A Vampire & His Hidden kingdom (Episode 7)


Next day morning..
All were ready to go(to visit mirzu)

A,wolfy.. where is ur friend.why didnt she came yet.
T,she is still sleeping.i tried lot to wake up her.but no use.i let her to sleep.
A,this fuggi na. U guys get ready.i ll bring her..
Abhi is about to go but he saw dadi & sarala talking in the hall.
A,dadi dont u come with us

Q,no beta.i have to conduct a meeting
A,oh ok.then what about u ma.
Dont say that u also not commimg with us.
S,arey beta how can i come with u.my legs will pain na.so u better go your self.pls take care about other kids of mine.

A,ok ma. Dont worry about that.i ll take care of them.

Abhi went to upstairs and searched for his fuggy.
A,maids did u see her.
Maid,of crs my prince.befor few minutes she went to down stairs.
A,ok thanx i will c
(Abhi asked few guards to check the castle.)
After few mins he came to others.
N,hey abhi.why r u looking tensed.where is ur princess.
A,i dont know.i searched lot.did anyone saw her?

Raman,lets find her in the garden too..
Hey u took 12 men with u and check that side.you 12 come with me.(pointing and odering to the his army.)
Abhi is about to move but sarala ma holds his hand..
A,ma dont worry.she will be fine.
S,how can i beta.she even dont know anything about this place.
A,(wipes sarala’s tears) dont worry ma.only a vampire can bring her back…

Abhi kept his knees on the floor & bent his neck down..
His hair becomes long lil by litle..his skin turning to dull colour.

But suddnly someone kept hand on His sholders.
Purab,no wait baiya.dont turn to a vampire.u wont be able to control ur self.so frist calm down.i will go with nikhil bhai and raman bhai to find her.
Alu take his hand.dont let him move even.

A,but i must come with na.pls leave me alu.
Alu,no bhai wait.they will find her.no one can harm the future queen of MIRZU.

abhi is about to remove aliya’s hand. Then he saw the guard who is on duty of royal horses comming towards him

G,good morning my lord.i have to say something
A,k carry on.
G,before the sun rise our princess went with her ant.i thought u know about that.so i didnt informed u.but now only i know our princess is missing.

A,(angrily) leave now.
Ishitha,abhi now we got a clue na.dont shout at that innocent man.

Abhi is breathing heavily..with much anger.

Raman,ha abhi.ishu is right.now we can find her easily.
Raman pick a leave from a near by tree and rolled it.and then he kept it on his mouth & made various sounds…

Within a second large3 humming birds came and land near the raman.
(Yes friends humming bird is the smallest bird in the world.but mirzu is a majic kingdome na. In here humming birds are 5 times larger than a human)

Purab nikhil lets get on them we can find her easily if we go with them.

Raman went to a humming bird & whispered something to it. Then he get on to it.. purkhil too..

R,why are u looking @ me like a dumb.call ur dragon.
Then only abhi came to his sense.he closed his eyes & called to his dragon

Raman is on the bird And about to left.but mistackenly he looked at ishu… her hair is dancing on her forhead due to the soft wind..she is looking at raman with shining eyes. Raman was completly lost in his eyes…

Rose petals are started to fall from sky..
R,oh no again.i must concentrate only in my duty..(thinking)
Then he left with nikhil & purab.

A,my shru came. I am leaving dadi.
Q,beta be carefull..
A,dont worry dadi .

Shru came and land on the garden.he bv to abhi and abhi get on him..then shru started to fly towards the sky.

Shru,hey prince.dont get angry this much.
A,but this time she is wrong shru.he have to tell me..today i am going to kill that ant boo boo.he also helped her na.
Shru,hahaha..very funny.. do u love her this much huh?
A,arey stop blabbering boy.
S,prince i know where she is.i can sense it
S,near the fairy fountain.yes she is there

A,take me to there..hurry up..

Shru take him to the fairy fountain.. and he saw pragya is sleeping on the boo boo & boo boo is walking.
Pragya looks @ sky due to the sound of shru’s feathers.she saw abhi and get of from the boo boo with happy..

A,shru drop me here.and u leave right.dont move i am going to jump.

S,are u sure.should i leave..

A,of crs.
S,but u r in anger.itz not good prince.
A,this is my oder.leave after i jump.

Abhi jumped from the dragon..and pragya is about to jump with happiness.. then only she saw abhi’s dull face with long teeths.. it makes her hell shocked.

Precap stay away from her vampire prince.. i wont let u to hurt her.

friends… this will b booring & not interesting… pls frgv me.. i update though i am BC with exams… soo sorry again and thanx for ur comments..

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