Vampire war (2 shots) Part 2 a


Recap -priest telling about arhaan
Ragini -we can’t wait for arhaan. ..we have to fight for ourselves
Sanskar -she is right. ….god only help whom who help themselves
Laksh -we will fight….come on Swara hip hip horrey
All became sad sanskar goes from their to the same garden where usually swara goes. ….
Sanskar see Swara sitting their crying miserably ..sanskar feel heartbreaking to see his lady love crying suddenly rain started sun hides behind the clouds….swara become wet but it’s not effecting her….
Sanskar can’t control his emotions seeing swara crying he runs towards swara and hugs her…
Swara-why you came let me die
Sanskar -angrily Swaraaaaaaa
Swara -u only told me to go
Sanskar -because I can’t see u in trouble
Swara -without you no means of my life
They each other raglak comes Laksh place his hands on sanskar shoulder sanskar turn towards Laksh then towards swara but she is not their he is imagining her..raglak understand sanskar pain

Ragini -sanskar I am not able to stay with out my sister. ..I am missing her …and her cute antiques. .i can understand your feelings
Sanskar -i think god doesn’t like my love that’s why he separate us….I am not afraid to die Ragini. .only one wish which god has to fulfil ..he has to send some one who will take care of my swara love her more than anything
Raglak feels sad for sanskar
Later with out any knowledge bad vampire attacked good vampire’s and they were defeated all vampire’s were placed in a cage by werewolves including Sanlak only Ragini was out…..kavya and kavita beaten her very much Ragini could able to resist because they are supreme power
Sahil-darling and bhabhi ji plzzz take some rest we are here to give punishment
Rajat -firstly we will kill her then our werewolf frnds will take u all and throw you all in sunlight

Sahil takes sward and gives small torchers to Ragini. ….she is shouting in pain all were praying to god and trying to free from cage of steel but fails
Rajat- kill her
Sahil takes sward as he going to insert in ragini stomach but stone comes from a direction and hits on sahil hands and sward falls all look to the direction and see Swara standing
Shekhar -beta why you came here they will kill u
Sumi-swara my child go from here
Laksh -you can’t win with them go from here
Sahil -put steel chain on her
Swara-oh hello I am not a vampire if u put steel on me and I will melt nor I am werewolf so that I will be killed by wood…
Ragini is lying on the floor with pool of blood …which makes swara angry …sahil order werewolf to kill her Swara takes out her wood sward and kills every werewolves …
Swara-i am not depend on moon for power nor I am feared of sun………
Sahil-i will not leave you
Swara and sahil starts fighting all were motivating rajat in BTW stap sward in ragini shoulder. ..swara through sahil to a side ….and roar like a tigeress and hold rajat neck and fly towards sky …as they reach above the trees and in contact with sun ….rajat burn and turn into Ashes swara come back to ground. ..
All were seeing it with open mouth. ..swara free everyone sanskar treat Ragini she became fine …..sahil run away Ragini follow him in werewolf form but kavya comes and beat Ragini
Swara through kavya and roar so fire comes from her mouth which temperature is like volcano. .kavya tries to kill Ragini but swara pull out kavya hand ….she shout in pain….Kavita takes kavya run away
Swara once looks at all and she also run away in neno seconds she disappear. ..sanskar tried to catch but can’t match upto her speed
Dp-all dead except kk sisters
Shekhar -they are equal to all of us
Ap-beta swara has such powers
Priest-it is not the power which is created by her determination and hardwork not giften by birth
Sanskar -you told only arhaan can defeat supreme powers then how can swara defeated them

Priest-you remember question itself has its answer
All-swara is arhaan
Priest nodes
All became happy……
Sumi -swara is gods daughter. …blessing of God on me to become arhaan mother
Shekhar -i will teacher more techniques
All -what
Shekhar -i have fear for her safety so I thought her marshal art. Judo karate
Ragini -I will learn different varieties of dish for swara
Laksh-after all this mess we both do many tantrums
Sanskar -after all this i will never let her go anywhere in will marry her
Priest comes to sanskar

Priest-its not possible you can’t stop her or marry her
Sanskar -what u mean by it
Priest-son every one in this world comes with a reason. …as arhaan comes to earth to kill evil……the moment swara work finish she has to leave this earth
Sanskar -no its not possible
Priest-its true. ..swara is arhaan. ….as she is born to end the evil from your lifes as her work finish she has to go back. …it’s destiny

Thnx for the support. ….
Recap -lord brahma has came to take his child back

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