Vampires Vs Werewolf (epi 3)


I’ve changed the title friends.. hope you don’t mind that.itz me.tina(suha)

Next day evening
Purab,bhai sun already set we can go to collague..

A,purab wait. Keep this with you.aliya you too take this.

Alu,woow packet of blood.thanx bhai..

A,keep this with you.we have to deal with human itz better to have this with you.letz drink this before reach the collague.
Here purab you have an extra one.O+ blood.your fav na

Alu,bhai but i didnt got 2..itz not also having another one from your fav AB+.

A,itz your punishment alu.yesterday you’ve broke the you will get only one.

Keep in mind kids..we cant harm humans okey.if you feel hungry we can steel these packets from city hospitAl na.but not always. Like once a week.and we must get use to eat foods like humans.

Alu,lectures r letz will be booring day.vaccations are over..

Trio left to collague.alu and purab had their blood packets and abhi had only one.

In collague.. abhi drop aliya and purab to their respective classes and went to his class.abhi is doing MBBS.

In the class.. abhi sat in his place and started to read some notes.actually he is a wise,intelligent,smart book he didnt care about other students in the class..
Suddnly a wind blows and abhi’s notes went here & there.he bend to grab his notes.. he saw someones coming in to the class.but itz not his he slowly get sit and get shoked with what he seen..
Abhi to himself..( pragya?? How she came to here) he was mesmerized by pragya’s simple & charm beuty.

Pragya directly came to abhi
P,hi abhi..can i sit here.there is no another seat here.
Abhi didnt utter a word and continously looking at pragya’s eyes..he didnt move even.. sanam re plays in his mind…
But after few mins he came to sense with pragya’s scream.
P,arey idiot..let me sit here yaar.lecture will come now.

A,wo wo.. sit problem at all.
But abhi didnt move to give here any space..
P,hey what are you doing.i cant sit on your legs..move bit.
Then abhi realized he is looking at pragya like a dumb..

A,sorry fuggy..sit here..
P,fuggy? Is that me. I am pragya yaar.not fuggy….
A,actually when you are smiling your cheeks get filled with blood like only i called you fuggy.that name is cute as well as you.
Pragya blushed but didn’t show that..

P,i am not going to blame you becouse you helped me once.but i warn you.if any one call me in that name i wont spare you
A,ha ha(in teasing manner) what will you do then..

P,i.. i..i will suck your blood from your neck(pointing abhi’s neck)

A,seriously?you looking like a vampire.

P,arey chup yaar.itz only a joke.there is no one like vampires.itz just only a imagination.anyway nice to meet you again. Friends??(pragya gave her hand)

P,your hands are very cold yaar.
A,itz normal fuggy.since childhood itz same..lecture lets consentrate now

After few mins… new girl came to before abhi didnt saw her.but pragya saw her and pinched abhi.
P,abhi look.. she is looking for seat.
Shall i call her here.
A,it smells like a werewolf.omg…whats going to happen
P,sorry.. i didnt got you..werewolf??? Very are clever at naming others huh?i am fuggy.she is werewolf.but why did you put that name..she is not that much ugly to call her as werewolf.
A,arey fuggy..cant you keep quite even for a miniute.
P,why are you scolding me?you are the one who name her as werewolf.shall i ask her to sit here.
A,no pls dont do that fuggy..pls just let her to sit any where else..
P,ok then..

That girl is non other than tanu.she sat in the frist raw.
After few mins.. abhi is really consentrating on the lesson..
P,abhi… abhi.. are you there. I am very sleepy me a favor.if lecture saw me please pinch me i am sleeping.
A,fuggy get up.if he saw you he will punish you..
P,then i’ll punish him for teaching at this dare he to do classes at night

Lecture,hey you to.. whatz going on there.
A,wo nothing sir she just asked me a question from this lesson.
Lecture,okey then pragya you tell me what is the question you asked from this lesson.
Pragya didnt hear the lesson from she didnt got any chance to lie becoz she dont know the lesson even.
P,sir i asked about what happens if blood go through the heart only one time in the circulation.. usually in human’s blood go through heart twice na..
Whole class laugh at her..
Lecture,abhi tell her that today lesson is only about harmfull microrganisms.not about blood circulation
A,what you have Done fuggy.
Lecture,abhishek get out and stay one hour.i dont like liers.pragya you are such a idiot to ask that type must stay here but you you cant sit..
P,sir i am really sorry.i have pain in my legs..if you dont mind can i sit.
Again all students laugh loudly..
Lecture,both of you get out..and no classes for you today. Letz meet tommo.

Both abhi and pragya went out..abhi was in anger but pragya was in cloud nine.
P,thanx abhi.that lecture is really boring.makes me sleep only
A,dont talk with me now.i have to wait untill my bro and sis come.
P,i also have to wait for my sis.. till then lets go to dhaba and eat something.
A,fuggy i am really in anger.dont increase will be dangerous.
P,very funny..but i am not afraid ya..come lets go.
Pragya holds abhi’s hand and start to walk.abhi’s anger get disappeared.
A,you are really crazy fuggy..always kidding.anyway you missed today’s lesson to..
P,arey comeon..we can take notes from that warewolf na.. hey look there is a dabha.letz go there and eat panipoori.
Both of them went to dhaba and abhi asked pragya to sit untill he brings something to eat..

Suddnly some men came to there.and they started to say bad jokes to pragya becoz she is the only woman there.
P,hey what did you said huh? Can you say that again.
Man 1,Ooo.. lady are very pritty with this anger.come and sit with us..lets eat something frist.
P,how dare are you to call me to sit with you huh.
One man came and hold pragya’s hand Tightly.and about to slap her.. but some strong hand stops him… abhi drags pragya to him and and they shared a romantic eye lock..
Allah wariyan plays in bg.
Both of them come to sense when one man hit abhi’s head with a bottle.
A,pragya keep my bag with you and close your eyes.dont open till i say okey.
P,pragya closed her eyes with both hands like a kid and abhi smilled looking at her. In next second he hit all the men who disturbs pragya..after hitting he sign all of them to run
A,now open your eyes fuggy.they’ve gone..
P,woow…you are my super man.
Pragya hugged abhi tightly.
A,fuggy wait i ‘ll come after washing my hands with foods..
P,sure.. come soon.
After abhi left abhi’s phone began to ring. But its in his bag so pragya put her hand to his bag she took blood packet out side..
Blood packet..sometimes this may be for a test.what’s up to me.

After few mins abhi came with foods and they had their dinner.. untill collague ends they shared everything like best friends.. they become best best friends..
A,so fuggy lets meet tommo.. i have to go to car now.
P, i also have to go to my sis’s class to pick her . So gd ngt my super man.
A,good night my lady beam..
Both of them were left..but thoughts about each other didn’t left them.

Precap shocking news,man died in the street and seems to be like he’s blood has been sucked by abnormal creature

Friends… thanxfor cmmenting yaar.. and also thanx for wishing me to get well soon.. now i am i’ll post love from sky too..

Credit to: tina(suha)

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