Vampires Vs Werewolf (epi 10)


Rajesh.. i updated this for youi kniw this is also short. But when consider with 9th oart and when adding bith together this is long & precap also here.
Thanq dr vampires for supporting.and hope you never mind if i call you as vamps.

After 2 hours…
A,guys are you ready..
B,haan jiju.lets go now..
P,abhi but i feel hunting is not a good thing.
Prb in angry tone.,we also no that but what to do. Itz better than hunting humans.
B,di pls dont act like a kid.dont hurt him with your silly questions.
P,purab..dont get angry.i can understand you.sorry baba..pls smile.if you forgive me i’ll support you to hunt more than alu & abhi.
Prb,prms di?

P,pakka promise. Lets go..
As the jungle is all around there hoyse they began to walk inside it for one hour..
A,lets divide in to’ll be easy.
Alu,bhai i know your next sentense.fuggy and me will go to this three go to that i correct..
Pragya begins to blush.
A,exactly correct.honey come.lets go
Pragya blinks @ bulbul & ran behind him.

P,whe walked for hours now.till i didnt see any animal here.
A,shhhhhh i feel someone is near us.may be a animal.
Abhi lift pragya and make her sit on a branch.than he stand and didnt move..
At ones abhi fired to a direction & ran to that side while asking pragya to not to come.
After few mins abhi brought a dead small animal(i dont want to mention any animal bcoz it makes me feel glty if imagine such a bad thing.i cant harm innocent animals even in my imaginations.)
Pragya didnt look at it and about to get off from branch.. but suddnly a unexpected thing happened. A large werewolf jumpen on the pragya from behind & she falls to the ground..werewolf is about to bite pragya but abhi with here real face jumped on To the werewolf.pragya get fainted as werewolf bite her hand bit..

Abhi fought with werewolf and injured that unplesent creature badly.. abhi too get injured.. then purab and bulbul came to there with there long teeths to attak werewolf.
But before that another werewolf appeared…and jumped btwen abhi and injured werewolf and it turns to tanu.. abhi didnt get surprised becouse he already know that.
T,stop it.look you both are get injured.nihkil be a man.
Injured werewolf turned to nikhil.
N,i am the one who saw that animal frist.thats why i attacked you.
Abhi becomes bit calm and looked at pragya.

A,did you bite her nikhil?
N,sorry you know we cant control our anger after turning to werewolf.

Precap abhi, i cant heel her with my power.she will turn to a werewolf.

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  1. wow!!di very nice…now it will be exciting..a small question is io ok if i call u di.

    1. So sweet of you sweetheart.yep!!! sure.. if you accept me as your elder sis you can call me soo…. love you darling!!

  2. wow supet….

  3. It was awesome and precap interesting

  4. Honey

    Nice but don’t turn pragya as werewolf pls……& u can cal vamps????

  5. Super super

  6. Loli

    Pls don’t turn pragya as werewolf….in next episode , do some magic and make her as vampire…

  7. Arshifan

    Omg this means pragya is also turning to werewolf ha? Feeling bad for pragya but epi is awesome and tina from where you are collecting such an interesting pics?

  8. Ammu

    Werewolf pragya
    It will become a comedy
    So make sure some fantasy happens
    Episode was awesome

  9. Thank u vampire me as any name itz ur wish…2day ff is nice but don’t convert pragya as vampire…she is human itz gud…i thought nikhil wantedly attack our pragya…tanu don’t lyk our…let wil c ur next ff i cal u as VD it means vampire director..

  10. Ofcource u can call me as vamp I really really loved it… Bt if pragya bcum werewolf na it won’t b problem ahhhj sooooo sad bcoz how a innocent cute pragya to werewolf… Ohhhh god??? bt it vl b also nice to c another side of our pragya a yway I’m eagerly waiting for next part…

  11. omg omg pra become werewolf????????????????

    who is powerful vamp or werewolf ?????????????????

    very nice pic yaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. Awesome diiii love u???but dnt turn her as werewolf☺

  13. Riyashri

    Wow Tina Di !???????Awesome story line !! Love u ?????????soooooooo……..much Di !!

  14. Reshma Pradeep


  15. Noooo… Pls don’t make Pragya a werewolf….

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