Vampire love story (Episode 3)


Sorry guys for late and a important news that soon siddhant,shakthi and Vivian will exit from my Ff and this love story will be of Raglak,Arni (Arjun and Mouni) and Krasha (Sharad and Kratika).

The episode starts with Laksh is in dilemma when he hears two boys sound.

He turns and sees Shakthi and Siddhant.

Laksh:You both came

Shakthi:Yeah we came

Siddhant:And we have to be save as werewolf can come in anytime.

All the three goes inside.Arjun,Sharad and Vivian were waiting.

Arjun:So what is the news?

Laksh:All are in danger because werewolf can arrive at anytime.

Sharad:Then what can we do?

Siddhant:We have to fight with them.

Shakthi:But they are many and we are only six.

Vivian:No worry

All are discussing when Laksh says everyone to be quiet.He carefully listens the sound and says

Laksh:They have arrive to kill us.

All stand from there place.The door starts moving it means that werewolf have known where they are.

They all run out from window.

The werewolf start following them.

They see a house so knocks the door.Laksh and Arjun are shocked to see Mouni and Ragini there.

Sharad:We need help as some dangerous creatures are following us and they are very deadly please help us.

They take them inside.All come inside and Laksh sees from Windows that werewolf have gone to other side.Sharad is standing when he see a girl.

Sharad:What is your name?

Girl:My name is Kratika

Sharad smiles

Sharad:Nice name

Kratika says

Kratika:Have some water

The smile on Sharad’s face gets dissappear.

Sharad:No I don’t want

He goes from there.

Laksh is staring at Ragini and she too is staring him.She slips but before she falls at lighting speed Laksh catches her by waist.Both share an eye lock.

Tere Sang Yara plays in background.

Laksh comes in sense and helps her to stand.

Laksh:Are you fine?


Voh karam khudaya hai
Tujhe dil me basaya hair
Chal tooth ke dil mujhko
Is mod pe laya hair
Tere Sang yara
Berang bahara
Ki raat bigani
Na nind awara

Laksh and Ragini are again lost in each others eyes when they come in sense when they here the sound of thunder.

Mouni is sitting on sofa when Arjun comes to her.He catches his ears.

Mouni:Why are you catching your ears?

Arjun:Because while driving I hit you that is why.I am sorry

Mouni:It’s okay I dint got hurt.

Both smile at each other and share eye lock.

Precap:Werewolf to stab Vivian and Siddhant with wood log.

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