Vampires Vs Werewolf (epi 6)


Friends…. thanq very very very much for yor lovely comments.. its my strength… thanx again and pls tell me my mistakes.. and avoid grmr mistks..i have to sit my advance lvl exm in 08.02.. i wrote this in hurry.. thanx again for your supp.. keep supporting..

A,why fuggy
P,like Romeo & Juliet
Superman & Supergirl
Tarzan & Jane
Pebbles & Bam-Bam
Cinderella & Prince Charming
Daredevil & Electra
Batman & Catwoman
RobinHood & Marion
Neo & Trinity
Edwad & bella
vampire abhishek & innocent pragya.. matching na??
n why not.itz perfectly matching after saying crazy insted of innocent.
Pragya makes a cute puppy face
P,bad joke abhi.letz go now.period is over.itz time to have break.
A,lets go to the canteen fuggy.i’ll introduse my bro & sis.
P,what are you going to eat.yesterday i saw blood packet in your bag
A,but you didnt asked anythig na.we can have normal foods fuggy.but blood is better.we took them from city hospital.
P,we mean your sis and bro also vamps.right?
A,of course they are.
Purab aliya and bulbul too joined them.
A,fuggy here is my brother purab and sis aliya.purab is doing engnrng and alu is doing art subjects.
B,hi purab hi alu.i am her one & only sis.bulbul.nice to meet you..
Prb,bhai did you told anything to here.
A,yes purab.from now call her as di..
Alu,wow i’ve got a know what di,abhi bhai is the every thing for us.he look after us like a father
P,then from now think you got a mother too..
Abhi was impressed with that sentense.aliya hugged pragya.but bulbul is watching them like a dumb becouse she dont know anything
She looks at purab.. purab also look at her same time with his long teeths..
B(screaming) ,di letz run…he is vampire he has long teeths. Dekho..
Every one burst out laugh..
P,hey bulbul dont shout.i know they are vamps.but they wont harm it?
B,han di but how we can sure.they are vampires na.they need blood.
A,haan bulbul.but we haven’t harm any human upto now.& we wont ever
B,ok jiju..but how this happens to you.are there any vampires more here..

A,no.itz only three of us.but there can be werewolves more.
B,werewolves?omg.. di pls pinch me.i cant sure that i am dreaming.
Pragya pinch bulbul with her long nails very hard
B,di are you going you want to pinch me or tear my skin.itz very painfull.
P,i did what you’ve told me to i tried my best to show that you are not dreaming..
A,fuggy you are still like a just come here
Abhi gave his seat to pragya and came btwen of bulbul & pragya.
B,thanx are better than her.she is the real vampire.always hurting me.see she took inche from my skin.
A,leave it bulbul.listen dont tell anything about us to anyone..okey?
Bulbul and pragya,ok boss!!
B,but jiju what happens to you all.
Purb,dont ask them yaar.bad memmos.lets go to class now. Bell rang..
Aliya,wait i also come with you..
A,shall we go fuggy..
P,no tell me about your past.we’ve finished that practicle na..
A,ok meri ma.
I had a lovely mom is a is a famous scientist.time well as my dad changes lot.he use us for his new experiment.the new one is making vamps.he used me ,purab& aliya for this.. though my mother tried to stop it she that time i am just 8,purab is 7 n aliya Is only 5 years old. He kept three of us in a dark room and didnt gave anything to didnt save us..but with the time i get to know that dad tied her inthe only he can use us na.
Aliya cried lot for asking food.after few days he passed something under the door to eat us but bcoz of darkness we didnt know whatz it.though itz taste was unplesent we ate them bcoz hungry.& there was a bottle with some we drank it to..time passed.same thing repeated..we used to have that food and drink.actually we addicted. After few weeks one man came inside to our dark room with candle.three of us were feared lot.he make us fainted.but i heard that he is enchanting some thing while holding our heads.we had no any idea about the day even.wether it is night or morning..we didnt know year,month even..
One day dad came inside. That time we didnt beg him to take us out.we preffer darkness.. that foods..
He tied our hands and make us drink some chemicals… what to do.we beared all the pains.. then he went letting us to be in dark.continously he gave that chemical to drink us.. again he stops giving foods to us.. we were in very hungry.. and angry too.. then once we saw the door of our room opens….actually till itz like a dream.old man pushed to our room by someonen.i saw it clearly becoz our eyes adapted to see in dark..aliya jumps on him and sucks his blood from his neck.not only her.i & purab also joined her.. then only i came to sense.i had long teeths.i killed an innoCent person..

Hey pragya what the hell are you doing.
P,i am listning to you na
A,i asked about this
P,ah this?? Itz nothing yaar..
A,listen fuggy, i know you love no need to express it in this way..
P,pls dont heel this ok.let it be here.whenever i saw my wrist i can see your name na.. now start your story.
(Pragya wrote abhi’s name in her hand with a pin)
A,this is the last time after dont do crazy things like this.i am always here with you.whatz the need of hurting yourself to writting my name in your hand.
P,arey enough..if you shout more i’ll cut my neck and kill tell me your story.
A,this fuggy na.. idiot..
Then i saw our dad standing behind that dead body with a wide smile.before i stand to hit him some one hit him from behind.. itz non other than my mom..she continously hit to his head.he died on the spot.. i hugged my mom..
She told that my dad was suffered from mental desease.she asked us to forgive him for the sin he has done by converting us in to vampires.. and the man who enchanted is a person who doing black majics.he was the one who gave us powers….. my mom explains everything.but unfortunatly she also died.may be she died bcoz she cant see three of us in that condition..
Government paid our dad monthly and continously we had it..when we need blood we used to hunt the very beging we hunt human too.. but not we are stealing blood packets from city hospital.we cant see the day light..itz bcoz we get used to Be in dark.. thatz my story fuggy..

Hey fuggy… fuggy… oh god…she is unbelivble..
Pragya is keeping her head on abhi’s sholder and in she is in a deep sleep…

Credit to: tina(suha)

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