Vampires Vs Werewolf (epi 17 & 18)

Friends i am really of my relative passed away.i didnt went to the funeral but my mom dad i didnt got chance to update.. and thanx thanx thanx for the every one who commented.thanx for the kindness.
Di hope you’ll get the idea about my prev precap from this.and big thanq for my silent readers

Abhkhil brought pranu to the tents and abhi places his hand one pranu’s forhead and make them wake.
Tanu opens her eyes frist and huggs nikhil who sitting near her.
N,arey tanu why is this yaar.i’ve never seen that werewolf become are my sweet wolfy dont get scared.i am with you na. Now tell me what happend.
Then pragya also opens her eyes and hang in abhi’s arm.
P,abhi wo wo…that cave
A,i know fuggy.just froget that.
N,what happened you know that.
A,i kept my hand on there forheds i felt what heel them i used reki(i donno the spellings for that) (method of heeling) and i used telipathy i know their mind.
N,so what happened.
A,some kind of invisible power had drag them to that cave.they’ve lost their self control and without knowing they had went to there.
N,but abhi why they stopped at there.if there is something like that,then why it stops pranu at the enterance.
A,thats the matter.i also haven’t any answer this time.i think its better to froget that place and consentrate on our work.
N,no abhi lets research there.i mean we can get some idea about that place na. Animals are in caves we can hand over extra odinary report same like us.
P,honey where is our silly jalapeno.
A,o he left us yaar.there is a letter from him.i kept it inside your tent.
T,guys i have no energy to make dinner.sorry i am going to sleep.
P,abhi me too.i feel some one sucks my spirit and i also going to sleep with my teddy.(kissed Abhi’s forhead and went to her tent with her teddy.tanu was alredy in their tent.
After few mins..
Prag’s teddy was flying in the air and fallen to abhi’s hand.
Tanu screams.., abhi take your fuggi & her damn teddy.she is crazy yaar.i cant tolarate any more.
A,hey why are you shouting.
Tanu came out from their tent and sit on the floor.
T,you go and sleep with that idiot.
N,what happend yaar.
Pragya came out and ran to pick her teddy.but tanu went to teddy before pragya and took it.
T,wait pragya.if i turn to werewolf you’ll be my dinner.
Abhi jump to mid of them and ask them to stop as he know if tanu gets angry no one cant stop her.
A,calm down wolfy.slowly tell me why are you fighting like kids.
P,she throw my teddy.
A,fuggy shut up.i asked from wolfy na
T,abhi look yaar how much big this dirty teddy.tent is only for two na.she streached her hands legs and slept.its fine.i can manage rest space.but what about this.when she took this in to that even there is no squre feet for how can i sleep.
Thatz why i throw this away.
Nikhil & abhi burst in to laugh.
P,why are you laughing like a pig.just ask her to give it.
A,fuggy listen you are my sweet angle go and sleep with tanu.there is no space for your teddy after you go inside i ll keep it near your you got that
Pragya went to her tent with pput face.tanu throws teddy to abhi’s hand and went to tent.
T,thanx abhi.

Next morning..every one were sleeping insted of pragya.
She put a stone to a salmon tinAnd shakes it speedly..
Jumping rabbits get up fresh up..your bf is ready..
Other three came out from the tent and went to fresh up and they came for breakfast.tanu and nikhil went to change their night dresses and abhi went to pragya.pragya is wearing a red hot short and long sleave t shirt and a cap with dkshoes(she is damn hot)
Abhi hugg her from behind and lift her.pragya tries to escape but no use as abhi’s grip is very tight.
Abhi coverd pragya’s mouth from his one hand and took her to a behind of large tree…
Abhi slowly took a hand from pragya’s mouth in a eye lock.and abhi took her face closer to pragya’s face.pragya closed her eyes…
Sanam re plays in… not bg abhi’s phone.
A,oh god.bad timing.
Abhi pick the call and pragya ran from there with shying.

For of them sat for bf and had.
A,yummy.did you made this fuggy.
P,arey no yaar..i’ve asked champak to bring them. But he left na.poor champak.
A,guys within 30 mins we are leaving to explore.
T,then what about the tents.
N,lets take too.then we dont want to come back na.

After thirty mins..
Abhi & nikhil took all the heavy things and pranu took light things and they start walking…

Walking walking walking in to the deep forest.
P,abhi look we came to cave
A,but this much soon.i thought we have to walk more.
N,what ever thank god at last we reach na.
They went inside the cave.
A,pragya hold from hand.nikhil i ll in front.i can see clearly in dark.tanu you come behind fuggy.dont missed anyone as there Are so many tunnels here.
N,it seems to be like very large something insted of cave.we didnt find any animal even.
T,abhi shall we stop i am really tired na.
P,haan abhi lets have a rest.i want to eat something too..
Four of them sat on the floor and light few candles and eat snaks.
P,abhi hey look… a black rabbit inside a possible wait i ll catch our team name we can report about it na.
Pragya ran behind it and other three two follows her.
At last rabbit disappeared and abhigya & takhil lost the way.
A,look what.your the reasom for this fuggy.we ran behind you and we didnt get chance to mark the path even.
P,but we have to catch that rabbit and find its dwelling na.
N,calm down abhi.lets walk to this side continously as we have no any other option na.
They walk for hours.
N,abhi look can you see that light.seems to be its sunlight.
(Pointing above)
A,ha but how we can get out from that.that whole is covered from rocks na.
A,ya but lets try to remove’ll be easy than walking.
P,abhi lift me.nikhil you lift tanu.then hight will be enough & we two can remove the rocks

Finally they came out from tunnel

P,abhi where are we.
A,hey wait wait am i dreaming.
T,no yaar i already pinched and tested my self.we are not dreaming.
N,but how this happens..
P,abhi look the size of trees.omg.even there leaves are larger than us.(huggs abhi)
How we become this much small.lets go back..(crying)
A,hey sweety dont cry we’ll do somwthing.let me thing..

This mysterous cave may be the reason.what if we go back in the same way.
A,yes its only the best option.lets go back..
Abhkilgya turn to go back.but tanu is looking at the side like a statue where the whole which they came out .

A,hey wolfy..
Then tanu point something slowly…
Pragya is about to scream but abhi closed her mouth.
N,omg green cobra.what will we do now.
A,it didnt recognize us yet.dont move guys.
But tanu steps backword and green cobra started to follow them.
Four of them run at their maximum speed.. sometimes they fall one by one.but helping each other they ran.

While running.
A,i cant use my vampy powers.cant run even
T,me too.tried lot be a werewolf .but no use.
N,i think we are normal now.i mean no powers.
P,friends look there is a tree trunk.
Lets get in to that.

There is a tree trunk..and for of them get in to that.tanu huggs nikhil and pragya huggs abhi..
Cobra took that piece(accro to cobra size itz a small wood piece) and covered it by itz tale and pressed it to brake.but no use.. so it left itz meal and went away..
P,oh thank god.we escaped.
Tanu is crying.

Precap raining and waiting under a mushroom

sorry for not replying comments…
I am busy with exams.

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