Vampires Vs Werewolf (epi 19)

Hi friends.. thanx for commenting..i got a crazy fan who read my ff hiding under blanket.cute na.then i got my choti,vamp bro,vamp princess,riya♥(lovely crazy sweet sis),Arshifan the great,monesha,abhigya,sugan,prathi,di,pavithra,kalai,durga,billu,vigan,kavya,bhoomi,lakshmi,sonika,deepika,abhigya,keerthi,prabhi,astha(dont mistake me.i didnt got time to read althe os fr this two days.did you posted anyone.pls inform me sweety.pls..i am really waiting to read it,rosy,kavi,ammu,lakshmi,kristy,myna,durga,sweety,dimple,pinky,reshmA p,loli,nirmal,vishu,alan,divchan

N,lets get out from this friends and letz dzcz to do something.
P,no nikhil.we cant cnfrm that cobra has left us.lets wait bit more.
A,no fuggy it wont come now.may be later it’ll lets move from here.

Four of them came out from the trunk.
T,guys if i am correct we missed the way back to whole we came out.
N,yup are correct.
P,omg now how can we go home.we are just like can we go out from the forest’ll taje our lifetime & what about the pedarators.
A,fuggy dont think that much.everything will be fine.
P,no abhi..
Pranu sat on the flore with upset moods.
Abhi blinks @ nikhil.
Both of them began to sing a song to cheer up girl’s mood.abhnikhil dance to the song..(jungle beat)
Out in the jungle everything’s strangle
Creeping vines grab your feet and hold you tight
(oh)There’s a snake in the tree, nipping at your knees
And you walk like a tiger in the night
It’s the beat of the jungle
The call of the wild telling you to follow if you dare (oh, oh, oh)
So you know it’s not why you’ve got your eye on the prize
But a sound told your heart to beware
The beat of the jungle
Here in the jungle be on your guard
When you think that adventure’s all around (oh, oh)
It’s the thrill of the chase, the excitement of the race
You can never know what danger that may be found
It’s the beat of the jungle
The call of the wild telling you to follow if you dare (oh, oh, oh)
So you know it’s not why you’ve got your eye on the prize
But a sound told your heart to beware(Repeat)
The beat of the jungle
The beat of the jungle
The beat of the jungle

When song come to end all were dancing while holding their hands.

Suddnly a large water drop fallen near pragya but in half of scnd abhi drags her to his side..
T,abhi look there is another drop comming to you.
Abhi holds pragya’s hand & ran here and there to escape from rain droplets.nikhil & tanu too.
A,guys lets find something to hide.we cant be under the grass bcoz when water drops fall on them too and they are not strong enough to save us from water.
P,abhi look mushroom is there.

Four of them ran under to mushroom.

T,hey i’ve never dreamed even to be under mushroom to escape from rain drops.
N,me too wolfy.but this microEnvironment is really wonderful.i mean itz great.
Abhi looked @ pragya bcoz she cant keep quite for this much time.abhi saw she is shivering due to the cold.he undress his jacket and make it wear to pragya and hugg her tightly.
A,feel better now?
P,hmm.(kept her head on abhi’s chest and they both sat in same position.
T,pragu if you need blanker here it is.
N,dont take those stuffs out.we cant stay here for long time.
A,ha he us right.we have to find somewhere to stay.after this rain stops lets move from here.
P,abhi what will happen if this water drop fall on us.
A,its 4 or 5 times larger than us we cant bear that weight.
P,how can we go bck we becomes this much small.
A,i also dont know fuggy but we have to wait and see whats going on.
T,guys rain has stoped.but there is a problem yaar.
A,omg what to do now.

Thery were under mushroom na.but now due to the rain eveyware is filled with water..

A,idea..lets use this mushroom as boat.then we can reach to some otjer place.then we no need to walk even.
P,great idea.but i’ll be difficul to pick this from soil.

T,no baba.we are 4 lets try together.
Girls are digging boys are pulling..after an hour they took mushroom from soil..

N,wait i ll cut bit from itz trunk.then guys lets turn it upside down…(hope u can imagine)

They turned it upside down and push it to water.
A,fuggy wolfy you both get in..
P,wht about you both.
A,we will hang from two sides.becose we have to maintain the balance and direction
P,but wont safe.pls get in
T,han nikhil dot take risk.pls get in

A,arey fuggy nothing will happen.i ll hold tightly.
N,yep girls if not this mushroom can fall get in.

Pranu get in to mushroom and sat.
A,wolfy you hold from itz trunk.fuggy you come this coner.
P,okey but you have to hang near me okey.
A,okey meri ma. Nikhil lets go..

They started to go.abhi and nikhil hnging from the two sides.pragya is continously looking at abhi’s face and she gave him a kiss to his hand…(samjeewan plays in bg)

Mushroom begins to flow fastly.sometimes water go even over from abhi & nikhil.but they bear each and every pain to comfirm their girls security..

When the depth of water decreased abhikil get in to mushroom.. and the lies on it..abhi closed his eyes for a while becouse tiredness.nikhil too… tanu also lies near nikhil..

Pragya wait untill tanu close her eyes and gave a kiss to abhi’s cheeks.abhi opened his one eye &
P,have a rest honey..(while hugging abhi and resting her head on abhi’s chest)
Everyone fall in sleep.

Precap eagel attack to poor mushroom

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    Superb fantasy. I loved it a lot

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    Super…awesome…but no nothing should happen to abhigya..i wish they will be safe…love it sis…keep rocking..

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      hi angita.. most welcome to our vamp
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  9. You are a awesome writer di I love u so much really I love you and your ff to the core I can imagine each and every scenes actually one time I also saw ur ff by covering blanket but I caught by my mother you know who saved me you only saved me di actually I make my mom to read the joke in ur ff then my mother didn’t scold me now she also reading your ff.I love to have di so i am thinking you as my di I love u a lot di

    1. Suha

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      wooow did your ma liked my ff.great na…
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    awesome diii superbbb muahhhhhhh loved it a lot dii it was very interesting dii u can call me anything dii as i dont hv sisters i consider u as my elder sis superb dii love u a lot waiting frur next episode

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  12. Oh my god it’s really awesome n superb yaar…. It’s amazing episode yaar

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  13. Itz eagle vamwolfy check ur precap some spelling mistake itz k no pblm i understood the word..vamwolfy 2day ff is gud…i enjoyed it and happily read it..vamwolfy

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  16. Lovely Crazy Sweet Sis – Me ……….That was a Cute Description for Me !! Thanq CreaTina !!! Again u Rocked this update with your Creativity !!! Keep Creating !!! CreaTina Rockzzz!!! Love U Tina Di !!

  17. Riyashri

    Forgot to add aomething Tina Di………..
    Perfect Montage !!! Amazing Song !! Magical Writing !! All together CreaTina is Awesome to The Core !!!

    1. Suha

      hi my LCSS(lovely crazy sweet sis)….. thanx sweety…i am in cloud nine when reading your comments everyday… actually i am waiting to read your comments… thanx sweet heart… and thank god giving me this my lovely sis… take care darling

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    Wow Suha enjoyed the song… And Mushroom ride you have got one hell of an imagination loved it ?Vamp Director

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  19. Woww wat an imagination diii love u loads?????and sry fr late cmnt sry☺

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  20. nyz jungle beat. boy r so caring. precap is scaring…….waiting for next epi

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  21. Wow!!!! u r really a great writer.todays epi was amazing.

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  22. Omg.. What an amazing story…. Waiting for the next update…. Can’t wait long yaar.. ???

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  23. Wow really interesting that mushroom part …keep it up dear love it n u sis

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  24. awesome…

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