Vampire war (2 shots) Part 1

Is a story of night world people. ….their always have fight….between two groups. …one who want to haunt humans for power ..and one who is against. aubious supporters were villan and they were more powerful …others are
Sanskar -elder son of dp…has the power to read the mind….and heal any kind of wound. ……
Laksh -younger to sanskar. Has power to see future. …invisible power
Ragini -elder daughter of Shekhar and sumi…as Shekhar is vampire and sumi is werewolf so Ragini has got both power …… she can become werewolf also….she has the power of creating fire… say fire is her weapon…….

Swara- younger daughter of sumi and Shekhar has no power….no strength of nightmare people has …neither she can drink blood…if she got wound it won’t heal immediately as others….as in short she is a human born to vampire….sanskar loves her guide her but she didn’t understand about his feelings
Let’s start the story
Shekhar and sumi has tried to make swara a vampire or werewolf but failed to do so ….vampire priest also failed to read her faith or reason for her birth …she herself has become problem because of her tempting blood which some times create thrust of blood
Shekhar -we have to send her away from here……..
Sumi-but Shekhar she is so small she is just 18
Shekhar -why can’t you understand. .it’s too dangerous for her and us also……how many times we attacked her …..and all were controlling themselves but till how much they control themselves
Sumi-but what will happen when sahil and his group find her
Shekhar -she has to face her faith
Voice -dad how can you do this…
Shekhar -Ragini why can’t you both understand I am saying for her betterment only…….
Ragini – but dad
Shekhar -no more argument. ..
Ragini goes from their angrily ……..reach at Park. ..crying blood is flowing from her eyes…someone place hands on her shoulder ….she turn
Ragini -Laksh
Laksh looks straightly into her eyes and read her mind
Laksh -Ragini uncle is also right at his place
Ragini -you are also saying it………
Laksh -listen rago…….u know you also attacked her 4 times
Ragini-but at that time I am not in my control
Laksh -that what I am trying to say by seeing blood we all can’t hold ourself for long
They moves towards jungle where a girl is sitting on a branch of mango tree and eating mango and boy sitting on a bench. . Staring the girl with his brown eyes lovingly smiling like newly wedded bride
Laksh -sanskarrrrrrr
By his shout Sanskar jump in shock….and girl sitting on the branch falls down
Ragini -swara
Swara-iyyyooo ammmaaa…….khud toh bhoot h mjhe kyu bhoot bnane p tula h
Sanskar -baby does it paining so much
Swara-no I have the wish to jump from top of the tree and break by back
Laksh -y are you shouting. ..we will take u to doctor
Swara-don’t take doctor name. .he only know to insert niddle
Sanskar -teary eye it’s all because of me neither I brought u here nore u would be hurt
swara -dont shed your blood tears…..
Laksh -don’t cry like duck
Ragini -sshhhhhh they are near by us
Sanskar -i can smell them to ….
Laksh -we have to move fast…

