can’t handle it all. She is very close to Vani. You shouldn’t tell her everything. It can be dangerous. Kaviya says mishti don’t touch my phone I don’t like it. Go and do your home work.

Adhi takes anjali to bed. He gives her water. Nita says you should go now so she can sleep. Adi says I don’t wanna leave you alone. He holds her hand. He says take care of yourself. Nita please take care of heer.
Kaviya shows nandai a funny video. Mishti says I wanna see it too. Kaviya says no you are a kid. Mishti feels left out.

Adi thinks of Anjali and smiles. He says what is all this? Am I actually in love with her? Is it that special feeling? He recalls his moments with Anjali. He says I think I am in love with her. I have to tell her everything. I will tell her how it started from a bet and I love her now. I will also tell sartak. He thinks I am flirting with her only.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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