Vampires Vs Werewolf(epi 12)

vampires, i have to make a request.pls this is only for +18 vampires..and i am really sorry if this contain too much of such things… .
and i want to thank my vampy friends..
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Now itz night..
Pragya brings abhi to his house..
P,abhi you go to your room.i ll come with your dinner.
Abhi steps towards his room without uttering any word.
Aliya purab and bulbul looked at him with sad faces.
P,hey comeon guys.what happened to your smile.
Alu,di we cant live without our can we see him like a werewolf.
P,arey meri bachcho..i am here na.i swear.i’ll bring your bhai back.wait for tommo mrng .
Now have your dinner.. bulbul you sleep with aliya.i cant let abhi to be i ll be with him.
Pragya serve some foods to a plate which and went to abhi’s room.

When pragya opens the door,she saw abhi is standing infront of the mirror with tears.pragya hugs him from behind .but abhi broke the hugg and sat on bed.

A,stay away from me pragya.i am not your abhi now.see my scary it is.
P,hey dont froget.i am not pragya.i am your fuggy.abhi look in to my eyes.
(Pragya cups abhi’s werewolf face towards her)
P,i can feel your pain baba.but i can bring my abhi have to belive me okey.
A,no its impossible fuggy.i am okey with this life.but what will happen to my sis & bro..
(Abhi kept his head on pragya’s lap and cried lot)

P,now stop are a werewolf.but crying like a kid.get up you are my good boy na. Frist lets have i am going to feed you.
A,i cant fuggy.go and have your dinner.
P,then i also wont eat.
A,are meri ma..ok lets eat.
Pragya feeds abhi.
Then pragya ask abhi to be on bed and she went to have a bath.
After few

Pragya came to room with wearing a transparent silk night dress.abhi mesmerized with her beuty.
A,itz late night fuggy.go to bulbul and sleep with her. Dont worry.i am fine.

P,no you are not.i want my abhi this is the only way..
Pragya turns off the light and came and sit near abhi.and she caresses his rough face with so much love and about to kiss him..(imagine a cute girl kissing a large ugly scary werewolf)

A,no fuggy..this shouldnt be happen.pls leave me alone.pls..
Pragya cut off him with a lip lock.
(Sanam re plays in bg)
At frist abhi tried to push her but then he also support her with love and lust.
Abhi’s human characters begin to arise wth his feelings and imotions.. abhi hugs pragya tightly with his strong arms and kiss allover her body and tighten his grip in each and every kiss..
He makes pragya undress and put blanket over both of them.
P,take my virginity abhi.make me your forever.

A,you did this much scrifrice for me.this is more than enough fuggy.see now i am your abhi na
P,you also did a great sacrifice didnt thought about you even.i know your love.. and i trust you more than myself
Abhi holds pragya from her waist and pull her towards him as both of them shared same breath.they both looking at each others eyes with their unconditonal love(there neina plays in bg)
Something something something happens…ā™„

Next day morn..
Pragya wakes up before others come.and looked at abhi who is sleeping on her belly like a kid.she caresses his
Hair for few mins and kept his head on a pillow without dstrbing his sleep.and then she went to have a wash..

When she come out from the washroom by wrapping towel on herself..abhi is looking at her like a dumb..

P,abhi..abhi..are you okey.
A,ha ha fuggy.i am fine.
P,then why are you looking at me like that.
A,i am tasting your beuty fuggy.not only that your love,kindness…everything.
(Pragya blushing)
P,enough get ready before our bachchos see you like this.
P,why baba?
A,i want to marry i cant left you alone and i cant live even a second without seen you..
P,then what about my mom abhi.she’ll never let me to get married.
A,haan i can understand.but thanx for trusting me this you lot fuggy..
P,me too my cute werewolf.

A,i totally froget.where is our nikhil & tanu.
P,yesterday eve they have went to their homes.i am proud about you forgv them na. You are soo cute..
Pragya is about to kiss abhi..
A,bulbul..(looking at door)
P,arey idiot i know itz prank are trying to take revenge na.

Before abhi tell anything pragya gave him a kiss to his forhead.then she turns towards the door.
P,bulbul you?wo wo…
B,what wo wo..i didnt see any thing.i closed my eyes..(teasing manner)
Di lets go out.itz booring to be here.purab and aliya didnt let me to sleep yesterday night.and now they are sleeping.what to do.we are living here with vampires na..

Oh i frogot. Now you also one of them..poor bulbul..
P,bulbul we can go out yaar.No harm from sunlight to me.i tested it at not a pure vampire.i have tested mumy self.i can turned to a vampire when i want.i have long pre molars.blood thirsty..speed.. but no super powers and also no harm from day light..
A,you both carry on.i ll sleep lil more..
B,di lets go for a walk.
P,okey then lets go fr shopping.i want by some vegtbles too.
B,vegtbles?but why..
P,i am gonna cook for you all..and its my duty to make purab & aliya normal like you..
B,oooho.. wht happenes to my crazy you are talking like a responsible woman.lets go..
Abhi heared it and feels so happy about his fuggy..he again closed his eyes by thinking about ysterdy night.

precap accident & death

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