A Vampire & His Hidden kingdom (Episode 2)


Friends sorry for late updates…i am busy..i have only 30 days for my exam..it will deside my future.so pls forgv me for not replying your comments.. but i am really thankfull to every one who comment me for my fantasy.. thanx i again.. i wld like to dedicate this for my cute lil sis who call me as di and love me like your own di..

R,here i go…dont think too much.justjump.nothing will happen

A,fuggy hold my hand..nikhil are your ready.
N,yes abhi we are.
Four of them hold their hands together and jumped.pragya’s bobo too follows her
They fallen for few mins with much speed.but they didnt felt fear bcoz nothing was there in down.

P,raman bhai..when we’ll fallen to a ground.still i cant see anything there.
R,just wait pragya.when i tell enchant these words with your mind.. £¥%€%¥£€¥%%.then you can step on floor.
P,then what about my bobo.he cant do that na.
R,dont worry i’ll bring it..now enchant those words..

Everyone did so and suddnly a grass land appered at their foots.
T,woow what a magic was that..
R,this land is filled with magic only.you’ll enjoy.
A,hey there is a castle.what’s actually going on here.
R,lets go to castle frist.then you’ll understand.
P,abhi enough yaar.i am really tired with ur stupid questions.lets enjoy this na.what ever happens itz not bad na.just like a dream.

They came to enterance of castle.
Guard,my lord you cant take this ant in.let me take him to the garden.
P,no no dont take it anyware.if it us not allowed to go in i ll stat here with it
A,fuggi dont be a kid.we can take bobo when we need.let it take.
P,last time u snatched my teddy.now bibo..very bad.

R,guys enough now lets go in.some one is wauting for u.
All went in…
A,am i in heaven.wow.what kind of castle is this.unbelivble.carvings paintings everything is wonderful here.woow..
P,yes abhi..
Look at those curtains.they are designed with semi solid crystels.and look painting on the wall.amazing..
T,nikhil cant we stay here.i love this castle.
N,arey my wolfy..i am not the king so how stay here.
P,no nicky i ll meet the owner of this and i ll tell him the imoportance of us to him.
Everyone burst into laugh..

Then tell me what is the important of yours.

Everyone shocked and looked @ stairs..
R,welcome My lady..
Raman knees down and offed his hat.

A lady who is wearing a royal dress and gold crown is getting down from stairs amoung the trumput sound..

P,omg is she the queen..wooooow….

Queen came directly to abhi and caresess his face..with tear eyes..

Q,my lil boy is became a handsm prince na.
A,excuse me my highness.i am not a prince.i am a v..

Queen is cut off him..
Q,i know beta.. lets go to dining hall.while eating something we can talk..

Maids giude them to dining hall….
Pragya’s mouth opened like a volcano with the exitement.
P,omg this much foods…
Its a very large dining hall which is with long table hundreds of chairs and one made for each and every chair.

Q,maids make them sit & serve what they want.
P,no thanx i can have my self..
Queen laughed for antics..
Q,so how was the jorney.did u enjoyed.
N,enjoyed? Is that a planned one.
Q,no actually we planned to pick them at the end of cave.but you were missing na.
P,we had to fight with a snake,rain,eagle,river…and i am still not sure i am live.
A,fuggi dont talk While having food in your mouth.table manners na.
Q,abhi let he eat as her wish.she may be hungry.

A,i’ve frogot to ask.how u know me.and why we are here.even now can we know these things..
Q,frist calm down.
A,what the hell calm are you talking about.just say me..can u tell us whats happening or let us go.we will find it ourselves.i tolarate this much becouse you are a elder.your post is nothing to us.we are not your men.
Q,short tempered.same like your dad

A,then u know my dad too..
Q,why not.he is my son.
(Queen is dadi in kkb)
Abhi get hell shocked.
N,fine.. whatever it is you have rights to bring him.then why us.i mean pragya tanu and me.
T,my lady can u pls explain these things
Q,okey my bachcho..just call me dadi..i ll tell..
We all lived with human.
P,that mean you r not a human.
Q,arey wait beta.let me to finish the story.

Q,at frist we lived with human.NASIRU is our caste.we knew every kind of magic.healing methods.black magic..what ever it is we had ability to do it with our power.when these thing happening all u were small insted of pragya. I mean nikhil and tanu.
My husband was the leader of our caste he is one who had most powers than everyone.and abhi your dad is my one an only son.his best friend is nikhil’s dad.Mr peekar.he found new black magics and test them using common man.i mean human.then riot arise and the started to hunt us..
Your grand pa throwed peekar out from our caste and took his all powers he and his younger sis escaped. But becouse of Riots we had to hide.so your grand pa built this hidden kingdom and gathered all NASIRU to here.he became the king.but as he used his powers to build this kingdom he was dead..& i became the queen.

I wanted to give kingship to your father.but death of your grand pa & betrayel of his friend affected to his..so he escaped to earth with your mom.. becouse his mentality..he made you as vampires to take the revange from peekar.. and nikhil beta i know you are a kind hearted person though your dad is peekar.. tanu your mother is peekar’s sis..you didnt knew this becouse your mom handover you to old woman.
T,then why we became werewolfs.
Q,becouse you are cursed.. my husband only cursed you.now froget about past..
We have to bring purab & aliya too here.and i want to do coronation ceramony too…
P,to whoom..

Q,abhi is the prince in NASIRU.so he is going to be a king.but before that he must get married.
Pragya get up from a table with anger.
P,dont be so rude dadi.abhi is only mine.keep your throne your self.i will take abhi with me.abhi lets go..(dragging by abhi’s arm)
Q,arey beti.u only going to marry my prince..
Pragya blushed and hugged dadi..but she broke hug when her mom came to her mind
P,dadi my mom & sis.
Q,you dont worry princess.wait for tommorow.you will get the answer for that.
Pragya again hugged her while telling “”you are the queen of suspense)

N,dadi but i have one problem.
Why we were small.now our size is okey..but some creaturea are large than us na.
Q,thats called magic beta.u will come to know everything with time.

A,sure i ll have a ride with my dragon.my princess it’ll be a honner to me if you join me..

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