Vampires Vs Werewolf (epi 11)


Thanx my VB(vamp bro) for callin me as VD(vamp director) & thanx my vamp princess for calling me as vampire queen. Thnx my vampire readers for your comments & suggestions.AK i got these pics from inet.thanq slnt vampires for reading my ff.

Abhi lift pragya and ran to their house in his maximum speed.tanu and nikhil,aliyA,purab too followed him. But bulbul remained there becoz she has no super powers to run like them.but before passing a minute purab came and lift her..(janam janam plays in bg)
And he ran to their house..

Abhi kept pragya on his bed.her hand is still bleeding.then he covered the wond from his hands and closed his eyes for sometime.

A,no use of this guys. I cant heel her with my poweres.dont know what to do.she will turn to a werewolf now..

Bulbul is crying badly.tanu & alu try their best to console here

T,really sorry abhi.we didnt know anything about you.we thought that you are just only human.and nikhil my friend didnt do this skl we thought to take revenge from you for the thing happen in lab.but in the jungle it hppens bcoz his uncontrolble anger.we know itz same with vampires too.

Prb,leave them.just think a way to save di.she is not a vamp like us.she is innocent.

N,abhi there is a option.but i cant sure will it work..

A,whats it.tell me.hurry up.
N,i bite her hand na.then due to biological matters in my saliva will lead her to be a werewolf.but if anyone can take that matters out she wont be a werewolf.but she will die due to the soon as we take out that saliva one of your vamp have to bite her..and make her to be vampire. Thatz only the way to save her.

A,but nikhil we are not vampires when born.will she become a vampire after bite.upto now no one Turned to vampire after our attack.

N,arey idiot how can it happen.did you left drop of blood to live them.if you didnt suck each and every drop of blood human will turened to a vampire with your single bite.

B,enough pls stop your talking.her heart beat gets anything and save my di.

A,purab if something happens to me lookafter my choti.
Abhi kept his lips on pragya’s neck and bite slowly without herting her.few blood drops came out from her neck.then abhi wipes her blood which is in his mouth and pragya’s wond in her hand.he kept his lips on pragya’s woond and suck it for few mins(soo sorry if itz disgusting.imgne that woond without blood)

N,enough lets wait and c her reactions to this.

Abhi wipes her mouth and hold pragya’s hand with teary eyes
A,fuggy get up baba.i am bored here with this people.pls get up and make me smile with your crazy jokes..

Nikhil kept his hand on abhi’s sholder.
N,i am sorry abhi.i did…
Abhi cuts off him.
A,its fine yaar.i can understand your condition.purab take nikhil with you and put some medisines to his woods.
T,purab be here with bulbul.i ll treat nikhil.

After few mins..everyone hell shocked with the thing that they see..

Blood is comming from pragya’s eyes like tears with out stopping.and her heart beat becomes normal..
When abhi streched his hands to wipe blood on pragya’s eyes..

B,jiju look at whats going to happen.
A,why bulbul?
Alu,bhai your nails? They are growing long more than vamps.and Your face is covering with hair

Abhi also felt some abnormal within the next second he turned to a werewolf.he screams loudly and go to pragya’s bed.. and caresses her hair with his very large rough unplesent hand.
Bulbul huggs purab becoz she cant bear the things happening..
Then abhi looked at purab& aliya and ran out from the room..
Purab asked aliya to look through window.
Alu,why did he ran inside to jungle.
Prb,i think he want to be alone for some he is a werewolf.he need time to bear that.

Nikhil is about to follow abhi.
Prb,no let he be alone bro.he’ll be fine.
N,i cant sure that takes time to turn him as a man becouse this is his frist tm
Alu,how much time will it take.
T,may be a day,week,year,or he will be remain as werewolf forever.but if can take his vampire or human out he will be normal.then when he want he can be a werewolf.or vamp or human.

Alu,but how can we take his vamp out.

I can do that..

(Pragya get off from the bed)
Everyone get shoked to see her wth vampire teeths,long nails and dull face.

Bulbul ran to her and huggs her.
B,di you are back.
P,ha bulbul.i came for abhi.can anyone tell me which direction he went.

Purab show it to pragya and she ran to that side with much speed becoz she also can run as a vamp now.

She ran for hours but didnt saw abhi.then she sit under a tree bcoz she is bit weak due to the lack of blood.
Pragya pinned her head to the tree and looked at up. She saw abhi is on the top of tree..
Pragya climbs onto tree.abhi didnt looked at her
P,abhi.look your fuggy is came bake to make you smile with your crazy jokes.look at me na.

