bhul tho nahi gaye muze..
btwn guys are the episodes going boring?plz say n quick..


next day..
nandini aand ragini was going n car..
just then ragini gets call from laksh(laksh still doesnt know that ragini is kunjs sister)
R-han u seemed me my luck so i ll call u lucky..
laksh dont suite ur
L-hmm..not bad han..
naam bh accha hai..namm raknevali bhi acchi hai
L-stop blushing..
R-han?who said u i m not blushing
L-i said that to means u were blushing..
vase are u free nw..
can v meet?
R-hmm..let me think..
hm oky fine..
were to meet..
L-cm to the same place..where v actually met first..
both hang up the call!

N-kya bath hai han..
blush vagere..
dont u feel u r hiding something from me..
R-vo han..but i ll tell u everything..but once its all confirmed plzz
N-accha oky..
(to driver)-bhaiya plz stop the car..
nandini gets down..
R-are kaha
N-u take car..straight go to some nice outfit and then go to parlour..
acche se ready hona..
for all this u dont have much take car..
i ll hire a auto.
R-accha oky..but y auto tuze drop karke i can go..
N-no need u go..
n dont say bhai abut this..
chall bye..

nandini..starts her journey..
she hires a auto..
two eyes were constantly keeping gaze on her..

a black audi car comes and stands in front of her..
she gulps a bit n fear..
but when the car window glass slides down..
she feels revealed…
N-tum yaha
M-yeah…its just not only ur clg but mine too Miss Maheshwari
M-cm sit in..
i m on way to clg..if u dont mind u can acompany me..
N-hmm sure..
both sit in..
M-(to himself)-now just wait and watch..Mr SM..
for ur deeds..ur most loved and the most presious thing for u on earth will suffer..
she must suffer for each and every tears of my darling(swara)
and for this revenge..
i m ready to bare the hatest thing ..
thats obvio the human smell..
he smirks..

M-vase if u dont mind..shall i ask u something
N-yeah sure..
M-hmm..actually..abhi clg ko time hai na
so can v pick twinkle..
shes n her frnds house..
N-yeah y not..
muze bhi thoda company milgayegi..
M-u mean i bad at company..
i mean making u bored r something like that..

(are yar..iss manik ka tho evil plan hai..itna mind pad sakta hai..par isse kya pata ki iss nandu ke heartbeat skip horahai hai..)

manik smirks at her..
just then he gets a phonecall..
M-han bol twinkle..
T-bhai i m cmming to dont worry..i ll be their..
aactually a frnd of me z here..
i ll cm ther
oky bye..
N-kya huva?
M-shes comming with her frnd lets go to clg..
coffeee b4 that?
N-hmm sure

twinkle keeps the phone..and looks side ways..
guess who it is?
she sees towrds him and starts laughig..
dont day dream its not kunj..
Its Uv..
Uv-did ur brother..dout
T-han todasa..but before he speaks i cut the call so
that he dont dout.. baby i love u
T-love u too baby..
UV-so isse bat par..ek kiss tho banti hai han?
he leans towards her..
T-are baby…dont b so fast..oky..
u know na i dont like these things..
Uv-ufff..u n ur anticks..but i ll respect ur decision..
t-thats what i love u the most..

San-here take this..
san-u dont have dresses right..
so were this for now..and yeah plz give me deatils f books that u need
San-dont act oky?i know books are ur soulmates..
so tell me which ever book u want it ll here by evening..
Sw-(thinks)oo want to impress me abb dek baccho wt swara Kappor does..
but i m not kappor now..
han wt swara maheshwari does..
and smirks..
san-hello bolo
sw-r u sure u ll get me all books..if even one book is not here..u shd bear the punishmnt then
sw-kyun dargaye..
San-SM kise se nahi darta
Sw-lets c..
wait han i ll get u the list n 15 min..
she smirks and goes in and gets a big list with her..
Sw-i need each and everybook..with same author..
by today night12..
if u dont ..then get ready for punishmnt..
Sn(thinks)-i m sure she might have written books which v dont get here..
so only shes so confident..
n shes very well worsly known to book i guess..
but nothing is imposible to SM..
Sn-fine challange accepted..
but if i win..
u shd get ready to do what i say..
saying so he forwards his hands..
challage accepted..
but in turn our swara joins hands..and says indian culture u c..
no touching others..
i m traditional girl so namaste..
swara smikrs..shocking shanky..
Sn-yar this girl ll make me crazy..
none dare to talk to me with such attitude..n she shows over se bhi zyada ego..


precap-Swaras pranks on shanky(a type of frustration..oky..not ravenge exactly)…Maniks and nandini frndship…raglak date..
few more evil plans out..Kunj to save his soulmate..

Raglak fans next episode specially for u guys..


Hope now i m going on the correc track..and making equal balance between pairs..
want any changes or if u have any ideas feel free to contact me..and cmnnt below r send in the msg

Do share ur views..!

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