Vampires Vs Werewolf (epi 8)

Friends.. i am really sorry for short epis.. as you know i am writting three ff s… & i updated all of them itz bit difficult write long three ffs becoz i have my exms after one month.. so can you pls sugget a ff which you want to be regullar. Then i can update long epi of that.. and i then i can update other two ffs day by day.

love from eternity
Operation liberation
vampire story..

pls suggest wht should be regular..

Next day morning..
Sarala ma went to her dadi’s home.bulbul & pragya drop her at railway station & came to their home.

B,di.itz boorong to be here without ma.
P,me too..i cant study even without her.
B,are bechari.itz only bcoz you are so lazy.and if mom is here you cant get up from your study table na..
P,what ever it is i cant study without her..i have a test too.
P,ufffo..pls dont tell it. I know about your mad ideas.up to now your ideas are ideal only for creating problems.
B,di..lets go to jiju’s’ll be both can study together.ane i also can meet purab na.
P,hey are you flirting him?
B,me??? No way!actully i have to clear some subject matters with him
P,ooo i got it now.what is that subject?love na??(teasing manner)
B,di.. wait & c.i ll call mom now itself & tell her about your love
Bulbul took her phone and dialed her mom’s numb.
P,bulbul dont do that.pls..then i’ll tell purab that you have crush on him..

Call connected..
B,ma..i have to tell you something.
A,what?? Ma?? Arey it’s me.your jiju is here.
B,ma you know what.di is having an affair with boy.ha ya ya ma..itz are correct.
A,are you gone mad or what?
B,yes more thing..he is a vampire.i swear ma.he is a vampire.

Pragya sit on the floor with teary eyes..
Abhi thought it is bulbuls crazy prank.

B,di,ma want to talk with take this..
P,no i cant.what have you done can i talk to her now.
B,di take this.if not i’ll tell her that you also become a vampirE after be with him

Pragya took bul’s phone
P,mom i am sorry.i thought to tell you about this. But i didnt got time.pls ma.4give me.and i cant live without him.pls dont ask me to froget him.he is not a vampire.he is a kindhearted man.

A,hahaha (brust in to laugh)
Achcha fuggy? Am i good that much?
P,abhi thum..but how can it be possible..
This bulbul na.i scared lot..

A,she is really funny..
P,abhi shall we both come to your home.our mom went to we feel bored here.
A,when she will come.
P,may be after two weeks..
A,then i ll come to take you..pls pack your stuffs for two weeks to stay ll be fun.. within 1 hour i ll come..

Pragya ends the call and asked bulbul to get ready to stay there for 2 weeks

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  1. nice yaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. vampires n alien abhi

  2. Riyashri


  3. Vampire one

  4. Awesome episode dr

  5. Riyashri

    And Tina di I need all your writings regularly!! U know I am addicted to all of them!! And I am a bit selfish too…..
    :-D. Just joking Di it’s upto your convenience!! But whatever u post I would read it without fail!!

  6. Nice episode di….if possible update all the 3 regularly..all are awesome…

  7. Wow..its superb yaar…pls update large one…

  8. i want vampire story and love from eternity

  9. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    Operation liberation or the ethernity one. Do those two regularly. The vampire is good but not too good as the other two.

  10. It was awesome I want vampire regularly

  11. Vampire yaar

  12. Loli

    Tina di, I want vampire and love from eternity …..whenever you get free time you update it…..

  13. superbbbbbbbbbbbb write this only

  14. Honey

    I want Vampire regularly updates & I loved this episode

  15. i also want vampire story

  16. We want 3 updates but first is love from eternity and vampire

  17. Arshifan

    Superbb tina..very this ff..keep going..

  18. Awesome episode really sooooooooooo cute bulbul thn my choice s vampire story plzzzzzz update it long n regularly

  19. I want operation regularly….. but try to update all the 3 regularly….

  20. t too want a vampire dear. update it regularly. many voted vamp so tgis 1 is reg. cool epi

  21. Ammu

    Superb episode
    However vampires must be updated regularly

  22. Going well…after ur exam u wil update lengthy ff…i wil wait 4 ur long ff…

  23. It is super I can understand but it is ur choice but in my point of view it feel u can update vampire one

  24. super tina…

  25. I want wampires episode to be long one

  26. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb……I want the Vampire One…….

  27. Awesome…..I want vampire story….pls update it regularly

  28. Diii i love all ur ffs but i knw i can undrstand ur situation i love vampire and alien a lot so try to update both or atlest one and dii short or long does not mattr we jst want regularly???☺

  29. VarshaVenkat

    Well,I want love frm eternity n this story…..if u cant do both thn I want love frm eternity…..loved todays part….d way Bulbul gave shock to prags was superrr

  30. The episode was superb I really want all the 3 but I prefer vampire n love from eternity

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