Vampires Vs Werewolf (epi 15)

Next day eve..
Takhil came to pragya’s house.
T,pragya did you took every thing.
P,ha i double checked wolfy.what about you.
T,both of we are ready.where is that champak.
N,itz already passed 3 o’ clock na.he have to come.
P,he must learn to work with us.let him come at any time when he want. Lets leave guys.abhi may waiting for us.
B,is it okey di? Will he find path to jiju’s home.
P,itz up to him na.any way he’ll come becouse it a project.
Lets leave.

Nkhil starts his car and drove few metres..
P,nikhil nikhi letz go back(screams)
T,pragu are you alright.why are you screaming
P,i frogot to take my can i sleep without it.nikhil lets go..
T,omg.i am damn sure she is 100% crazy..
They turn back to pragya’s home and after few mins pragya came and get on to car with her huge teddy.(difficult to get in car even)
N,is everything ok now madam.can we go..
Before he turn the car to road champak came towards the car with a very very large bag.and he is about to open the door.
P,wait Mr.what are you thinkimg about your self.dont you know to be punctual
C,sorry pragya i went to bought the food list that you gave me. Thats why i became late this much.
N,ok get in to car.we have reach there asap.
T,pragu may i ask onething.
P,why one.ask anything wolfy.
T,why abhi named you as fuggy
P,(blushing)wo wo actually i dont know the exact reason yaar.itz better if you ask from him.
After 30 mns they reach abhi’s house..
Takhil bulbul champak getoff but pragya remains in inside becose She & her teddy cant getoff together.
C,hey fyggy give your hand or your teddy.i ll take you out…..

At onese champak felt that he is on air.but actully abhi is lifting him in his tshirt.
A,dont dare to pronounce “fuggy”.this is your last warning.only i can tell that to her.and one more thing.never drean to take her hand while i am may be our team member.but stay away from her.
Champak’s eyes filled with tears becoz he scared at abhi’s word.pragya smiles scretly bcoz abhi’s reaction.
A,pragya dont get in.lets move now it self.i wll kept my car here bcoz purabuliya will need it na.i took my all stuffs.lets go.
Takil sat in front seats and abhi sat middle in champak and pragya.
They went inside to jungle as much as possible in car. But as the road end,they park their car in a hunter’s car park and started to walk into jungle.untill the reach to middle of jungle champak didnt utter anyword.but pragya filled others ears wth her crazy jokes.
Now itz almost 6pm.
A,lets make our tent hear.
N,ha thatz good.this place seems to be like safe.(blinks at abhi)
C,safe? Safe from whom?
A,hey dont you know about werewolfs and vampires in this jungle.
C,dont scared me guys.pls. lets make tents.
A,nikhil lets make three for for two of us and one for champak.
C,i cant be alone guys.i am really fear of dark..and that werewolf and vamps though it is a joke.
A,arey dont be silly that make your tent yourself bcoz we are going to make two for girls and Us.
P,you guys carry one.tanu and i ll make fire and make something to eat…
Within few mins abhi and takhil made two tents and kept all the stuffs inside.
When they turn to see champak abhi and nikhil burst in to laugh
A,hey what kind of tent is that.
C,what ever it is.itz a tent na(before he complete the sentense his so called tent fallen down).
Abhi guid him to make his tent…

P,guys tea is ready.come lets eat something.
T,choclate muffins are here.have it too.
C,pragya where is your cup.arent you drink tea.
(Abhi is fuming in anger)
P,why not.i’ll is my cup
C,there should be one more cup na.
P,have your cup and pls stop your nonsens.
Pragya gave one to champk and two for takhil. And she went to abhi with one cup and two muffins.
P,have this fav..choco muffins.
Abhi took one from two and make pragya to sit on his lap.
A,you are very bad fuggy.why didnt you make tea for me..
P,arey baba this is for us.not is for us.i made this specially for my love.lets shars this.taste will increase more.
Pragya took a sip
P,mmmm wow what a taste.try it.
Pragya make abhi to drink coffee..while looking at his eyes..then abhi makes pragya to happens for few mins with eye lock and tere naina plays in bg..

Both of them came to sense with champak’s voice.
C,exuse me pragya.usually i dont drink tea.i drink only give me bit from yours.
A,sorry dude.this coffee is only for us and she made it only for me.
P,but you can make it your self na.Milk,coffee ,suger everythingis there.make it your self.

Champak left with a pout.abhi gives him a evil smile.

A,why fuggy..
P,do you love me..
A,is that a thing to ask.i love my crazy fuggy..
P,then tell me how much you love me.
A,this much.(abhi streached his both hands and show)
P,(pout) only this much not enough.i want that much(pointing sky)
A,i love you more than that much honey.
Abhi kissed her forhead and hugged her with his strong arms.

P,lets go and discuss about our project..
Pragya ran from abhi while shouting.
P,comeon jumping jalapeno jackrabbits.lets start our misson..
T,pragya dont shout this much.most probably animals in jungle will leave this
P,arey chup guys do you have any idea about the spieses that you going to observe.
N,what if all we observe one and submit it to the school
A,yep it ll be easy.we can cover everything about it then.
T,so who is that unluckiest animal going to bear this touture.
A,frist we have to explore the jungle and then lets select suitable animal.
(While talkimg abhi noticed that champak is staring at pragya)
Champak go and bring some wood pieces to put on fire.
C,but abhi how can i go alone.
N,be a man yaar.just go.hurry up.

Abhi blinks at nikhil.after champak went to find woods nikhil to follows him.

After few mins champak came running towars tents while screaming.
Though he tried to tell something wors didnt came out.only the guestures.

P,are you dancing or what? Hahaha.
T,what are you going to tell
C,wo wo i saw a werewolf.lets go from here.if not it’ll kill us.lets move na.

Abhi laughed in mind…

A,you may sleepy.thats why you are blabbering like this. Go and sleep.dont spoil our mood.

Champk went to his tent with dull face.

Pranu,bad prank.

A,no yaar.he is too much.i saw he is staring at my fuggy from yesterday.
Any way thanx to nikhil he scared.

T,so will he stop flirting at pragya.
A,dont know but if he do so.. jumping jalapeno jack rabbits going to lose one of jakerabbit.actually not a jackrabbit..
Blabbring jalapeno sillyrabbit.

Precap mysterious cave

friends… pls tell me is this tooo funny??? Is it more than enough. From next epi plot is going to be change with the dont mind if this is funny or like a commedy morw than enogh..

Thanx durga

Rajesh( hooe you got the answer.takhil are +)
Choti(love you my sweet angle♥♥♥)
Di(thanx for your support,lucky to have friends like you)
AF(waiting for the second part of your ff)
Kavitha(hope you get the answer,its in last epi)
astha(darling thanx for accepting my req.♥♥)
Vampire princess(vaishu.. love you my sweet sis.i am really happy after seeing your comment♥♥♥)
Prathi(thanx for commenting)
Reshma p
Riya(you are the one who creative sweety.what a nice name.its just like a honner to me.thanx thanx thanx… CreaTina..wooow.. thanx you.i really really waiting everyday to read your comments)

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  3. Arshifan

    Superb suha..i really enjoyed esp champak and abhi scenes..very funny yar..i just loved them..even in real kb i laughed out after watching yesterday’s epi now again after reading ur i reminded those scenes..very nice..keep going..

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  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbbb……… Loved it……….

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    What happened to your other ff. Especially operation liberation

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    Aww….That’s sooooooo sweet of u But I am really thankful to u for writing and giving such amazing creative unimaginable updates….!! Super Duper Happy that u liked ” CreaTina ” !!
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