Vampires Vs Werewolf (epi 9)


This is for all my vampire readers!!! Dear aliens pls wait i’ll try my best update love from eternity asap.and pls forgive me my RAW agents.operation liberation is soing to be start soon..

Abhi sent a cab from cab servs to pick bulbul and pragya becouse he cant come out in the day time..
Bulbul and pragya came to abhi’s house. It situated in a area which is seems to be like a jungle.very remote area.but itz very greenish..

B,di its very lovely place na.perfectly matching for vampires.see their also like a old palace..
P,haan.i like this atmosphere.lets go inside.
B,but ask them to come coan we go to inside without informing them..
P,arey buddhu.just wait and c..letz surprice them.comeon yaar.
B,di you are really gone mad.

Pragya and bulbul entered from main door and closed it.. but there is no light insted of a dim candle light.pragya turns on assistive light in her phone
B,di lets go back. Itz scary know na i cant be in dark.
P,chup. I also feel bit afraid need of surprices.lets call them.
Pragya shouts saying abhi.. abhi..

No response..
P,arey where is this idiot.bulbul hold my hand.. lets go to upstairs.
B,are you mad di.i cant come with you.who knows whethere there are many more vampires.i ll be here. You go..

Pragya begins to step towards the staircase.
Next scnd bulbul heard loud scream of her di..and she saw that pragyas phone is falling from stairs..
Bulbul ran towards her…
Suddnly some dim lights turn on and abhi aliya & purab rushed to pragya..

B,what the hell have you done.look she is fainted.
Alu,hey itz just a prank ya.we arrenged to welcome you.but..
Abhi lifts pragya and kept her in abhi’s bed.
B,can anyone explain that what have you done.
Prb,calm down frist.we turned of lights to frighten you bit.but our cat jumped on to your di.that’s why she shouted.

Bu,now where is that cat.i want to see it.come show me.
Prb,why are you going to kill it.itz like my love.i wont show it to you.
B,arey stop your acting.i also want to see know what i love cats..

Aliya and purab took bulbul to show that cat..

Abhi noticed pragya is smiling and he got to know that she is doing fainted drama..

A,fuggy pls open your eyes.i cant see you in this condition.

Pragya smiles in her mind and continue her drama more.

A,itz ok fuggy..wake up when ever you want.but this will be a good chanse to me.. abhi started to unbutton his shirt..
Pragya jumped from the bed while staring at abhi.
P,oye wht are you think about your self ha.what did you going to do.
A,hi drama got up na.what a miracle.any way your acting is superb.
P,hey i asked you a question.what did you going to do..
A,hello miss pragya this is my room.i can do what ever i want.i thought to change my shirt.thats way i unbottoned this.whatz the problem in that..(teasing manner)
P,wo.. wo. Kuch nahi.. she is about to run from room. But abhi holds her wrist tightly and drag her towards him..and hugged her from her waist.then only pragya saw abhis bear body and strong muscles..
Pragya’s eyes widen with big wooow..

Abhi took his lips closer to pragy’s lips..(sanam re plays in bg)

P,bulbul..(looking at door)
Abhi brokE the hugg and turned to oppesite side.

A,bulbul actually i tried to check your di’s eyes becoz she told that one is paining.
After buttoning his shirt he turns towards the door.there is no bulbul.. even pragya also not there.

A,oh god.this crazy girl na.always pranking..

Abhi go to living room and he saw pragya with their cat..
P,abhi look he is very cute na.. purab told me that its name is blacky becouse he is totally black

A,ha now leave it alone..and come to my room immedietly.i am the owner of this every one must obey my words

Bul,pur,ali…(oops reaction)
A,hey just dont think too much guys.i asked her to come to study. Today night we have to sit for a test.

Ali,bhai..i want to go to hunting now.
B,how can now? Becouse itz day time na
Prb.,no problem in the jungle.shadows of the trees can protect us na.
A,ok then lets go hunting.but after studing..
Purab you have to make ready all the things for hunting.alu go with bulbul and make some thing to eat in the jungle.fuggy you come with me.

After every one left foe their duty pragya remain in standing like a dumb..
A,now what? Letz go fuggy..
P,no i can help me at the test na. You go & study.ill bring something to eat.
Abhi drags pragya and make her sit on the study table.
A,frist finish this.pls fuggy..
P.ok ok dont try to be my father..(with fake anger)
A,hey dont know na i am vampire ..
(Abhi makes his long teeths to come out)
P,(brust in to laugh) dont think that i ll fear at your Silly antics Mr.Abhishek .
Pragya come and sit on abhi’s lap..and she tried to pull abhi’s teeths with much effort.
A,stop it fuggy.. its paining yaar.
P,then dont forse me to study again.if you do that..i want spare your it..

Before abhi tell anything she ran to kitchen.

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    1. Suha

      arey are you bleaming me???? pls dont yaar..frist calm down..this is long na… i am really scared to read your only i didnt gave precap.i swear i ll write precap too.. hey rajesh try to do can talk directly..and i like that nature.thanx!

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  3. Ammu

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    Awesome acting done by Prags n awesome trick done by Abhi which made Prags to get up….lol….n I’m really sry for d late reply

    1. Suha

      hey no need to say sorry yar.i know that you will comment on me when ever you i always waiting to read your comments yaar.its lot to me..thanx dude

  14. Sabeenia

    Hey sweetheart. …….such a great episode…….by emmy

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      hey emmy what happened to you darling.. i missed you and your ff s lot… pls come bk wth your ff.. i am waiting for you my dear sweet sis

      1. Sabeenia

        Sure sweetie…..tomo my ff ll ter….don’t worry….am fine…..missed u alot

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