Vampires Vs Werewolf(epi 14)


After two hours.
Teacher collect all the pappers.nikhil came towarda tanu.and abhi came towards pragya.
T,thanx pragya.
P,are idiot.we did it together na.whatz the need of thanks.letz be friends.
T,woow cool.but you have to promise me one thing..
P,han bolo.
T,call me as tanu.not werewolf.
P,ohhh ok.then i ll call you as wolfy.woow itz nice name.
T,this pragya na.
Both of them shared a tight hug.
Abhi stares at pragya nikhil too..

T,nikhil lets froget everything.she is really nice yaar.we answered all the questions together.
P,haan abhi.we are friends you too have to be friends.
Abhi is bit upset.but didnt showed it.
A,ok madam.both of you are matching perfectly. Hey na nikhil.
P,of corse abhi.both of them have half only in their its better to be together to them.
Tanu & pragya gave them a death glare.
N,lets go to canteen and have something.and there we can talk about our trip
P,what a surprice.trip to where.
T,itz not a trip pragya.itz a progect.practicle part of this test.we have to make a team and explore the forest.we have to select one animal and collect all the things about we have to spend few days in jungle.
P,how did you get to know this wolfy.are you kidding?
A & N,wolfy??

P,ha why.itz short form of werewolf.
N,that mean you know we are werewolfs.but how.
P,abhi only told that.jk yaar..
A,enough fuggy.that news is true.we have to do that project.
P,abhi pls catch me if i fainted.i cant belive this.oh god.we are going to explore the forest..
Pragya jumps with extream happy.
T,ha then four of us can work as a team.
A,ha but frist i want to talk to you.lets go to canteen.
N,about what.

A,frist come with me.
Abhi drags three of them to a place where no one can see them.
A,nikhil & tanu..listen.i know both of you are werewolfs.
P,abhi dont talk like this.they will hurt.sorry tanu.this idiot has gone mad.
T,no pragya he is correct.but how you know that abhi.i mean did you saw us.
N,pls dont let anyone to know this.we wont be able to surviwe.
Pragya is hell shocked.
A,hey guys relax.i wont tell this to anyone .

T,we dont know what is the sin we had done to be werewolfs.(crying)
Pragya wipes her tears.
P,dont worry yaar.just froger that.we are friends dont worry.letz faxe everything together.
A,guys look.i also had done sins to be a vampire..
Tanu and nikhil muted for few mins.
N,that mean we are in same boat.
A,ha my bro & sis too..this is our fate.what to do..
P,oh guys pls stop these sin talks.i am the one who have done sins to hear these silly talks.chill yaar.lets enjoy the life.good friends mean possibility to do anything.
Four of them shared a group hugg.
They went to canteen and shared everything with purbul & alu.

A,so tommo we are going to forest.

B,but di what about is not at home.i cant be there without you.
Prb,i ll take care of her.
Abhigya,alu,tankil looks him with a surprzed reaction.
Prb,wo bhai i just said we will taje care about her.alu & me.she can stay at our home na .
P,oh ho mera purab bachcho..what a kindness.anyway i also thought that.
Alu,till they are enjoying in the jungle we can enjoy @ our home.
Bulbul & aliya shared a hifi.
T,abhi is it okey to be in the jungle at day time.i mean for vamps its not good na
P,no wolfy.he sunlight wont come in to the jungle na.shadows of trees can protect him.
A,how you know that fuggy..
P,i saw it in my dream.
P,yep.but you didnt let me to tell my dream na.
A,sorry my sweet herat.itz a joke tell it to us
P,i ll tell you later.hey tanu tommo morning you come with nikhil to my home. Then with bulbul 4 of us can go to abhi’s house.

A,then we can leave for the exploring.jungle is just back to our home.
Before he comple the sentense a boy disturbs
Boy,excuse me guys.i m a mbbs for the practicle i need a team.may i join with you.
A,sorry yaar.already we’ve finalized our team members
P,itz ok abhi.let him join us.we can gave him all the heavy works.
(Pragya whisprng to abhi & blinks at takil)
A,but what will happen if he come to know about our screat.
P,let me manage it..i have a plan.
Hey you… you can join us.but cn you pls mention your name. I am new to here.
Boy,i am champak
Pragya brust in to laugh
A,hey fuggy dont laugh like this.he’ll hurt
P,his name is funny as him..

T,dont mind it champak.she is bit crazy.
C,but i like that crazyness.
(Abhi gave him a cold look)
P,if you want to join us you have to agree for few things.
C,ok anything. Tell me what.
P,we leave to jungle tommo have to bring this food list.
(Pragya wrote a list and gave to champak)
C,this much? For three days.but these are enough for one month.
P,so what.all are my fav s.if you cant pls find a another team
C,no no i ll bring them.what are the other things.
P,i ll tell them tommo okey.
C,okey.ill meet you at the class.and one more thing can i know the name of our team
A,we didnt desided it yet
P,no abhi.i desided.its Jumping Jalapeno Jackrabbits.
Everyone, what?????

P,itz Jumping Jalapeno Jackrabbits.why.. in short form tripple j.or JJJ.
eveyone laughs for her silly anticks.
A,what kind of name is that fuggy.very funny.
P,we are going to study about animals na. So that name is suitable for it.. Jumping Jalapeno Jackrabbits..
Guys lets say it together

Eveyone in chorus, Jumping Jalapeno Jackrabbits..

Precap champak, fuggy let me help you.hold my hand.

Choti u didnt hurt me yaar.what u said was perfectly right.i wont keep more hopes and trust him 100%.i gave him a second chnse for the sake of love.lets c.but this time i wont brake from myself for anything.its sad to here you too have same situation like me.but letz wait and let them to try again for our love.everything will be alright strong

Thanx di
loli(sorry sis not for commenting,but i read your i am free na.. i ll comment.)
vaishu(sorry baba.i didnt froget can i froget my cute vamp you sweetheart♥♥)
astha(you are a great attractive writter… i have requset.. i want an os from you.and dont froget you are not a boooring writtet and you are one of best writter that i love)
Emmy i missed you and your ff lot..

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    1. Suha

      They ll be positive… thanx rajesh.

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      Thanx you sweety..

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  11. I hve a doubt suba…pragya has seen the tanu and Nikhil as werewolves in her dream.but how it is possible when she doesn’t know about their truth.just now abhi revealed the fact……one more thing at least u would hv told us tht u r going to take a break….bcoz I fed up with searching ur ff…..

    1. Suha

      Hey… she dreamed bcoz abhi already told tanu as werewolf na.pragya thought it as a joke.but in her dream she saw it.. just a imagination. And one more thing.i dindnt wanted to make my 12th epi as a dream.but with the comments i thought to do so..

      1. Suha

        And really sorry for making you wait..

      2. hey don’t change story as u write u’s ff as u’s wish yaaaaaaaa
        we all supportive U
        u always rock it yaaaaaaaa

  12. Hi tina.. how r u..sorry late update.. last few days missed ur three angry on u….

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    1. Suha

      I am fine sugan….. you are so cute with angry mood.hahaha.. sorry yaar.. hereafter i wont have any break..

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      So sweet of you astha..thanx for accepting my req.

  15. Suha

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