Vampires Vs Werewolf (epi 4 & 5)

Thanq friends for your support.. i am updating this becoz i love my self.. some one warn me that they’ll kill me if i not updt this.hahaha.. so two epis are here for you…

B,di how was your know what.i love this city i love this skl.. i love that bo..
P,that what?
B,wo wo nothing di..tell me about your class na..
A,he he he..i escaped from my boring lecture.we had great time sweety.we beated gangsters,eat panipoori & talked lot..
B,we mean?how you escaped..
P,we mean me and superman.he hit 6 men at once.
B,oh then you’ve met your hero in frist day ha?tell me who is that..
P,he is just a friend only ya..he looks soo handsm.tall..fair..strong arms,beard,nice hair cut.wooow.& charm.he is non other than abhishek.
B,congratz’ve fall for him.i got it from your words.
P,dont know why but i want to be with him always.anyway letz go soon.i am so sleepy.but what about your class.
B,nothing interesting di.can you remember that dull boy.we sw him in carnivel.his name is purab.he is in my many times i smile with him.but he stears at me like draqulae.
P,ha ha ha..very funny
Pu,bhai why are not talking as other days..
Alu..wait i’ll tell..(alu discribe every thing to puran with mind reading)
Pu,these girls na.always try to catch boys…you know what today new girl came to our class.. she always looking at me..i steared at her.but she didnt stopped. But thanx god classes get over at perfect time.if she looked at once mOre i thought to show her my long premolars(teeths)
A,but dont do that yaar..any way what will we do today night.
Alu,lets roam here and there like others days we did..vamps cant sleep at night na.
Tanu’s dadi. Tanu what have you done.. here look today’s headline.
A shocking news.. man died in the street and seems to be like he’s blood has been sucked by abnormal creature
What happened tanu.
T,sorry dadi.. nothing i control my self at such a condition.
..tanu was on the way back to home.some men are walking towards her.(same men who disturbs pragya)..they told me some bad things.i tolarate as much as i can..but one man came to touch me.i turns to werewolf didi.and i sucks his blood.others ran.

Dadi,did anyone recognized you.
T,no itz dark one saw me..

¤¤¤¤ nxt day eve,
Sarala ma,beti please be carefull when you comming back.i saw theres a news about abnormal creature.
P,are ma… who cares them.i will tell super man to drop us.
Ma,who is that.
B,her new friend ma.. i also know him.good hearted boy..we are leaving ma.take care..
Both of them rushes to skl.
Pragya came to class but till abhi didnt come. So she went to their seat and wait for abhi. Tanu cames take sit there.
T,exuse me..can you move bit?
P,hey werewolf.cant you see this.its written in big letters.Abhi & pragya only cam you come inbitween us..go go..if not i ll inform all that you are a werewolf.
Tanu is hellshocked after hearing that.
T,who told you that?
P,who friend abhi.. he putting names to know what..i am his fuggy.& he named you as werewolf..
Tanu feels calm after hearing that,itz only a joke. Then she left to another seat.but she felt doubt about abhi..

After few mins abhi came..
Prayga was in cloud nine after see him. He too..
P,hey idiot. You are too late na..
A,haan fuggy.i went to buy these things for you
P,oh chewinggums? But why.
A,why?? Are you planing to miss today lessons too.. you wont feel sleepy. Have this..and let me learn..
P,very bad ya.that werewolf is better than you..
A,dont call her like that pagali.she will hurt na..
Teacher came to class..
Teacher,letz go to lab. Make in pairs and here is your assignment.complete this and handover to office.i wont be able to be with without making any trobles finish this.. hurry up.
All went to the lab.pragya holds abhi’s hand.
A,why fuggy?are you scared at any thing.
P, are my friend na.if you go to pair with any other..thats why i am holding your hand.
A,still like a are my best friend and i only pair with you. Got it.. now lets do our practicle
Abhi and pragya sit on there practicle table. Tanu didnt got any girl to be pair. There is a one boy left.
Boy,sure.. i am nikhil..
T,i am tanu..
N,how was last night.i’ve asked about the taste of blood.
T,(with wide smile)i felt your smell.that mean you too a half man half wolf..
They shared a hifv.tanu explains nikhil what pragya had told.
N,leave it yaar.that abhi is dumb.he dont know anything..itz only their dont mind them.but i hate abhi..he is such a swollen headed fellow.
T,pragya too..
N,we’ll teach them a lesson.lets show human cant show attitude to us.
T,letz do this now..
They start to do practicles.