A,leave me pragya.every thing happened to you becoze me.i cant forgv myself for this.
P,arey stop your blabbering.look at no need of sticks to act like a i am already like you..
A,no fuggy.iam a werewolf now.
P,so what? I love werewolfs time i’ll try to be a werewolf.okey?so dont worry.what ever you are my love wont change.
A,i wont turn to a human or vamp again..
P,who said that.i will do that.itz dark now.frist lets go to home.
A,you go.i ll be here.
Pragya gives abhi a death glare.
A,ok ok i ll come with you.lets go..

Pragya turns to her normal look and drags abhi the werewolf to their house

Precap A,no fuggi this shouldn’t be happen.pls leave me alone.

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  1. Riyashri

    Awwww…….That’s soooo sweet of Abhi to do such a thing ……..It’s all your talent to portrait a character like this !! Love u Tina Di !!!! ??????
    For this update u deserve ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️??????????????

    1. Suha

      thanx vampy sis!!!! keep supporting.

  2. Suha

    *sorry.. at the begining it should be AF(arshifan).

  3. wow it like movie………………….

    1. Suha

      thanx di for commenting

  4. Its really crazy ya….i like pragya’s character and her love. I want to be like her. Combo of innocence and lot of love for dearest ones…each and everyday I m waiting for ur ff actually….i used to comment rarely…all the best for ur better future as a writer……

    1. Suha

      thanx kavi darling!! and thanx for commenting.. itz plshr to know that you love my ff this much..keep reading yaar

  5. Omg suha..its amazing yar…especially abhigya scenes i just love them…excellent writing and thats ok yar sometimes mistakes happen..keep rocking dear..

    1. Suha

      thanx AF.. comment from a perfect writer like you make me proud.. thanx again.

  6. Ammu

    Vampires writer..
    You are just awesome.
    So continue rock on

    1. Suha

      thanx ammu. waiting for your ff too..

  7. Oh my god oh my god now our innocent pragya turned to lovable vamp ah anyway it’s somewhat better tan werewolf coz in ur story I thk last one u SD na if a person change into werewolf thy can’t control their anger na bt wat happen to my abhi he s werewolf n vamp ohjjjj god it’s really interesting plzzz UPDATE AS FASTAS U CAN….

    1. Suha

      ok… i ll but.. but itz not fair to tell that,abhi is yours.he is mine too….
      thanx vampy for commenting.& keep reading

  8. i love this story pls update next epi soon

    1. Suha

      thanx for loving this ff priya..keep supporting yaar..

  9. Woww superb twist diiii cant wait fr nxt part love u loads diii muuaahhh?????

    1. Suha

      choti.. i am waiting for your ff.and i am restless untill read it. love you toooo my choti.. Muuuuuuuaaaahhhh♥♥♥♥♥♥

      1. I posted dii but not yet updated thank u fr loving it???

  10. Awesome tina!

    1. Suha

      thanx pinky keep supporting.

  11. when pragya is vampair and abhi is werewolf omg i am shocked… ur twist super..

    1. Suha

      thanx sugan! keep reading dude!

  12. I just love it dear…..
    Can’t wait for next part…..
    U r just a superb writer dear….
    Keep going….

  13. VarshaVenkat

    Sry for d late reply di……I juz now started reading all d ffs….forgive me again…..also wats prags ability???lyk , abhis is mind reading, alus is also mind reading….n purabs , I dunno ….is it dat prags is to heal others????it was a diff n interesting part….

  14. It was awesome what a twist I didn’t expect this

  15. Reshma Pradeep

    Wow!!! Superb

  16. Loli

    Omg…..Really its interesting…..waiting for your next episode eagerly…..

  17. Vaishali

    awesome awesome awesome tina dii it was really really amazing episode i hv read omg i dont hv words to say anything i am imagining all the events allr playing in front of me so see u after seeing this episode vampire queen and update regularly na dii pls

  18. superbb vamp queen…

  19. Lovely ff i get excited to read ur ff so sweet pragya and abhi r so cute and their love was unconditional pls update ur next ff soon i love to read ur other ff alien and operation liberation so awesome pls continue all ur ffs daily hav a nice day luv u God bless u

  20. Awesome

  21. Hey really want to say i don’t know say ur name 1st after i wil call u as pet name….ur ff was gud…not that much interesting change the track abi become lyk vampire it only superb…and pragya become lyk human…werewolf suits only for takil….i lyk vampire compare to werewolf….when u were created ur 1st ff did u remember that that is awesome i eagerly read it but now that curiosity missing change the track….this is my opinion being frank…

  22. Awesome yaar. Really you are talented… Could visualize the entire scene as u described it lively.

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