A Vampire & His Hidden kingdom (Episode 6)


Hi frieds… hope u all r fine..sry for late updates..

After few hrs.

Everyone reached to the castle.
Q,abhi how was ur shru
A,no words dadi.we talk trough mind.and i felt how strong he is.
Q,i have another thing to say you.as before u met raman.he also a knight in MIRZU.
P,ha dadi we know him.i called him as raman baiya.he is such a cool person.
Q,yes pragya beti.he is brave too.he & his farther confirmed the security of kingdom.so u must b friendly with him
A,arey dadi he is already a friend of us.u don’t worry.he is elder to me.so i ll give respect to him like that only.
Q,i m so proud of u beta.u r realy suit to kingship.

T,dadi now where is raman bhai.
Q,he and his troop went to bring our family to MIRZU.
N,dadi then why didnt you sent anyone to bring us.we came here by our own na

Q,nikhil as u know,this a hidden kingdom and easily no one cant reach here.for a normal humam being who is not having any relation with MIRZU is immposible to reach here.
P,then how i came.
Abhi huggs pragys from behind & shut he mouth by his hand.
A,let her finish it.

Q,if someone belongs to new generation of mirzu,frist they must come here by them selves.later we can bring their family members here.so after abhi reach here we can bring alu & purab.bcoz pragya came her family can bring here.hope u got it.now get ready to welcome them.

All were waiting @ the main enterance..
Raman came frist.. and he bv the queen.
R,my highness.my duty is completed.
Then he sign his man to take them in..

Purab & aliya ran to abhi & three of them shared a bone Crushing hug.pragya ran to sarala ma & bulbul & trio shared hug with happy tears.theres one more left.
P,are ishitha di..you??
Sarala ma,she came for vaccation and i asked her to join with us.
Pragya huggs ishitha and they all talked until night..
Made,my lady the dinner is ready.
Q,sarala come lets have dinner.come kids.
A,raman bhai here after u must be with us in the dining table as well as always.
R,but prince how can i.i am only a loyal servent of queen.
A,ya.let it be.but from now u r my loyal bai.
A,why but.dont dare to go against ur future king.sit here.u must have food with us.

Raman sat next to ishitha.

Everyone started to have dinner while talking.
AliyA,dadi then u r the one who sent us money for our needs right.
Q,ha beti.dont u like to be here.
A,nothing like that dadi.i love this wonderfull world.
Q,then every one get ready to visit MIRZu tommo..
Bu,woow dadi.great.(hugs purab)
Abhighya takhil were fullshocked.
A,wh whats that purab.
Pu,wo wo..nothing bhai.
P,no there is something.
B,actually di we r loving each other.
Sarala ma,she told me every thing.and i accept purab.he is like a son to me..
Abhi make a paut face.
A,then what about me.
Sarala,what about u beta.(with teasing manner)
P,ma leave him na.abhi look u also a son to her.dont worry baba
Sa,ha beta.i was kidding na.now i have five doughters and 4 sons including raman beta.happy now..
R,thanx ma

Q,mades show their rooms and arrange them as they want.

When ishitha about to stand to go

Her duppatta stuck on raman’s body armer.when raman tries to pull it..ishitha fallen on him and eye lock happens..(there neina plays in bg)
They are still in eye lock & suddnly both of them showerd with rose petals and lavender flowers..
Abhi stamped raman & then only he came to sence.
R,i am sorry my queen.pls pardon me.
Q,arey beta itz ok.no need to say sorry.
Bulbul & alu shouts.. romance!! Romance!!
Ishu was blushing and she went to her room with her maids.
R,sorry everyone.
Queen & ma went to their rooms.
A,arey idiot.stop ur bakbaks.now tell me that magic of roce petals.i want to know that.wow.itz superb yaar.
R,oh its simple bro.when u feel love from ur deep heart just imagin the way that u need show ur love.u can do any thing.and there are few magic words.mention them in mind.(@$#@[email protected]!)
A,thanx bhai.why dont u came to our room.
R,no thanx abhi.i have to do my duty na
A,hey take this as my oder.
Maids listen.me & nikhil in one room &make another room next to us for my bro purab & raman bhai.
Fuggy’s & wolfy’s room is oppesite to us na.then make another room next it for alu,ishu di & bul
Maids,ok my lord.
All went to their rooms insted of pragya.she was sitting on the dining table.
Abhi came and touch from her sholder.pragya looks at him & removed his hand.
A,fuggy baby….
P,who is fuggy.i am pragya.princess pragya(angry & childish manner)
A,kk sorry.so my princess pragya why are u burning with this much anger.
Then suddnly pragya huggs abhi and started to cry badly.
P,i want my vampire again.this to be king dont love me.he has no time to spend with me.and he didnt took me witj his dragon
A,oho thats the reason.(wipes her face)fuggy come witj me.

P,to where.
A,come.. (abhi blindfold pragya and make her walk carefully.
P,abhi were we going.
A,shhhhhh… just come..
After few mins abhi took his hands from pragya’s eyes.they were near a lake.a fulmoon light..moon light fallen to water waves & they appears like liquid gold….
P,woow..nice sight abhi.itz so relaxing here.
A,wait fuggy..there is surprice for u.
Abhi took a golden flute from his pocket and started to play a romantic melody.

Pragya closed her eyes due to the sweetness of the music.
After few mins while playing flute abhi pinched pragya and she opened her eyes and she surpriced with the thing that she saw.

Golden colour marvels mermaids were sitting on the rocks of lake to taste the flute music.they were listinig to it with full attention..their skin,hair,wings were in pure gold.
Pragya told”creatures of the heaven” to herself..their bodies were glowing due to the reflection of moonlight..

A,how was the surprice.
P,this is the best thing i saw ever.thanx abhi for this lovely music and wonderfull sight.

She hugged abhi with her both hands and kissed his neck.
Abhi kissed her forhead…(sanam re in bg)
Red and white rose petals began to fallen from sky.

precap only a vampire can bring my fuggy back.ma dont worry.. i ‘ll find her

princess u know what.. my mom is astrologer in proffesion & proffeser of astrogy in gvnt.uni.. that mean our moms are interesting in same.. itz a miracle sweety.. anyhow big huggg for ur unlimitted love.& i also love u my dr lil sissy..
Sara choti.. i love u to..
Di thanx for ur lovely cmmnt.
af waiting for u.
thanx riya shri
thanx riyadcruz.
Thanx every one who commentd..

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