Vampires Vs Werewolf (epi 20) last part

Episode 20 friends… thanx for your comments..i replyed to all og them.if you have time read them.. varsha you are angry with me right?? I know that you didnt like champak’s part.sorry yaar..emmi i missed you lot sis.hope you are fine..

Its evening now..sun rays are strong enough to make four of them uncomfortable.but due to the tiredness they slept ignoring the heat.
But pragya opens her eyes becouse she felt they are under a shadow… then only she recognize eagle.
P,guys getup.hurry up.we are in a danger.
T,hey pragu pls dont prank this time.
P,no wolfy look at the sky.itz aiming us.
Then abhikil get up.tanu too

A,omg this a open area of this jungle na.seems to be a river is near by.
P,what if this water way go towards the river.then i am damn sure we’ll die.
N,guys look.that eagle is comming to us.
T,it didnt identified us mistaken this mush room as a animal bcoz this is moving.
P,even god cant save us now.(huggs abhi)
Tanu too huggs nikhil.
T,nikhil this may be the last scnds of my live.but i must tell this before leaving the world.i love you.i really love you.i thought to confess my love after reaching our home. But bad luck.we are going to die here.
N,i love you too tanu.what ever happens i love you to the core.
Abhigya looking at them with teary eyes but suddnly abhi broke the hugg and started to search something.
P,what are looking for.
A,your teddy.. give it to me. Hurry up.
P,itz under our bag.i kept it there to save it from water.
A,fyggy i am sorry..i ll give you a teddy bigger than this. Nikhil come dude. Help me to throw this to sky.
No one had idea about the thing abhi going to do.pragya kissed her teddy onece and handed over to abhi.

Abhkhil throw pragya’s teddy to sky.within a Quater second eagle came,took it and left the mushroom.
N,oh man what a great idea is that.
A,but it will come again. Before that we have to reach the rever guys.then it cant hunt us.
P,let it eat me. I dont want to go anywhere with my can i sleep without it .
A,sweety pls try to understand.i will give another teddy froget it now.
P,no i never froget that(paut face)
T,guys again aiming us.
N,speed of mushroom is very slow may due to the wait of our stuffs.
A,fuggy took hAlf from our foods.wolfy took one extra cloth for evry one throw others out.

After did so… mushroom staeted to flow speedly.eagle is comming towards the mushroom again.

P, abhi.. no…(screaming)

Abhi jump to the stream to make mushroom speed.

T,pragu dont cry be strong. Look he is swimming behind us..

There wasn’t 1 centimetre distance among mushroom and eagle..mushroom fallen to the river..

Few minute silance….

Abhi came out from the water and hang on a grass..
He saw tanu is stugling with water to save her life.she is comming towards abhi..abhi shout at use becoz sound of water is louder than his voice.
Abhi left the grass and went to tanu and cought her.and brought her to the grass.
A,wolfy hang on..till i find others.
T,abhi look my nicky and pragu is there.(pointimg the mid of river.they are hanging from a rock)
A,wait bro..i am comming.tanu lets go to ground frist.
P,abhi hurry up.cant be here more..water waves are Strong.
A,trust me fuggy.i am comming.
Tanbhi get on the ground.
A,bring grass leaves as much as possible.i ll tie them with each it quickly.
They make a rope using long grass leaves as soon as they possible.
A,i ll tie this in this tree(itz a small plant to us but to them ita a large tree.)you too hold from here.

Abhi tied itz other coner over his body and jumped to the river..and with nuch difficult he swam to the prankhil.

A,nikhil hold me untill i untie this rope and tie it on this rock.

Abhi tie the rope over the rock
A,nikhil you go frist.i ll come with fuggy.
N,no yaar you both go frist.i can make sure then this rope is strong enoughfor you both
A,ok bro.fuggy get on to me and hold me tighlty.
P,(crying)no abhi i cant come.i ll no no.i wont come.
A,meri jaan..look at my eyes..
Pragya looks at abhi.
A,do you trust me
P,ha abhi.more than me i trust you.
A,then listen.untill i live i never let you to get pls get on.i will take you to are my sweety na(kissed pragya’sforhead)
With the help of nikhil pragya get on to abhi’s back.. and she hold abhi from his waist.

(Do you know guys.till pragya didnt left food bag)

Abhi begins to cross the river using rope which is among tree and rock.sometimes water go over him.but he never let water to go over pragya.he manage to bear his fuggy even with very strong water waves.sometimes he was under the water for long seconds even.but he didnt show his difficulity to pragya..

Anyhow they manage to come land.. pragya get off from abhis back and make him sit..
P,nickil we came. Come now..
Nikhil too came safetly and tanu huggs him
N,thanx abhi you’ve saved my tanu & me too..
Abhi stand up up gave him a light slap.
A,idiot no thanx among are more tham friend to’ve saved my fuggy too…
Four of them shared a group hugg.

Four of them sat for a while.
T,its very cold na..
Where we going to stay now.

N,friends lets go back to jungle.we’ll be able to find a hollow befor night.
P,nicky dont ask me too three go.i am really tired.
T,me too baba.pls lets be here for today.
A,lets make a fire ll be safe.

They make fire using rubbing sticks..snd eat snacks as dinner.

A,you three sleep frist..i ll gurd.then i ll call you nikhil..

N,okey abhi.

Tanu and nikhil slept on tree leaves and us grass flower beds as pillows.
Pragya kept her head on abhis lap and closed her eyes while holding from abhi’s t shrt like a kid..
Abhi cares her hair and make her sleep with love…

Precap abhi, dont dare to touch her.who are you.are you the one who done all these things.

guys… frist season is end now… so i’ll come back wth 2nd if you like.. pls tell me if you dont like fantazy this much… love you all .. take care… i will come to you with second season if you really like my stupid thinkings… bye sweetooooos… tc

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