A Vampire & His Hidden kingdom (Episode 1)

Friends….who told that i am going to end this ff.. no yaar.. i just told,frist season is over…. no gap yaar. Here i am back.. how can leave my vamp family.my all sis & bro are here only na… pls do comment..friends..

Next day morning..
4 of them were sleeping still..
Nikhil opens his eyes suddnly..
N,abhi..abhi get up.
A,hey why are u screaming yaar.
N,listen carefully.can you here something.
A,ha seems to be like footsteps.but how..may be its a animal.
N,anyway lets make girls wake up.

Abhi ask pranu to get up and get ready for any situation
A,fuggy wolfy pls stay behind to us.
That sound is comming to close.
P,abhi i am scared.if it is cobra again how will we escape
T,hey hold my hand tightly.nothing to worry.nikhil and abhi is here with us na.they can protect is.
Pragya huggs tanu and stay behind abhi
Next second..something unexpected happened..a large warm came and started to rotate around abgynukil..they are now at the mid of warm’s circle.
Four of them were hell shocked….
P,abhi is it going to eat us.
A,no fuggy.if so..he have to attack no.but it didnt.letz wait and c..

Thanx xari.they are undercontrol now.

A,nikhil did you hear someones voice.
N,ha abhi.but who..

Man came out from the grasses with a large troop of men who are with wepons.
A,wo wo .. who are you.xari mean this warm right.
Man,yes xari is itz name.one of my live wepon.and my name is shekar.i am the captain of this troop
N,are there more like you.we cant understand anything.
Shekar,you will get the answers quickly.
(Pointing to his men) bring those girls to near.

A,hey dont dare to touch them.who are you.what are doing here.are you the one who doing these things..
S,calm down boy.i’ve asked my men to bring theM to make sit on ants.
S,ha ants.thats our mode of transport.but if you want you can use butterflys or bees or what ever.but before that you’ve to practice well.itz better if you use ants frist.

A,why we should come with you?and who are u to us.

N,abhi lets go with them. I think we can clear all the problems.who ever they are joining them is better than being here loney.

A,ok then lets go.shekar ji where are your ants.

Sheker closed his eyes for second and they all covered by gient ants..abhi drags pragya to him to confirm her security..

P,wooow.look baba.he did it with mind.woow.i also want one ant for me.i’ll ride it.no no.one ant for you and me.(jumping like a kid with happy)

S,boys help them to get on.

Few men came and make abhigya sit on one ant and tankhil sit on another ant.
Shekar come to those two ants and touched their heads and chanted something.
S,abhi i ll send my troop with you.you’ll reach to our kingdom withing few hours.if you want something you can ask it from my son Raman.he is the second of our army.i ll come witha bird .
A handsome boy came and blinks at abhi.
R,hi abhishek.i am raman.shall we go now
A,ok lets go.
Pragya is infront of abhi and abhi holds her by his bear chest.tankhil comming behind to them.
P,abhi shall we name this ant.
A,as u wish fuggy.but dont put crazy name like jjj.
P,i ll name it as boo boo
Everyone burst in to laugh.pragya make pout face.
R,bro pls tell me if you need anything.
P,raman can i have something to Eat.till we didnt had our breakfast.
R,sure pragya.but wait.canyou see that cliff.after reach there lets have breakfast.
P,oh then lets go soon.
A,this fuggy na.

All of them reached to cliff. Abhi get of and went to the edge.
R,guys here is your breakfast.(raman gave them something wrapped by leaves)
T,iyak…(screaming) itz a baked warm.
P,(about to vomit by seeing it and throw it to raman)
Its better to die in hunger.keep your foods with your self.
A,sorry bro.they wont eat this.

Raman and his army laughed hardly.
R,its my welcome prank.hahaha.those are not baked warms.latex like that..just only a prank.here us your breakfast.bee honey with ripe mango.

P,oh thank god. At last good meal.raman note down this.i ll give return to your prank.anyway thanx for this yummy meal.
Raman signed his men to have bf and he went near abhi.
A,dont you eat.
R,no yaar.i am not hungry.
P,raman bayya how did you pick this mango.1 mango is nearly 10 times bigger than us.then tree can be million times big.
R,one manga is enough for 100 men.i ll show the way that we are picking fruits after reaching our kingdom
N,so where is your kingdom
R,i ll tell after you finish your meal.
P,we finished.lets go there.i need to have a proper sleep frist.then hot water bath..and again sleep.lets go soon.(her mouth is full with honey and cant talk properly)
Raman laughed at her antics.
R,for that you have to jump from this cliff.
A,again prank.i’ve never thought that cheif of an army will be funny like this.
R,no yaar itz not a prank.you have to trust me.
P,we will die na.are you crazy.

R,listen.nothing will happen.trust me.cliff is only a magic.as no one will jump from here no one cant find our kingdom.
A,anyway ask your men to jump frist
P,raman baiya..can i take my bobo with you..
R,if you want it you can pragya.
Pragya kissed bobo’s head and hugg abhi…

Raman sign his men to jump frist.. without wasting time jumped together.
R,lets go .. itz our chance…

Precap hidden truth came out.

thanx friends for this much support.. hope u’ll enjoy..

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