A, that carefully..these chemicals are dangerous.take this write the report.i’ll do this.
P,no i want to do this.i love to observe chemical reactIons.
Abhi to himself ,what are you doing with this crazy wont get any single mark for this practicle.
P,hey what are you blabblering. Dont worry.we can have all the marks.
Pragya is holding a pippet in one hand and flat bottom flask in other hand.. wind blows and her hair fallen on her face.Abhi is busy with writting down reports..
P,Abhi… abhi…
But abhu didnt heard it..then pragya hit his leg by her leg..
A,auch…idiont why did you hit me. Itz paining yaar..
Then abhi looks at her face.then he smile to himself.he took pragyas hair and pinned it back of her ear.
Both of them shered a cute eye lock.(sanam re plays in bg)

Pragya screams loudly.. then only both of them come to send..
P,abhi do hand.. oh god its burning..
Nikhil is standing near pragya and he saw thumb up to tanu..
Suddnly whole class get shock with the sound come..yeh.itz a perfect slap.. from abhi.
A,how dare you to do that.. look at her did that intentionally.
N,hey calm down man.itz just a mistake.wait i ll say sorry to her. Actually when i comming with this Test tube of Highly concentrates HNO3,mistakenly it falles on her.
A,dont lie nikhil.i wont spare you..i’ll kill you.
Abhi hit him very badly.tanu tried to stop it.but failed.
P,abhi.pls stop it yaar.
Abhi then stops and came to pragya and hold her hand.and he begins to blow on her hand..
A,lets go outside fuggy.if not i cant control my self
P,haan lets go.wait i ll bring some cream from frist aid box.
A,no need,come with me..
Pragya fallows abhi.
P,abhi he made a mistake na.why did you hit him that much.
A,no fuggy.he did it intensionly.i saw it from his eyes.i cant see your pain..
P,hey i am the one who get injured.but you are the one who crying..
A,haan this the frist time i cried you know what.. i didnt cry even when my mom & dad die. But today i felt that i cant bear your pain.
Pragya huggs him tightly.
P,you know what.i to missed my dad.his love.his protection.but when you are with me,i ‘ve secured with your strong arms.
A,fuggy.. sorry.i hide one thing from you. Dont know what happens after i say this.but i cant hide this anymore.
P,what’s it abhi. Just tell me.what ever it is i’ll never leave you.
A,frist give me your hand..
Pragya kept her hand on abhi’s hand.abhi covered her wood with his hand..
P,hey wht are you doing.i feel very cold there.woow..pain is gone off.
Abhi took his hand from pragya’s woond.
P,omg abhi where is that did you heel that.i cant belive.
She checked her every where and abhi’s hand too..
P,where is that wond.are you a magician..what ever it is.. superb..pragya huggs him tightly.
Abhi broke the hug and turned oppesite side to pragya..
P,what this the thing you hide. Bolo na.
Abhi turns to pragya’s side..
A,fuggy. I am a vampire.
Then only pragya saw his long teeths..

Pragya was hell shocked.she didnt utter any word..she ran from there with out looking back even once.
Abhi sat on the floor.
A,may be she get scared at me.
What to do.i am such a creature na..
Then he felt some one huggs him from back..
A,pragya thum?you ran from here na..
P,yes..becouse i cant bear this i ran around the ground..abhi… you know what..i am so so proud to be a friend of reaveled your self to me. Ithna trust..woow…. i ‘ve got a vampire.. thanq god..(pragya screams loudly)
Abhi closed her mouth.
A,dont shout yar.if not everyone will get to know this.
P,abhi… i think this is the perfect time to reavel my truth too…
A,what your’s.
P,frist promise me that you never leave me..
A,i cant do that fuggy…
This time pragya turns other side.after few scnds she turns towards abhi.
Pragya is having two sticks on her lips like teeths..
P,i love you my sweet vamp..can you accept me as your Mrs,vamp…
(Those two sticks are fallen when she open her mouth)abhi laughed at her childish act
Before she utter anyword abhi huggs her. .
A,i never thought that i’ll fall for human girl..even in dream.
P,but one day i saw a vamp asking for my heart in a dream.from that day i was dreamed only about vamps.
P,haan will you love me? Will you marry me?will you make me a mom?
A,of course fuggy.i’ll. And i love you lot.but frist lets finish that practicle..

Precap nikhil plans to take reveng from abhi.

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