They 4 started running while Sanlak has holded swara tightly. …but sahil (enemy who drink human blood they are more powerful )they reach before them
Sahil-bad luck..if you left this girl and run then u must be saved. .. because of her smell of human we reached to u
Then fight started trio fight with sahil and his men….but they were losing so..Ragini turned into werewolf fighted with them …in last they run away. ..Ragini was completely injured same as Sanlak some how they reach home. …. vampire doctor treated them…dp by touching them came to know what happened. …he told to all
Shekhar -look what because of your daughter. ….our 3 children life came to danger. ….I am saying u to send her away from us it is good for all of us
Dp-bhabhi ji i also agreed with Shekhar. ..Look it is better for her also …she will be away from all this mess…..moreover our world is not meant for her….her world is outside our world
Rp-look take today Incident they three got injury but if she was in her place she would have died
Swara was sitting quietly Ap comes to her
Ap-swara I know in all this their not any mistake of u……but beta I am a mother I can’t bear any danger to their life…I am folding hands in front of you please stay away from them
Swara teary eye run away. …after Sanlakrag gain conscious they came to know everything. they went to find swara
Swara is practicing marshal art techniques. … a ground where their is sunlight. ….where mainly no one comes… swara hears sanskar sound….so she reply sanskar comes towards ground but stops at the edge because he has not wore and jacket to protect from sun
Swara-come we will sit her it’s very nice felling
Sanskar -you know very well vampires can’t take sunlight it will burn our body
Swara -but it’s good you should be away from me….it will be good for you
Sanskar-it’s better to die without u
Swara-dude you are forgetting u are already dead
Sanskar -yes I am dead but I can’t live without u
Sanskar become angry so he comes in light his skin starts burning. …
Swara-worriedly your skin
Sanskar -to hell with my skin y you are worried …why can’t you understand I love you miss dump head
Swara-but my presence in your life create great problem to you’re life
Sanskar -without you their would be know mean to live
Swara-teary eye I love you too
Sanskar -can we move to shed …otherwise I will be burned here itself
They moves towards jungle. ..and passionately kissed each other. ..but disturb by raglak
Ragini-control your self. ….guys
Laksh -finally this dumbo…understand your feelings
All was going good but many attack happen on them….Kavita is supreme power … ….she injured Laksh ….because of saving swara…this made Ragini anger …..she asked swara to go away from their but in all these sanskar stands with swara as support. …..but not for long as sahil kavita..attacked dp and Shekhar. …they were seriously injured. ..this break sumi and sanskar
Swara is sitting near Shekhar
Sumi-i was wrong and Shekhar was right u are curse for us ….plzzz I began u go from here
Swara-maa plzzz don’t send me I can’t live without u
Sanskar -if you will be here we all will die.. for god sake Swara go from here to your world to your people
Swara -u also want me to go. …sanskar you all are my people and this my world
Ragini -no swara we are not your type of people our way is different. .
Laksh -it’s bitter truth of your life. ….this is not your world. ……your world is outside this jungle filled with life and lite
Swara -I will not go. ..
Sumi -let her stay here to put soil on our grave
Sanskar -she saying truth ….if it effect only me…then I won’t let you go…but you’re presence effecting us
Ragini -I beg you please go
Swara goes Dp and Shekhar gain conscious and they get know about swara
Shekhar -why you send her …she just kid sumi…I say anything in anger. …why you send her…I will find my kid
Laksh -no…..uncle we did this to protect her i have seen the future we all will be caught….
Week passed all where preparing themselves for fight but they all where some where worried for swara….
Ragini -Laksh we will die soon…
Laksh -are you fearing
Ragini -no…but our love and our friendship will be soon comes to end….
Laksh -rago after our death also we will be together and our friendship will be their as in swara….
Ragini become emotional…
Ragini -why god did this with her
Sanskar -may be some mistakes happen with him

Later a war fought in which rajat was killed by Sanlak as Ragini has more powerful the Sanlak. … she attacked many and injured sahil……sahil run away taking rajat body to their wife…Kavita and kavya they where supreme power
They make rajat alive and came again this time they were more powerful all good vampire’s were beaten up Ragini tried maximum to help…..but she also injured but able to make escape all good vampire’s. ..later they goes to their priest
Sanskar -baba their is no way to rescue
Priest- you have to kill them
Ragini -but baba they are more powerful than us
Priest-but they too have weakness as u
Dp-what’s it
Priest-sun…in afternoon time sun having more heat
Sanskar -but before taking them their we all will burn by sun
Shekhar -ok let think half of us sacrifice their life but what about kavita and kavya they are supreme power
Sanskar -how will we kill them
Priest-its not your cup of tea
Ragini -then what are you saying we should wait for them to kill us
Priest -shut up keep your voice low
Dp-i apologies behalf of her
Priest-its true you or all together fight with them u can’t win
Sanskar -their should be some thing
Priest-only they can be killed by arhaan
Ragini -who is this arhaan
Sumi-beta arhaan is known as gods child
Laksh -means
Priest-arhaan born after 1000 yrs when injustice and cruelty increase in earth god send his child on earth to save the people
Sanskar -where we will search arhaan
Priest-when time comes arhaan will come in front of you all..

Recap -all good vampire’s were caught and placed in steel cage and sahil attempt to kill Ragini

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