Vampires Vs Werewolf(epi 13)


Choti….. thanx for not frogetting me.and riya thanx to you tooo…i have so many excuses for late updates.i went for a vaccation.yesterday only i came.and as i told my bf left me na.but he came back again.& i had to clear some problems.stillni cant trust him again.and i have anither reasone.this is festivel seson in our city… but choti i swear i read your ff without missing any letter.sorry for not commenting.i am back again..todays epi wont be interesting very much becose i.wrote this in hurry.. last epi pragya bcoms a vamp and abhi becomes a werewolf..
Here.. todays epi

Sarala ma, pragya get up i am getting late..i have to leave now.

P,ma how you came here. I mean you went to dadi’s home na.
B,di are you okey? What are you only ma going to leave us

Pragya jumped from the bed and stand infrnt of the mirror.she checks her face and teeths.
Then only pragya realized she was in a dream.

P,oh thank god i am not a vampire
(She hugs bulbul)
B,di what happened can you become a vam.are you crazy

S,bulbul let her be here.lets go to railway staion..

Sarala ma & bulbul went.. pragya took her phone and call abhi..
P,gd morning baby.
A,fuggy why are you calling me this much early
P,not early na.i saw a dream last night. Thatz why i called you.
A,oh my silly girl.for a dream you broke my sleep.
P,hey its not a odinary dream idiot.
A,then what.let me guess.if itz not odinary that mean it can be some thing like you are listing to lectures well or eating less or behaving like a human insted of monkey.
P,abhi.bad joke yaar.i wont say my dream
A,who said that itz a joke.i told that seriously.(teasing manner)
P,bye.lets meet at the school.i ll tell everyone that you are a bad vampire..
A,wait wait.fuggy..itz a joke yaar.
(But pragya already ended the call)

At eve..
B,di ma called me.she went there saftly.
P,ok bulbul(while reading a book)
B,what a miracle.are you studying.
P,haan why.i have an exm i thought to read this.
B,let me help you di.give me your book.i’ll ask some questions.
(Bulbul drags her book,then only she saw There is a magzine inside the book)
B,di what is are cheating me by kept this mid of your so called test books.
P,arey choti itz boring to study without only i read this funny magzine.lets go out.abhi will come to pick us.

When they both went out abhi came with purab.p
In the car.
A,are you ready for the test fuggy..
B,why not jiju she is.she studied lot.but not her textbooks.funny magzines.
Pragya gave her a death glear.

Prb,bulbul stop teasing her yaar.did you finished your home works.
B,yep.but not completly.where is alu.
A,she didnt came today.
P, she okey?
A,actually she is suffering from lack of blood.i gave her 6 blood pkts.but no use.she stay remain as a vampire only.saw we locked her in our dark room.
P,arey then why both are you comming to skl today.lets go to your home.we cant let aliya to be alone.
A,oh madam.i now you are trying to miss the exam.but no chance.she is safe at dark room

P,ok(with a pout)

At skl..
Purbul went to their classes.
Abhigya at their class…
Teacher, listen have to sit on your respective a pair in one desk both must be keep distance from each one can talk untill i collect the silently go to your places.i’ll bring qstn papers.
(Every one started to find their places as desks are arenged to a oder)

P,abhi….arey abhi..
A,shhhh.. dont talk yaar.ltz find our place.
P,i cant find it na.i looked every where.wait..
A,what are going to do fuggy.

Pragya looked everyside well And get on to a desk.
A,fuggy get off dont make me angry.if teacher see you like this she ll punish you.
P,you chup.
Good eve friends.. pls can anyone help us to find our desk.there is a name written there as abhi & pragya.

Abhi shouts, enough pragya dont be crazy too much.get down.

Teacher, exuseme Mr.Abhishek.could i know whatz going on here.why are you shouting at our new girl.(guys when abhi shouting,pragya get down.)

A,wo wo…

P,nothing wo wo.i just ask him to answer the paper well.
Teacher, then why he is shouting. There is nothing to shout na.
P,no mam.i asked him to answer my paper well.i mean if i ask something he have to help me na.thatz what i told. I swear mam.only that.and i told it in very low one heared that even.
Teacher gave her a death glare.but she didnt notised that bcoz she is looking at abhi.
P,see yaar.thatz why i told you she is very kind hearted teacher.

Tcher,abhishek you can sit at your previous place.pragya you have to sit in frist raw.. tanu let her to sit with you.

Pragya gave a oops reaction.
P,mam but abhi.. he wont be able to be without me.
Tcher looks at pragya with eyes which are burning with anger.
P,ok ok i go.bye abhi.

Abhi went to his place and sign pragya to face the exam well.. after few mins the exam started.
Abhi bent his head to the paper and started to write the answers.

T,hey pragya.can you hear me.
P,haan miss werewolf.why.
T,dont look at me and just answer me while writting.what is the answer for 5th Question.
P,if i show you it can you show me 11th part of second ppr.
T,of crs.
P,then lets write this together.

Pragya and tanu shared a hifi together.

Precap.. new friendships

Sorry for this booring epi.from tommorow onwards i ll make it more interest with new entry..

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